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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 740: Unrestrained Bahasa Indonesia

The father looked with rage at the Core Disciple.

Yet, he didn’t immediately strike the Core Disciple, even though Gravis had used the Law of Honesty again, which made his claim nearly undoubtable.

‘His background is not simple,’ Gravis thought with narrowed eyes. ‘Otherwise, the Immortal King would have immediately annihilated the Core Disciple. Sure enough, this situation is not so simple.’

“I am-” the Core Disciple tried to say, but the Will-Aura from the Immortal King stopped him from speaking.

“I know who you are,” the Immortal King said with rage. “You will not speak another word.”

The Core Disciple immediately shut up, but he felt relieved. As long as the Immortal King knew who he was, he wouldn’t die unless the Immortal King wanted his entire Sect to be annihilated.

The Immortal King turned to his son and put his finger on his son’s head again.

“Ah!” the guard suddenly shouted as he was shocked awake. The guard wasn’t able to process his current situation as his Spirit tried to make sense of everything.

Then, the guard touched his body at several places with his hands in disbelief. “I’m alive?” he asked in shock.

“I’m alive!” he said with a sigh after that.

After that, he noticed his father and smiled brightly. “Dad!” he shouted as he jumped into his father’s arms.

His father had a loving smile on his face as he stroked his son’s head in comfort. “You’re safe now. Daddy’s here,” he said.

“What happened?” the son asked in shock as he jumped out of his father’s embrace again. “Where’s the Ascen- Oh!” he shouted as he noticed Gravis.

“Thank you so much for saving me!” he shouted at Gravis as he bowed. “Without you, I would be dead!”

Gravis went closer and pulled the guard’s head up. “I’m the one that should thank you,” Gravis said. “You went forward in the most dangerous moment to offer me an olive branch. You have saved me more than I have saved you.”

“But I-“

“Enough!” the Immortal King said with authority, interrupting his son. “Tell me, what happened?” he asked.

The guard’s emotional mindset immediately transformed into the mindset of a soldier as he straightened his body. Apparently, his father’s strict voice had a massive effect on him.

“Yes!” the guard shouted with conviction. “It all started with the arrival of the Ascender…”

Then, the guard explained everything that had happened with as much clarity and detail as possible. He explained everything that had happened exactly how he saw it, but the details after he had lost his head were foggy at best. He didn’t even recognize the new person from the Burial Ground Sect.

After listening to his son’s words, the father immediately understood why his son wanted to invite Gravis.

It wasn’t Gravis’ power that moved the son to make such a risky decision, but Gravis’ mindset.

Gravis’ actions towards the captain of the Burial Ground Sect and his words towards the Core Disciple after that showed his mindset.

Gravis was a perfect fit for their Sect.

It was like he had been born to be part of their Sect!

“I don’t remember anything else after that,” the guard said with uncertainty. “I only remember the feeling I felt towards the Ascender as he tried to keep me alive. For some reason, I felt like he was exactly like the founder of our Sect.”

The father narrowed his eyes. This was a monumental claim.

The father looked at Gravis closely, and for the first time, he also looked at Gravis’ Avatar, who still floated behind him.

The Immortal King furrowed his brows at the Avatar. His Spirit Sense went over the Avatar to get a feeling for it, and what he felt shocked him more than anything that happened this day.

Inspecting someone else’s Avatar this closely would be more than rude normally, but Gravis didn’t mind it. His destiny was already interwoven with these two people.

Unrestrained. Spontaneous. Absent of Pressure. Uncaring.


These were the things that the Immortal King felt from Gravis’ Avatar.

This was just like the legends!

After that, the Immortal King inspected Gravis’ body, and what he felt was even more shocking.


This was the only thing that could describe the feeling the Immortal King got from inspecting Gravis. Gravis’ Energy was weak beyond compare. It was almost like he didn’t even have any Energy. Yet, his lightning felt beyond powerful. It was like Gravis’ entire body was filled with nothing but lightning!

Even more shocking was Gravis’ body itself. The Spirit Sense and Will-Aura of the Immortal King were far above Gravis, and with such a close inspection, the Immortal King could see Gravis’ true form.

This was the body of a beast!

Yet, he could also feel an incredibly powerful Will-Aura from Gravis.

This was impossible!

The element-filled body of a beast was something that only a beast could have, but a Spirit and a Will-Aura was only something that a human could have.

How was it possible that someone had both!?

“Black Demon Variant,” the Immortal King said involuntarily to himself.

The son immediately grew nervous and looked around. “Where!?” he asked.

“Nothing, nothing,” the Immortal King said. “I was merely talking to myself.”

Gravis looked evenly at the Immortal King. “So, now you know me,” Gravis commented. “What will you do?”

The Immortal King took out his bow and closed his eyes.

“Isn’t it obvious?” he asked calmly.

“I don’t know you, so it isn’t obvious to me,” Gravis answered.

“Then look closely at who I am,” the Immortal King said as a grey arrow appeared on his bow.

Gravis felt the grey arrow, and he recognized the Law on it immediately. He knew that Law, and precisely because of that reason, Gravis was the one that became shocked for once.

This Law was supposed to be rare!

The only other person that knew this Law that Gravis had met before had been the middle Heaven. No one else he had met since then knew it.

This was the Major Law of Suppression!

A ton of different questions in Gravis’ mind immediately got answered.

Why was the guard so certain that his Sect wasn’t like the ones that Gravis despised?

Why was the guard so dead set on getting Gravis?

How did the guard know that Gravis could free him from suppression?

Understanding suppression meant feeling suppression, and when someone felt suppressed for such a long time, they would hate the feeling of suppression. So, there was only one thing that such a person would chase.


Gravis sighed and smiled warmly in relief. “I don’t know who you are,” Gravis said, “but I can understand who you are.”

“Then listen closely,” the Immortal King said as he pulled the string on his bow. “I am Liran,” he said as he stepped away from Gravis, his bow fully pulled, “and I am the Sect Master of the Unrestrained Sect.”

Then, he pointed it at the Core Disciple from the Punishment Cleaver Sect.

The Core Disciple felt like his life was crashing down.

He said he knew who he was! Why was he pointing his bow at him!?

“You are now part of my Sect…” the Immortal King said.


He let the arrow fly, and the arrow turned the Core Disciple into nothingness.


The world exploded as lightning seemingly filled everything.

An old man with a mighty saber had appeared just one second after the death of the Core Disciple, and he felt incredibly powerful.

He was a Mid Minor Circulation Immortal King, just like Liran. Yet, his Battle Power felt far more powerful to Gravis than Liran’s. This was not an opponent that Liran could defeat.

Additionally, Gravis saw that this old man looked nearly identical to the Core Disciple, just older.

This was obviously the Core Disciple’s father or grandfather.

“However short that may be,” Liran finished.


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