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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 603: The End of the Meet Bahasa Indonesia

In just 50 years, Gravis had managed to comprehend four level two Laws. As time had progressed, Gravis had gone from being inexperienced in Laws compared to his Realm to being the most experienced one out of all Kings.

Back then, Gravis had only known a few level one Laws and one level two Law. Yet, now, he knew more level one and level two Laws than any King. He probably also already knew more level two Laws than any level three Emperor.

‘With the level two Law of Lightning Manipulation, I can create an attack that will even kill a beast four levels above me. The matter of offense has been taken care of fully,’ Gravis thought with a shine in his eyes.

‘As long as I have enough power to kill my opponent, I have an opportunity of victory. Yet, without enough speed, I won’t be able to secure a hit. Speed is the next thing that I have to look at,’ Gravis thought.

Then, he looked at the Light Ultimate. ‘The level three Law of Light’s Speed is incredible, but I’m not sure if lightning can become that fast. Yet, lightning is still very fast for an element. So, shouldn’t there be a level two Law of lightning related to speed?’

Gravis scratched his chin as he fell into thought again. ‘The level one Law of Lightning’s Speed is probably one of the components. Another component is probably the level one Law of Lightning’s Magnetism. With magnetism, I can add speed onto something else.’

‘Another component is probably the level one Law of Lightning’s Explosiveness. The Law of Lightning’s Speed uses my own force to increase my speed, while the other two Laws use outside force to increase my speed.’

Gravis glanced at the Lightning Ultimate again for a short moment but looked away again. ‘In regards to lightning, I don’t need much outside help. The displays of the level one Laws has helped me, but I should concentrate on learning this Law myself.’

Gravis looked around the Ultimate’s Meet and smiled. ‘I think this is as far as I can go with this Ultimate’s Meet. Any other Law would probably take more time to comprehend than I have left. For the remainder, I should think about what I have learned and what I should focus on in the future.’

With that thought, Gravis sat down in the middle again and started thinking about everything he had learned. He had learned a ton of Laws in the last 50 years, and he was more than happy with what he had achieved during that time.

Like this, the remaining time of the Ultimate’s Meet passed without anything happening.

“Alright, bitches!” Meadow shouted. “Time’s up!”


All the plants and fighting wooden beasts went into the earth as they returned to Meadow’s body. Her roots also retreated from Sary’s body as Sary took a deep breath. Even though pain was only a minor inconvenience to her, it still wasn’t pleasant to feel pain for 50 years.

The other Ultimates also dispersed their displays as they relaxed for the first time in 50 years. They had to keep their shows running while concentrating on the other Ultimates. This Ultimate’s Meet was mainly there for the Ultimates to learn from each other, after all.

All Ultimates had gained a lot during that time, especially the Water Ultimate from the sea beasts. The Water Ultimate of the land beasts knew a level three Law, and the Water Ultimate from the sea beasts had concentrated on her performance for the entire duration.

The gigantic octopus had learned a lot during that time, and he had also realized that he had truly not even been close to understanding a level three Law when he had fought Sary. It would have been impossible for him to comprehend this Law, no matter how hard Sary would have pushed him.

Gravis opened his eyes, stood up, and stretched. This session of comprehension had ended, but a new one would soon follow. Gravis still needed to deal with the speed and defensive aspect of his fighting style.

“Hey, Sary,” Gravis said.

“Yes?” Sary asked with a smile.

“There’s something I want to try out. It’s my new attack, and I want you to judge its offensive power,” he said.

Sary grew intrigued when she heard that. Testing out a new attack? That sounded interesting.

“Sure,” she said with interest in her eyes.

Gravis gestured to the side. “Let’s leave for now. I don’t want my attack to be public knowledge. I have no idea how the world will change with so many Ultimates dead and ascending.”

Sary agreed quickly, and the two of them left. Meadow simply let them go as she looked at the other Ultimates.

“So, who wants to ascend first?” she asked.


Without waiting for another second, the Light Ultimate shot at one of the Striders. Apparently, her interest in becoming an Ascender was the most powerful. Meadow didn’t mind the Light Ultimate’s actions since it was only natural to feel like this after so many years of stagnation.

Sadly, even though the Light Ultimate was the first to attack, she wasn’t very fast in killing the Striders. With her level three Law, she had the ability to close in on the Strider before receiving any injury, but she still needed to load up enough Energy to kill it.

Because of that, quite an awkward scene appeared. The Light Ultimate immediately charged at the Strider but stopped before it, not doing anything. Yet, the Ultimates didn’t really care. They had already waited for many years. A couple of hours more wouldn’t make much of a difference.

Several minutes passed in which the Light Ultimate was only loading her attack. The other Ultimates that had comprehended a level three Law readied themselves for their fights.

Suddenly, Meadow turned around and looked in a different direction. She continued looking in that direction for over two minutes until she turned back. Then, she glanced at the Lightning Ultimate for a second and huffed.

Surprisingly, the Lightning Ultimate had also looked in the same direction as Meadow. Since Meadow was a flower, one couldn’t read her expression, but one could very well read the Lightning Ultimate’s expression.

It was shock.

The Lightning Ultimate was shocked.

His normal senses didn’t extend that far into the distance, but his sensitivity towards lightning was impressive. Just now, he had felt an incredibly powerful explosion of lightning. He didn’t feel nor hear it, but he felt the subtle movement of Energy and lightning in the air.

The explosion he had sensed felt like a level three Emperor had just unloaded their entire storage of Punishment Lightning. This was the power of an all-out attack of a level three Emperor with the help of a level three Law! Something like this would turn any level three Emperor into dust!

Had that one ape from the Icy Pride Empire just attacked someone? The Lightning Ultimate couldn’t think of another beast that knew Punishment Lightning that could unleash such a powerful attack.

Some minutes later, Gravis and Sary returned. Gravis was beaming with excitement as Sary smiled at him.

“I felt it,” Meadow transmitted to Sary, “but I haven’t seen it. How strong was the attack?” she asked.

Sary chuckled a bit. “He managed to penetrate a few of my scales and left some minor burns on my muscles.”


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