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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 601: Soft Complex Is Complex Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis didn’t think for long about the fact that he managed to comprehend a useless Law. He had more important things to worry about.

‘Alright, with the Composition Law of the Body, my offense has gotten quite the boost. As long as my opponent doesn’t also know this Law, I have a way to actually injure and maybe kill a beast four levels higher. That leaves defense, speed, and a little bit of additional offense for beasts that actually know that Law,’ he thought.

Gravis looked at the Water Ultimates. ‘My next stop will be the Soft Complex and Medium Complex Composition Laws. I need wood, water, earth, and air for that. Let’s start with water.’

Gravis walked over to the two Water Ultimates. With his Spirit, he could keep track of both displays and see them as one, making things easier. Most of the displays were about the different offensive, defensive, and healing elements of water, but some also showed variety.

The level three Law of the land beasts’ Water Ultimate wasn’t truly the equivalent of the higher form of water, but a related offensive Law. Water had an intrinsic connection with temperature, and beasts with a water affinity had it easier to comprehend these Laws.

One could say that the Temperature Laws were not truly part of water but related. After all, fire also had quite a connection with the Temperature Laws. One could call them a neutral set of Laws. It was just easier for beasts with these affinities to gain insights into them.

Yet, the Temperature Laws were not something Gravis was interested in right now. He was more interested in the different kinds of materials that he could use. There were also liquid kinds of metal that would remain liquid until they were exposed to truly cold temperatures. Since these materials would remain liquid under normal circumstances, they would count as a mix of Medium and Soft Complex Materials.

The two Water Ultimates ignored Gravis and let him do whatever he wanted. Even when Gravis took some parts of their special kinds of liquids for himself, they didn’t care. As long as it didn’t affect their displays, it wouldn’t matter.

At the same time, Gravis also grabbed some different kinds of earth he could find with his Spirit. He was in the core of the world, and he could find most of the special kinds of materials he needed. After that, he started experimenting with them.

One year later. Seven years until the time was up.

By now, Gravis had found quite a lot of materials, and he could also already discern what the use of the Soft Complex Law would be.

‘If these materials were put under a lot of pressure, they will heat up and change their compositions and maybe even their state. With enough pressure, these Soft Complex Materials would become Medium Complex Materials.’

‘At least, that’s how it works right now,’ Gravis thought. ‘As it is right now, these materials would be useless for my plan. If I were hit by a powerful attack, my outer and inner armor would put the materials under a lot of pressure, which would change them. When that happens, the force of my enemy will find a pathway to injure a single part of my body.’

‘The materials must remain gaseous or liquid in order to distribute my enemy’s force over a large area. As soon as they turn solid, they won’t be able to do that anymore. So, I’m pretty sure that the Soft Complex Law can help me in that department. After all, my Soft Pure Law already has these effects on the Soft Pure gasses and liquids.’

‘The issue is that the Soft Pure Law only helps up to a certain point. The Law helps me to keep the gasses as gasses and the liquids as liquids, but not completely. Obviously, there are not as many special kinds of liquids and gasses that I can find in the world. I have basically already seen nearly all kinds of gasses and liquids, but none of them have the properties I desire.’

‘That’s where the Soft Complex Law would come into play,’ Gravis thought. ‘If there are not fitting natural materials, I just need to create them. Together with the increased effectiveness that my Soft Complex Law would have over the Soft Pure Law, I would probably be able to force the materials to stay as they are if I were hit.’

After one year of experimenting with the materials, Gravis had already found out how he could use a Law he hadn’t even comprehended yet. This was quite a step forward.

Four more years passed. Three years until the time was up.

Gravis put all the materials away.


Because he could no longer comprehend anything new. The liquid component of the Soft Complex Law had been dealt with. Now, he needed the gaseous component, which would be air.

He had already learned a lot about air when he had visited the Law Comprehension Area for fire. In that Area, Gravis had seen a lot of different kinds of gasses. Yet, as Gravis thought about it, would the air element actually be the correct element to comprehend gasses?

Air was just that, air. A beast with an affinity for wind wouldn’t be able to control smoke or these other kinds of gasses. Yet, fire also wouldn’t be able to control them.

‘Are these gasses actually element-neutral materials?’ Gravis thought. ‘Is that even possible?’

Every material Gravis had come into contact with in the past had an element associated with it. The different kinds of Hard Pure Materials all fell under the Metal Laws. The liquid metals also fell under the Metal Laws. Wood, or more accurately bark, was a mixture of water, earth, and the wood element.

Air was obviously the wind element. Water was the water element. Earth was the earth element. Yet, these kinds of special gasses had no direct element associated with them.

‘Maybe it’s like bark, and it needs several elements to be controlled?’ Gravis thought. ‘Bark can be dead or alive, and that makes a major difference in terms of element association and control. Living bark is part of a living body, and therefore, doesn’t count as a dead material. It would be like blood and muscles.’

Gravis looked over at Meadow. ‘Yet, dead bark would have no element associated with it. Meadow can’t just make some random piece of bark fly in the air. After all, the wood element doesn’t refer to the material wood, but to this weird connection between living beings.’

Gravis scratched his chin. ‘So, these kinds of weird gasses are similar to dead wood. Additionally, without any living interference, I haven’t seen any kinds of gaseous complex material yet. They only appear if fire or living beings get involved.

‘This means I need to also look more at fire if I want to understand the Soft Complex Law,’ he thought. ‘Obviously, I can’t finish this Law in the remaining time. So, let’s make the best of the remaining time.’

Gravis looked over at the Lightning Ultimate with a curious gaze.

‘My last stop should be the Lightning Laws.’


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