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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 604: The Immortals Bahasa Indonesia

Meadow was shocked when she heard that.

“Stop shitting me. Are you for real?” Meadow asked. “He did that as a level five King?”

Sary nodded with a smile. “The power of his attack also shocked me. I think this is probably the single most powerful attack anyone has ever created in this world. It isn’t easy for him to hit with the attack, but if he manages to do it, he will kill anyone that’s four levels higher than him.”

Sary looked at the Grand Lake. “I have seen the Inferno Immortal, and I’m certain that if Gravis were a level four Emperor, that attack would kill him instantly. Of course, he has to hit first. The attack takes quite a lot of wind-up time.”

The small flower turned to Gravis. “Fuck, dude. That’s really impressive,” she said.

Gravis only continued smiling. “I’m quite happy with it. This attack is the pinnacle of what I can achieve in terms of offense since it combines all of my offensive Laws into one. Sadly, I’m still not fast enough to hit a beast four levels above me.”

“Are you actually intending to jump four levels above yourself?” Meadow asked. “That’s something not even I can do. I can barely achieve three levels, and four are simply impossible.”

Gravis scratched his chin. “If I can push my offense to such a limit, I may also be able to push my speed to the same level. Of course, I can’t do that yet, but I intend to stay a level five King until I can do that.”

“Shit, son, do you have any idea how long that will take?” Meadow asked.

“A couple hundred years probably,” Gravis said. Then, he smirked at Meadow. “Actually, it was you who gave me that idea.”

“Shut the fuck up! Now you’re blaming your shit decision on me?” Meadow said with some mock-offense.

“Yeah, I will do just that, and there’s nothing you can do about it,” Gravis said with a chuckle. “But seriously, I saw your idea of remaining in this world to hone your Battle-Strength, and I felt like it was a brilliant idea. The more powerful I become now, the better my chances of becoming more powerful will be in the higher world.”


Gravis slightly got thrown to the side by a root. “I have become immune to your pathetic attacks, boy!” Meadow said. “Your level three Law of being a Little Bitch doesn’t work on me anymore. Your offense lacks variety!”

Gravis only chuckled. He enjoyed talking to Meadow. Meadow had deflected his compliment, but she couldn’t hide her embarrassment in front of Gravis. He knew that his comment had touched her.

“Just wait,” Gravis said as he dusted himself off. “At some point, your slaps won’t work against me anymore.”

Meadow huffed. “Don’t act like you don’t enjoy it when I slap your shit,” she said.

Gravis only smirked. “Just wait some hundred years,” Gravis said with a smirk.


And just then, the Light Ultimate killed her first Strider. The Strider fell over as the earth trembled under its mighty weight.

The Ultimates didn’t really care since the Light Ultimate basically already lived in a different world. She would soon leave this world and never return.

Yet, one of them felt something different. “Sorry, but I can’t wait anymore,” the blue swallow said as she stood up.


Then, she shot at another Strider. In comparison to the Light Ultimate, the Water Ultimate killed the Strider far faster. Her Law of Supreme Cold didn’t need any charging time, and she took it down in a matter of seconds.

After some minutes, the Water Ultimate had already killed her third Strider while the Light Ultimate was still busy charging her next attack.

“All this excitement brings me back to my youth,” Sary said from the side. “I think I will partake in the festivities for once.”


Sary also shot at another Strider. Since Heaven always kept the number of Striders topped up, there was no competition between the different Ultimates. There were enough Striders for everyone.

Sary closed in on her first Strider, and her body started to turn into dust. Yet, her level three Law of Energy Healing allowed her to heal herself faster than her body was breaking down. Sadly, since she still needed to physically beat down her Strider, the Water Ultimate was still faster.

This was the difference between having an elemental affinity and not having one. The instantaneous power output with an element was higher than without one, but the Energy and stamina consumption was also far higher.

The Water Ultimate from the sea beasts, the Lightning Ultimate, and the Metal Ultimate looked on in envy as the three other Ultimates killed one Strider after the other. Half of the Ultimates, excluding Meadow, were about to achieve their lifelong dream. They would reach the next world. When would it be their time?

As far as the Ultimates knew, something as significant as this had never happened before. There had always been an equilibrium between the Ultimates.

There had always been more land beast Ultimates than sea beasts Ultimates, which was the biggest reason why the sea only made up a quarter of the central territories of the world. Yet, these past few years, everything had changed.

In the beginning, there had been ten Ultimates in total.

One of them had become the ruler of all beasts, no matter if they were land beasts or sea beasts, which left nine Ultimates.

The Metal Ultimate of the land beasts had died to the Light Ultimate, which left eight Ultimates.

The Strength Ultimate had died to Sary, which left seven Ultimates.

The Darkness Ultimate had died to the Inferno Emperor, which left six Ultimates.

Now, three of these six Ultimates would leave the world soon.

Then, for the first time in forever, there would be more Ultimates on the sea beasts’ side than on the land beasts’ side.

In just 50 years, a supreme ruler had been crowned, and nearly all other Ultimates vanished. Right now, the Ultimates were not sure what would happen to this world. Yet, one thing was for sure. Things would not return to how they were in the past.


The Water Ultimate ate her eight Strider and became the Water Immortal. The blue swallow transformed into a young, adult, blue-haired woman.


Yet, she quickly returned to the form of a swallow. Apparently, she was not the biggest fan of having a human body.

The Water Ultimate looked at all the gathered beasts with a smile. “Take care, everyone. We don’t know if we will again be on opposing sides in the next world, but if we aren’t, I would ask for you to search for me. After all, we all came from the same world,” she announced.

Then, she looked upwards and accepted the pull to the higher world. She could have remained here for another month, but there was nothing that kept her here. After some seconds, a portal appeared above her, and she flew through it, leaving this world forever.

The three remaining Ultimates watched with envy as she vanished into the next world. They had no idea if they would ever manage to reach this place. Taking the last step towards Ascension was just far too difficult.

Some minutes later, Sary also became an Immortal.

She transformed into a middle-aged, beautiful lady with luscious, long, green hair. Due to her cultivation technique, her body had also been shaped appropriately. Her assets could make her a man-eater.

Sary smiled a heartfelt smile as she felt her new power. Then, she turned to Meadow. “See you in 50,000 years or so,” she said.

“For you, it will only be 5,000 years,” Gravis suddenly interjected.

“What do you mean?” Sary asked.

“The time-dilation between this world and the higher world is ten to one. 50,000 years here are only 5,000 years in your world. Keep that in mind when you search for Meadow,” Gravis said with a happy smile. He wanted to inform her so that the two of them wouldn’t miss each other.

Sary was surprised that Gravis knew such things, but she felt like she could trust him. She had no idea how he could know that, but she decided to believe him anyway. “Then, it will be 5,000 years.”

“Who knows,” Meadow commented. “Maybe you will be more powerful than me in 5,000 years.”

For once, Meadow didn’t use her crude humor. She was probably reluctant to let her best friend leave this world without her. Yet, she wouldn’t sacrifice her advantage over that.

“Maybe,” Sary said. “I will look for you when it’s time. Until then, take care, okay?” she said.

“You too, Sary,” Meadow answered.

Then, Sary turned to Gravis and winked. “Call me,” she said with a giggle.

Gravis’ body shivered when he saw a beautiful, naked lady winking at him, and when Sary saw that, she giggled again and left through the portal.

“Hah, I knew you were a little bitch,” Meadow said to Gravis.

“Fuck you,” Gravis groaned. He was not interested in having a relationship yet, but that didn’t mean that his primal urges hadn’t surfaced for a short time. Of course, that had only been very brief.

Two hours later, the Light Ultimate also became an Immortal.

She transformed into a bright, blonde-haired teenager. If one looked at her, one would think that she was some kind of holy daughter as she exhibited an aura of righteousness and peace.

In comparison to the others, the Light Immortal didn’t immediately leave.

Instead, she looked at Meadow.

Instantly, her holy aura of peace turned into a holy aura of retribution. It was like a holy God had become angry and was about to rain judgment upon the sinner.

Meadow noticed that.

“Oh, you wanna have a go?”


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