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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 602: Creating a New Attack Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis walked over to the Lightning Ultimate for the first time. Gravis already knew that the Lightning Ultimate was jealous of him since he had comprehended a Law that the Lightning Ultimate had wanted to comprehend for thousands of years. Yet, that wasn’t important right now. The Lightning Ultimate wouldn’t attack Gravis with Meadow present.

Gravis looked at the different displays of lightning and how they worked. For the first time, he was actually trying to comprehend lightning. Every time he had some time to comprehend Laws, he chose to comprehend other Laws since he didn’t have access to them whenever he wanted.

Gravis was lightning, and since he was lightning, he had an unprecedented affinity towards it. The Lightning Laws wouldn’t be difficult for him to comprehend.

The first thing Gravis was interested in was the Law of Lightning’s Explosiveness. This was a level one Law that would simply make Gravis’ lightning-based attacks more powerful. This was a very straightforward Law and shouldn’t be difficult for him to comprehend.

Gravis looked at the display of the Law, and with his unprecedented affinity towards lightning, Gravis immediately noticed a lot of interesting things. The first thing was that the lightning exhibited more power than the amount of Energy it had. This was quite peculiar.

Gravis looked at the display for five days.

‘Interesting,’ Gravis thought as he scratched his chin. ‘A lot of the power comes from expansion. A normal explosion of lightning would make the lightning expand into all directions, but with this Law, it expands more like a wave.’

‘The difference between these two kinds of explosions is that the normal explosion has a lot of lightning still in its core, but the Law of Lightning’s Explosiveness pulls that Lightning towards the outside, making the explosion itself more powerful since it leaves no lightning behind.’

‘In terms of normal explosions, this would be like the fire of the explosion vanishing from the place of impact and traveling along with the shockwave. Quite an interesting concept.’


Gravis smirked. ‘Sure enough, learning about lightning doesn’t take much time at all. With this Law of Lightning’s Explosiveness, I managed to upgrade my offense.’

‘With my Lightning Crescent, I am only using a normal kind of explosion, but if I add this concept, my Lightning Crescent will become more powerful. Great stuff,’ Gravis thought.

Then, Gravis turned to the next display, which displayed the Law of Lightning Gathering. Inside the display, Gravis saw a lot of lightning bolts concentrating into a single lightning bolt and then dispersing again. The display was a cycle of that process.

Gravis scratched his chin. ‘Interesting. In the lower world, the Lightning Cultivators, including myself, used our Spirit to concentrate our lightning into a smaller form, making it more destructive. This is basically the same process but without needing any Spirit.’

‘This means that concentrating lightning wouldn’t cost any Spirit at all. For beasts, this Law would increase their offense as well as their stamina. For humans, it would only increase our stamina since we already have this form of usage. Yet, it’s still worth looking at,’ Gravis thought.

Three days later.


‘And that Law is done too,’ Gravis thought with a smirk. ‘Since I have already compressed a lot of lightning in my life, this Law was even easier to comprehend than the Law of Lightning’s Explosiveness.’

‘This doesn’t increase my offense since I can already concentrate my lightning, but it helps in cutting down the Energy consumption of my Lightning Crescent. If I actually had the ability to increase any center of my power beyond 300% of their normal capacity, this would also increase my offense. Yet, that is not possible since my centers of power can’t withstand such a strain.’

Gravis was scratching his chin again as he went through some simulations in his head. ‘Yet, if I use my Pulse together with my concentrated lightning, I would be able to unleash a Lightning Crescent with 300% power while only using around 70% of my actual power. Before I had comprehended this Law, I would have been left with 0% Energy. Now, I would have 30% Energy left.’

‘This means that I can actually use all my power now since I won’t be left completely helpless. Very useful,’ Gravis thought as he nodded.

Then, he turned to the next display, which looked incredibly interesting to him.

Gravis saw how a lightning bolt hit the ground but didn’t explode. Instead, it simply lay there on the ground like some form of crystal. Typically, if lightning hit anything, it would explode with all its power onto the target. Yet, this form of lightning was acting like some kind of stone.

When Gravis saw that, his eyes shone. ‘This Law is the key!’ Gravis thought with excitement.

‘My Lightning Crescent will only help me against enemies that don’t have a supremely powerful defense. As soon as my enemy has an element-neutral Law that increases their defense, my Lightning Crescent will become nearly useless. Sure, I can still injure them, but I wouldn’t be able to kill them.’

‘With this Law, I can make my lightning bury itself into the target and explode from inside. With some additional alterations, I can create a variant of my Lightning Crescent that uses penetration instead of sheer power. Let’s get to work!’

This Law proved to be a bit more difficult than the other two, but not excessively so.

One month later.


Gravis comprehended the Law of Lightning’s Suppression. Even though the Law had the word Suppression in it, it wasn’t related to the actual Law of Suppression. One thing was a form of physical suppression, while the other was a feeling or situation.

‘Great!’ Gravis thought with a smile. ‘This takes care of the penetrative part of my attack. As soon as my attack pierces the body of my enemy, the lightning will be suppressed until it reaches the deepest part and then explode from there with all its power.’

‘So, the actual damaging component of my attack has been taken care of. Next thing I need to do is to create something that manages to penetrate the armor of my enemy. If my attack doesn’t manage to penetrate the armor of my enemy, it wouldn’t be any different from my Lightning Crescent.’

Suddenly, Gravis chuckled. ‘Luckily, I already have a good idea. I used a kind of weapon or technique once in the lower world that I should be able to recreate with more effectiveness as long as I comprehend two more Laws regarding lightning.’

Gravis immediately walked over to the next display, which was a showcase of the Law of Lightning’s Magnetism. Yet, this was not the kind of magnetism a mortal would think of when hearing the word magnetism.

In front of Gravis, a lot of scattered materials were floating in the air, surrounded by lightning. Metals, earth, plants, water, all kinds of different things were floating around without being damaged.

Usually, lightning would only be magnetic towards magnetic materials, as the name implied, but this Law referred to the movement of matter without having to explode it into a direction.

In the lower world, all the Lightning Cultivators used the technique of Lightning Movement to get around. Their body would float and move forward slightly above the ground. This was an exhibition of the Law. Sadly, that technique only worked with the body of the user. If they wanted to move something else like this, this something else would have to be made out of magnetic materials.

‘This Law gives the user the ability to move anything they want without damaging it or using a lot of Energy,’ Gravis thought. ‘This is one of the components I need.’

Two days later.


‘And done,’ Gravis thought. ‘I’ve already used this technique many times, which is why it wasn’t hard for me to learn this Law. With this Law, I can create something that moves with more power than my body.’

Gravis looked over at another display but then turned away. ‘I should know all the components by now, and I don’t need to look at this Law to comprehend it. Additionally, I won’t always have this opportunity to see such vivid demonstrations of the Laws. I should try to learn this Law myself.’

Gravis went to the middle of all the Ultimates, sat down, and concentrated. He wanted to combine the Laws he had understood into the appropriate level two Law.

One year later.


Gravis opened his eyes with a smirk.

‘Level two Law of Lightning Manipulation done. With this, I can create my new attack.’


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