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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 675: Paperwork Bahasa Indonesia

“Hey mom, I know how to make World Weapons and also comprehended the Law of Honesty. How are Orthar and Yersi doing?” he asked.

“That’s great!” his mother answered. “Orthar and Yersi have spent most of their time among humans, trying to learn their customs. Acting like a human comes very naturally to Yersi, but Orthar lacks the feelings that we humans have.”

“Luckily, Orthar is smart enough that he can logically say the right things. He simply watches how humans act and can emulate very well what a human would say in a certain situation. So, even though Orthar doesn’t naturally know how to properly communicate with humans on an instinctual level, he can still calculate what he should say,” his mother said.

Gravis nodded. As long as someone could say the correct things to build a connection with others, it didn’t matter what path they used to get there. Only the results counted. “Should I now go and get these certificates?” Gravis asked.

“Yes,” his mother answered, and Gravis’ senses were pulled to a monumental building near the center of the city. This building was also very close to the building for the Research Assistants. This showed that this company was probably on a similar level.

These were the true hegemons of this city. The landlords, trading firm owners, and different kinds of shopkeepers were only the average humans in the city. Gravis still remembered how a random clerk in the Research Assistant Department had been an Immortal Emperor. His brother, Orpheus, was a department head, and he was already a Star God. The true leaders of the company were probably very powerful Gods.

‘Speaking of, I should say hi to Orpheus later,’ Gravis thought, ‘but first, I need to get the certificates for my shop.’

“Mom, what kind of certificates should I get?” Gravis asked

“You want three certificates,” his mother answered. “You want the Certificate of Honesty, the Certificate of World Forging, and the Certificate of Middle World Equipment.”

“I get the first two, but what about the last one?” Gravis asked.

“The last one only shows that you can create all kinds of equipment out of middle world materials. You can do that, correct?” she asked.

Gravis nodded. “I can,” Gravis answered. “Okay, then I will go get these three certificates. Thanks, mom,” Gravis transmitted.

“Wish you luck,” she said.

Gravis had to snort at that phrase, but he appreciated his mother’s intent. He quickly teleported over to the building and stepped through the entrance.

Gravis entered a humongous but empty hall. People in the highest world apparently weren’t the biggest fans of decorations. Well, that was understandable. After all, the people working in this company were powerful enough that they didn’t need to show off. Everyone already knew their power.

Gravis saw one lonely clerk sitting at a counter with closed eyes. He was probably comprehending some Laws since there were no customers.


Gravis teleported over. “Hello, I’m here for three certificates,” Gravis said.

The clerk opened his eyes and sighed. He hated doing work. Yet, what was he supposed to do? He was getting paid to receive and manage customers, not to cultivate.

“Which ones?” he asked as he looked at Gravis with a bored look.

“Honesty, world forging, and middle world equipment,” Gravis answered.

The clerk furrowed his brows when he heard world forging. The customer was only a new Immortal. Did someone like that genuinely understand the Law of the Dead World?

“Let’s first get the honesty thing done,” the clerk said. “As soon as you pay the evaluation fee of 10,000 Immortal Stones, we can start.”

‘10,000 Immortal Stones?’ Gravis thought with quite some surprise. ‘So that was why mom said I first need to exchange some parts of my ore. I will probably need nearly all Immortal Stones I got to get my certificates.’

Gravis summoned 10,000 Immortal Stones and let them hover in the air. In just a split second, they all vanished again. “Thank you,” the clerk said in boredom as he retrieved a jade slip.


And the jade slip was also gone.

“Please don’t resist the incoming teleportation,” the clerk said like he had said that sentence his whole life.

Gravis waited for some moments as the clerk returned to cultivation.


And after two minutes, Gravis vanished.

“Fucking Johnson,” a voice grumbled as Gravis appeared in a new room. “It’s not my turn yet.”

Gravis was in a small room with one desk and two chairs. A middle-aged man with blue hair sat at one of the chairs. Gravis walked closer, and the man gestured to the chair with his head. “Sit down,” he said with practiced ease.

Gravis didn’t care that the person didn’t say please or anything. He also just wanted to finish all of this as quickly as possible.

“I’m going to ask you three questions, and you just need to answer all of them truthfully,” the man said. “Okay?”

“Sounds easy enough,” Gravis answered with a nod.

“Good. First question: Have you comprehended the Law of Honesty?” he asked as he looked at Gravis.

“Yes,” Gravis answered.

“Second question: Have you comprehended the Law of Deceit?”


“Third question: Have you comprehended the Law of Lies?”


The man looked at Gravis for a couple more seconds. “Alright, looks good,” he said as the jade slip from earlier floated over to Gravis. “Give this to Johnson, and you will get your certificate.”

Gravis didn’t question the very simple evaluation. Gravis couldn’t see through the power of the man in front of him. This man was probably very powerful and knew a lot about these three Laws. Finding out if the person across from him was lying or not was probably very easy for him.

“Thanks. Wish you a good day,” Gravis said.

“You too,” the man said with a nod as he teleported Gravis away again.

Gravis appeared in front of the clerk again, and the clerk opened one of his hands.

“Johnson, I presume?” Gravis asked.

Johnson nodded.

Gravis put the jade slip into Johnson’s hand and waited. Johnson looked at the jade slip and nodded again. “Residency Ring, please,” Johnson said.

Gravis was confused for a second, but he quickly realized what he meant. The Residency Ring was probably the ring that showed that people were living in the city. Gravis pulled his Obsidian Ring off and gave it to Johnson.

When Johnson saw the ring, he did a double-take.

And then, he groaned.

In the beginning, Johnson only had one form in front of him, but as soon as he saw the Obsidian Ring, he summoned four more.

“Why do you need my ring?” Gravis asked as Johnson looked at several clauses on the pieces of paper with confusion. Johnson hadn’t had to evaluate a tempering child of the Opposer yet. Filling out these forms for them was far more complicated than for normal people.

“Usually, your Residency Ring has all the data of your person on it. You don’t want me to ask you one boring question after the other, do you?” Johnson said as he frowned at the paperwork in front of him.

“Speaking of,” Johnson continued. “Still living in the palace, or do you have your own place already?”

“Right now, I’m still living in the palace, but I want to rent my own place soon. I got enough materials to start my own business,” Gravis answered.

Johnson nodded, but after several more seconds, he groaned and leaned back. “Fuck that,” he said in frustration.


A new person appeared, an older man. This was Johnson’s supervisor, and he looked at Johnson with a raised brow. Johnson showed him the Obsidian Ring and pointed at the forms with annoyance.

The supervisor sighed and quickly filled out all the forms. Then, he put the forms, as well as the jade slip, onto a fancy part of the table.


Some light appeared, and all the things on it transformed into a badge. The badge floated over to Gravis, and he summoned it into his Spirit Space. “Put this on your shop,” the supervisor said before he vanished. The Obsidian Ring also floated back to Gravis.

Gravis looked at the certificate with wonder. It exhibited a very similar aura to some of the other shops. After a while, Gravis looked at Johnson again, who had closed his eyes to cultivate.

“I still need two other Certificates,” Gravis said.

Johnson opened his eyes. “Oh, right. Forgot about that,” he commented.


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