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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 738: Choice Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis was currently facing a severe crisis, and he could only think of two ways that would help him get out of this situation.

Yet, both choices would have devastating consequences and would be even riskier than fighting the Core Disciple one on one.

The first way would be to use his Avatar to free himself of the suppression of the new arrival’s Will-Aura. Then, he would need to quickly kill all the guards on the ground and absorb their Energy to reach the next level.

Gravis would only need around six or seven of the guards to reach the next level, but then everyone would see his ability to kill and absorb humans. Gravis couldn’t allow this, which would require him to kill all witnesses.

Additionally, the Energy of beings below his Realm was useless to his growth, no matter how many he killed. This meant that these guards could, at most, bring him to the Mid Minor Circulation Realm, no matter how numerous they were.

The next step would be to kill the Core Disciple while being under the barrage of the new arrival’s attacks to absorb the Core Disciples Energy to reach the Late Minor Circulation Realm.

Then, Gravis would need to kill the new arrival.

The chances of survival would be slim, and on top of that, Gravis would be on a strict timer. The superiors of the dead guards would arrive very quickly, and if they arrived before Gravis managed to kill the new arrival and flee, Gravis would then need to kill them too, which would gather even more superiors. In no time at all, Gravis would be overwhelmed.

Additionally, even if he managed to pull this off, Gravis would have offended over a hundred Sects. Gravis couldn’t guarantee that no one knew the Law of Time. At least one of them would know the Law, which would allow them to inspect the immediate past, revealing everything that happened.

Then, all the Sects would know what had happened, and they would also know who had massacred all their soldiers. After that, the Sects would send searching parties and would find Gravis due to his aura.

Gravis was fast, but his Spirit Sense didn’t reach as far as the ones in the Major Circulation Realm. This meant that Gravis wouldn’t be able to see or notice the searching parties before they noticed him, effectively forcing him to blindly flee into a random direction. With Gravis’ luck, he would almost certainly run into a conglomerate of searching parties.

This choice would only allow Gravis to survive if he were supremely lucky, and that wasn’t the case for him.

So, this choice would certainly end with Gravis’ death.

The second way would be to transform his body into Divine Lightning, allowing him to use his own body’s lightning as an attack. A level six Law would be powerful enough to annihilate the new arrival.

Yet, that would also make Gravis’ lightning more powerful than his Law of Freedom. At that point, Gravis would be at the complete mercy of his lightning, and his lightning hated him right now. If it didn’t kill Gravis directly, it would at least suppress him for all eternity, making him a prisoner inside his own body.

This was even worse than death, and Gravis would need to depend on his lightning’s benevolence to not take revenge on him. Sadly, Divine Lightning was probably the least benevolent thing in existence.

Everything came crashing down.

Gravis had just arrived in the world, but he was already in a scenario that would almost certainly end in his death.

Everything depended on luck, and Gravis had no luck.

Gravis’ gritted his teeth as his mind was going wild. He had to make a choice!

“Free… me… Will… Aura,” Gravis suddenly heard from the severely injured guard behind him via voice transmission.

Gravis gritted his teeth. “Do you think I can even do that!?” Gravis asked with stress and rage.

“You… must,” the guard sent weakly. “Trust… me…” he transmitted barely.

Gravis’ insides were going crazy. This guard would probably contact his superior, but what would that even do in this situation!? Would the guard be able to call upon someone at the Late Major Circulation Realm? Doubtful! Even worse, how long would it take for such a person to arrive?

On top of that, would his Sect even be able to pay the reparations for Gravis’ killings? Additionally, with the guard’s fragile health right now, contacting someone would almost certainly kill him. Then, even if the superior would arrive, he would only see that his guard had died.

Sure, the superior would become angry at the Core Disciple and kill him, but Gravis was still indirectly responsible for the guard’s death. Would he even care about Gravis?

Even worse, this would take the control over the situation away from Gravis and hand it over to someone Gravis didn’t even know! Gravis would also need to waste basically all his Energy to stop the guard from dying after he contacted his superior, effectively making Gravis unable to even kill the weaker guards from a distance.

Sure, his Will-Aura was powerful, but killing someone an entire level above oneself with just one’s Will-Aura didn’t happen instantly.

“I will now take the sinner away,” the new arrival said to the Core Disciple.

The Core Disciple nodded with a kind smile. “Thank you for your actions,” he said.

Then, Gravis felt a teleportation being initiated around him. As long as he was suppressed, he wouldn’t be able to resist. This meant that he needed to unleash his Avatar right now, or it was over!

Gravis gritted his teeth. ‘Fuck it! My path is already muddled! Might as well rely on someone else if all other paths lead to death!’


A blueish ball of gentle wind appeared behind Gravis, and immediately, Gravis and the guard felt absolutely no suppression anymore. They were completely free!

The new arrival and the Core Disciple looked with shock at the Avatar.

What was this?

What kind of Avatar was this?

They had never seen anything like it!


Something appeared beside Gravis and started falling as Gravis felt the Spirit of the guard being nearly annihilated. Retrieving something out of one’s Spirit Space in this condition would almost certainly kill them.

Gravis immediately grabbed the thing and saw that it was some sort of bronze talisman. He had never seen anything like it.

“Break!” the guard transmitted with an urgent voice before his Spirit started vanishing.


Gravis intensified his healing Laws to keep the guard from dying. In merely an instant, Gravis had used up all his Energy to give the guard a last boost, which would allow him to survive a couple of seconds, but then, his life would end.


Gravis immediately cracked the talisman into pieces.

‘My Energy has run out, and I can’t even kill the guards at the ground instantly. As soon as I activate my Will-Aura, the new arrival will immediately stop me and pull me away with force.’

Gravis was in touching distance of death, but somehow, he felt relieved. The burden of choice and responsibility had vanished from his shoulders.

Now, there was no way back.

Gravis had made his choice, and everything that happened from now on was no longer under his control.

Now, whatever happened, happened, and there was nothing Gravis could do about it.

Gravis had no control over his life anymore.


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