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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 673: Honesty Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis was quite happy about the incident. His mother had given him the target to get 80% of the retail value, but due to the Average Trading Firm trying to steal from him, he got 90%. Advantages and disadvantages, eh?

“What am I supposed to do now, mom?” Gravis asked.

“First, you need to comprehend a very important Law to take full advantage of your business,” his mother transmitted to him. “It shouldn’t be very difficult for you to comprehend this Law since you have a very high affinity towards it.”

“Oh? What kind of Law?” Gravis asked.

“The Lower Law of Honesty,” his mother transmitted.

Gravis remembered that the highest world categorized the power of Laws differently from the middle world. A Lower Law was a level two Law.

“Honesty, huh? What’s its use?” he asked.

Gravis’ senses were pulled to a peculiar shop. “Can you feel the different aura that this building has? Compare it to the shop you just left.”

Gravis concentrated on the aura, and sure enough, it felt different. The building gave off an aura of trust and honesty. “It exhibits a kind of aura of trust,” he answered.

“That’s what you want to have,” his mother transmitted. “The fact that this building is giving off this aura means that the owner of this shop has comprehended the Law of Honesty and got a certificate from the Company Trade Evaluation Department, CTED for short.”

“The Law of Honesty has two other related Laws, the Law of Deceit and the Law of Lies. All three Laws have the same ability, which is to make other people trust you. The only difference is how they accomplish to gain that trust.”

“Someone with the Law of Deceit can give you half-truths that sound like they are the complete truth. Someone with the Law of Lies can give you lies that sound like they are the truth. When you talked to that stealing employee, have you felt that he was telling the truth?”

Gravis remembered how the employee gave a different market price to what his mother had said. Back then, Gravis felt like the employee was telling the truth. “I did,” he said.

“That employee knows the Law of Lies, which made you believe that he was telling the truth,” his mother answered.

“Huh, that’s interesting,” Gravis commented. “I presume that people with an affinity for one of these three things will find it hard to understand the other two?” he asked.

“Half-right,” his mother answered. “People that know the Law of Lies have a lot of affinity for the Law of Deceit and vice-versa. Yet, people that know the Law of Honesty will find it very hard to understand either of the other two Laws.”

Gravis scratched his chin. “I also presume that every Law has its uses, right? If someone wants to scam people, the Law of Deceit or Lies would probably be better than the Law of Honesty.”

“Correct,” his mother said. “No one would want to get a certificate for the Law of Deceit or Lies since that will only broadcast to everyone that you’re a scam artist. Yet, if you have a certificate for the Law of Honesty, people are much faster to trust your claims. This Law is imperative for your business’ success.”

Gravis furrowed his brows. “I get that it is important but imperative?” he asked.

“For you, it is imperative,” she answered again. “You have comprehended the Law of the Dead World as a new Immortal. That is exceptionally rare. If people know that you can create a World Weapon but see that you are only a new Immortal, they will immediately believe that you are a horrible scam artist. That’s why you need that certificate.”

“World Weapons? What’s that?” Gravis asked.

“With the Law of the Dead World, you can not only fuse all kinds of materials but also use particular ore to create mighty weapons. The Middle World Core your father and I have talked about is one of these ores. When you use that as the core for your weapon, you will be able to create a powerful affinity with it. You should try creating a saber while you comprehend the Law of Honesty,” his mother answered.

“What’s the point of this higher affinity?” Gravis asked.

“Weapon Laws,” his mother answered. “Cultivators from Battle Worlds don’t cultivate the elements, but Weapon Laws, which they use to create a ton of techniques in conjunction with their other Laws.”

Gravis blinked several times in surprise. Weapon Laws? There was something like that? Gravis had thought that weapons didn’t have Laws since weapons didn’t exist naturally. Only humans created these kinds of weapons.

‘Though,’ Gravis thought as he furrowed his brows and scratched his chin. ‘Aren’t humans part of nature too? So, wouldn’t it be correct to say that weapons also naturally occur?’

Gravis ruffled his hair in exasperation. ‘Great, something else I can’t properly place. Saying that weapons occur naturally sounds very debatable, and I hate stuff that isn’t clearly defined. Just accept it and move on,’ Gravis thought.

“Thanks, mom,” Gravis transmitted. “I’m going home and will concentrate on understanding the Law of Honesty.”

“Have fun!” his mother transmitted.

Gravis went home and went back into his room.

As soon as he entered his room, emotions assaulted him.

He hadn’t been in his room since he had returned from the lower world. For the last month, he had always stayed with his children in a separate room.

Gravis’ room had a bed, a table with some chairs, and some shelves. The light of the outside reflected off the blue walls, giving the room a bright and happy atmosphere.

There was not much stuff in his room since he had thrown away most of it when he entered the Research Assistant School. Yet, he could still see some dumbbells. Gravis had always wanted to cultivate, and he had used these dumbbells to become more powerful when he was younger.

Gravis sighed. ‘This is like the room of a stranger,’ Gravis thought. ‘It’s hard to believe that I have lived here for years.’

Gravis looked at the room some more but quickly went back to doing what he came here to do. He sat down in the middle of the room and concentrated on understanding honesty.

He wondered how long that would take.

And two years later, he got his answer.


Gravis managed to comprehend the Law of Honesty.

‘Only took me two years to learn another level two Law. Interesting,’ Gravis thought as he scratched his chin.

Gravis felt a peculiar aura coming out from him, and when he concentrated on the city, he also saw a lot of the people in a different light. The feeling he got could be described with a gradient from light to dark. Some people felt warmer and brighter, which symbolized their affinity towards honesty, and some of them felt darker and colder.

Yet, surprisingly, a lot of these people had no aura at all. Gravis also noticed that mainly people more powerful than him didn’t have an aura. This meant that he could either not see through them due to their power or that they had comprehended Laws that made it harder to discern their aura.

After looking at the city for some minutes, he looked over towards the room of his father.

“Father, can you tell me how I make one of these World Weapons?” he asked.


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