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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 674: World Weapon Bahasa Indonesia

“Come over here, and I’ll show you,” his father said.


Gravis blinked over to his father and sat in front of him.

As soon as Gravis sat down, his father summoned a powerful weapon. Gravis couldn’t even begin to understand such a powerful weapon.

“This is one of my old weapons, and it is a World Weapon,” his father said. Then, the saber started floating in the air and broke apart. Yet, instead of falling to the ground, all the components continued levitating in the air.

Gravis saw a ton of very finely crafted materials with tiny channels. On top of that, he also saw some black liquid floating around. Apparently, this liquid was the thing that went through these tiny channels. Lastly, Gravis saw a red, shining crystal in the center of the destroyed blade.

“Quite different, isn’t it?” his father asked.

Gravis nodded.

The red crystal floated out from the floating debris and stopped in front of Gravis. “This is a Higher World Core,” his father said. “Feel its aura, Gravis.”

Gravis concentrated on the red crystal, and the crystal exhibited a very similar aura to his father, just not nearly as powerful. “It feels similar to you,” he said.

His father nodded. “To create a World Weapon, you need three things. First of all, you need a World Core. This is not the actual core of a world, but simply a very rare ore that can house Laws and can resonate with Spirits. Take out your Middle World Core,” his father said.

Gravis summoned the green, shining core.

“Use your Law of the Dead World to create a similarly sized sphere to this World Core,” his father said as he gestured to the red crystal.

Gravis did so. This was not difficult at all since Gravis already knew the Composition of this ore perfectly. After only a second, a similarly sized, green sphere floated in front of Gravis. There was still over 90% left of the Middle World Core.

“Try to make your Spirit enter this core. You need to use the Law of Minor Elements to create some Wood Element to achieve that,” his father said.

Gravis did so and tried to enter the World Core with his Spirit. Gravis felt his Spirit being pulled in, but it just couldn’t enter fully.

This process continued for five hours.

After that, Gravis felt the World Core completely reject his Spirit. Yet, the World Core also seemed to resonate with Gravis’ being. Gravis could only describe this feeling of resonance as magical. It felt similar to when he created another lightning body, but it didn’t feel entirely the same.

“The World Core is now attuned to your being. As soon as a World Core is attuned to someone, it is difficult to break that attunement. To break your attunement to this core, someone would need to use the Major Law of the Dead World,” the Opposer said.

‘That would probably be a level seven Law,’ Gravis thought. ‘That really is hard to break.’

The red crystal floated back to the Opposer. Then, the black liquid floated out of the debris. “The second component you need is the blood of a beast at the same level and Realm as you with a very similar affinity.”

“Lightning Cultivators would need to use a beast with a lightning affinity. Weapon Cultivators need to use the blood of a beast that uses natural weapons very similar to their own weapons. In short, the beast needs to fit you,” the Opposer said.

‘Sure enough, humans even found a way to make use of the body of a beast,’ Gravis thought.

“The last thing you need is a husk,” the Opposer said as the pieces of debris flew forward. “The husk is the weapon itself, but it needs to have channels for the blood to nourish the blade. Only like this can you achieve full synchronicity with your weapon.”

Gravis looked closely at the floating pieces of debris and took note of where all the channels were. This was very similar to how blood nourished muscles inside a body.

“As the World Core touches the blood, your aura and Spirit also touch the blood, and when the blood touches the weapon, your aura and Spirit also touch the weapon. With this, a World Weapon feels like it is part of you. Try to create one for yourself,” his father said.

Gravis planned his forging and retrieved a ton of ore. He already had all the components he needed.


Gravis used one of his sabers to cut open his arm to harvest some blood. He had a beast body, and there probably wasn’t another beast out there that had a greater affinity towards himself as, well, himself.

After everything was prepared, Gravis melted down all the materials with practiced ease and copied the channels that his father used. The channels perfectly covered the entire weapon. After he was done with the husk, Gravis created the hilt and an area for the World Core.

Then, Gravis pushed his blood into the husk until it was completely filled. After putting the World Core in its place and assembling the remainder of the weapon around it, Gravis only had to fuse all the components together.

With that, Gravis had created his first World Weapon.

Gravis grabbed the saber, and it felt completely magical to him. Whenever he wanted it to move somewhere, it was like the saber was already moving on its own. It was truly like it was part of him.

“A World Weapon has two decisive advantages,” the Opposer said. “The first advantage is that fighting and training with it makes it far easier for you to make progress in Weapon Laws. The second advantage is that, when you use a Weapon Law in combat, you can unleash more power.”

After thinking for a while, Gravis frowned. “What about when I become more powerful?” he asked.

“The World Core can be used until you become a Star God. This means that you only need to exchange it with a Higher World Core much later in your journey. The blood, on the other hand, must always be at the same Realm as yourself. In your case, this shouldn’t be a problem,” the Opposer said.

“Lastly, the husk is simply that, a husk, a weapon, a blade. You can use whatever ore you want to increase or decrease its power. In your case, you can still create weapons two or three levels above yours to create a World Weapon at that level, but the affinity won’t change.”

Gravis could accept that. This meant that he could always use World Weapons in his journey since he already had a World Core and the fitting blood. In terms of creating new weapons for himself, there was actually no difference. Others might find it quite challenging to find another beast with a similar affinity to theirs, but that wasn’t the case for Gravis.

“Why do we need beast blood? Can’t people just use their own blood?” Gravis asked.

“The main center of power for humans is their Spirit,” the Opposer said. “The main center of power for beasts is their body. The Laws of a beast are very pronounced and clear in their blood while humans only have trace amounts of their Laws in their blood since that’s not where their main power lies.”

“A human could use their own blood to create a World Weapon, but the resulting synchronicity would barely be any better than using a regular weapon. Using a human’s blood would be a huge waste for something as valuable as a World Core,” the Opposer said.

Gravis looked at his new World Weapon for a while. “I guess I should get on trying to comprehend some Weapon Laws, huh?” Gravis asked with a bitter smile.

“You’re far behind in that regard,” the Opposer said, “but that is not an issue for you since your next stop will be a Battle World, right?”

Gravis nodded. “I presume that people mainly rely on Weapon Laws in Battle Worlds?” Gravis asked.

“Correct. Weapon Laws have the ability to condense the power of Laws into physical attacks,” the Opposer said. “When an Elemental Cultivator uses their element in an attack, their Energy is the power, while their element is the medium that unleashes this power.”

“With Weapon Laws, you still need to use Energy, but your Laws represent the power, while the Weapon Law is the medium that unleashes this power. Your Lightning Crescent is basically one of these attacks without actually using a Weapon Law,” the Opposer said as he pointed at Gravis.

Gravis furrowed his brows. “I’ve never met anyone that could unleash a similarly powerful attack as my Lightning Crescent. I presume the reason for that is that I haven’t been in a Battle World yet?” Gravis asked.

“Correct,” his father said. “Cultivators in a Battle World can unleash similarly powerful attacks with their weapons.”

‘That sounds quite powerful,’ Gravis thought. Then, he sighed. ‘But that is something for the future. I will still be staying in the highest world for many years. That’s something for future me to worry about.’

Gravis stood up and stretched. “Thanks, father,” he said.

“No problem. That’s what I should do as your father,” the Opposer said to his son.

“I will contact mom now and ask her what my next stop should be. This entire process of creating a business is already far more bothersome than I had thought,” Gravis said. “Is it even worth it to earn money to learn Laws?”

“Definitely,” the Opposer said. “There are far more options for understanding Laws here than in middle and higher worlds. If you have enough money, you would be able to understand Laws even faster than if you continued to fight that middle Heaven.”

‘That sounds quite fast,’ Gravis thought. ‘Well, as long as it’s worth the effort, I should continue.’

“See you later,” Gravis said as he teleported out of his father’s room.

The Opposer only closed his eyes as he continued doing whatever he was doing all day in his room.

Nobody knew what the Opposer was doing in his spare time.


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