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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 583: Careless Words Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis didn’t move out of the way of the all-out attack, even though he had seen it coming. He wanted to try something. ‘It should work in theory, but I need to test it,’ he thought.

Gravis pointed his right hand at the beam and put all his power into his Spirit. Then, he used all his concentration and used the Law of Metal Composition, which was comprised of the Laws of Hard Pure and Medium Pure Materials.

The all-out attack of a Divine Beast worked by transforming the user’s Realm into pure elemental Energy, which would tear everything apart, similar to lightning. Of course, even if it was similar to lightning, it had nothing to do with it in actuality.


Sure enough, the beam started breaking down as it turned into concentrated Energy. Gravis’ eyes shone when he saw that.

Everything in the Cosmos was comprised of Energy.

When Energy was put in a certain form, it transformed into matter. Then, all its properties changed. Gravis’ Law of Composition could turn an offensive elemental attack into its earlier form, which was matter. That was why the elephant’s body didn’t turn into Energy but into dust when Gravis had used his Composition Law on his enemy’s metal body.

Energy transformed into matter, which then transformed into an elemental attack.

Yet, the all-out attack from a Divine Beast was different. They transformed parts of their body into Energy, which would then transform into this pure elemental Energy. Usually, using this elemental Energy as an attack would be useless. After all, it wasn’t nearly as powerful as a normal elemental attack.

Of course, by sacrificing an entire Realm, the quantity far outweighed the lack of quality. There was just so much elemental Energy stored inside a beast’s Realm that it was astonishing.

So, Gravis got an idea.

If the Composition Law turned elemental attacks into a scattered form of the previous state, which was dust, what would happen if he did the same thing with an all-out attack?

Even though an all-out attack was far more powerful than any attack a beast could muster, the quality remained the same. It was still an attack equivalent to the beast’s Realm. The only difference was that there was basically more of it.

This meant that his Will-Aura was still powerful enough to completely negate this attack, and even if this didn’t work, the attack would be weak enough that Gravis wouldn’t die if he were hit.

The beam shot at Gravis with incredible speed, but before it reached his body, the attack had vanished. Of course, it hadn’t truly vanished, but since Energy couldn’t be seen, it just appeared like it had vanished.


Gravis felt the movement of Energy in the air with a smirk.


Then, Gravis transformed into lightning. The blast of pure Energy washed over him as his Lightning Transformation absorbed all of it. His Lightning Transformation liquified his foundation, and it used the Energy in the surroundings to recover itself.

Inside his Lightning Transformation, Gravis’ regeneration of lightning was many times higher than in his physical form. The problem was that he was rather vulnerable in this form, which was why he rarely used it.

The concentrated blast of Energy was fully absorbed by Gravis. As soon as this pure form of Energy touched his lightning, it was turned into more lightning, and since Gravis was lightning, there was more of him now.


Gravis transformed back into his physical form and felt his body shake in delight. He had just absorbed the entire Realm of an Emperor. This was no different from killing and consuming one. Gravis had basically consumed his enemy with this action, and his body was about to become a level five King.

Borro looked crestfallen and in shock at Gravis, as he couldn’t believe what he had just seen. He had noticed long ago that he couldn’t win via normal means. Yet, he hadn’t expected that his all-out attack, which required him to sacrifice his Realm, would be even more useless than his physical attacks.

The Kings and Emperors froze as they watched Gravis. They had already been shocked when they had seen him fight an Emperor like it was nothing. He was a level four King! Yet, even the all-out attack of an Emperor had been shrugged off by him like it was just a slight breeze.

Even Meadow, Sary, and Azure were shocked beyond belief. They knew that Gravis was powerful, but ignoring the all-out attack of an Emperor was something entirely different. Even a level two Emperor would have issues with such an attack!

Gravis turned to Borro with a smile. Right now, Borro was a severely injured level five King. “Thanks,” he said.


And Borro was dead.

Gravis simply blasted his head off with a regular lightning bolt. During the entire duration of the fight, Gravis had only used some of his lightning to increase his speed. Yet, he had only used such a small amount of lightning that, in the end, he still had over 80% of his lightning remaining. Additionally, his Spirit and body had still been in their peak condition.

Gravis’ body shook as he became bigger. He grew from 250 meters tall to 1,250 meters tall. For the first time in his life, Gravis’ height had become taller than a kilometer. Gravis enjoyed the feeling of becoming stronger, but that feeling was quickly replaced by an annoying thought.

‘Creating my new equipment takes way too much ore,’ he thought with a sigh. ‘Well, as soon as I become an Emperor, I can save a lot of ore. At that time, I can fight while only being two meters tall.’

When Gravis finished his evolution, he turned back into his smaller form. He didn’t like it when he was so big. It just felt clunky and bothersome. Two meters was already a bit too much for his liking, but he could accept that.

Gravis cracked his neck as he enjoyed the sensation of having more power than before. Then, he simply flew down to Meadow, Sary, and Azure.

“I’m done!” Gravis said with a smile.

The three of them remained silent as they only watched him.

“Fuck me sideways,” Meadow commented. “As soon as you’re a level five Emperor, I won’t be the most powerful plant or beast anymore.”

Gravis chuckled. “Oh, come on. You know five level three Laws. I felt your Battle-Strength, and it’s even more powerful than mine,” he admitted.

“Dude, did you fry your brain with lightning?” Meadow said. “You think I was as powerful in your Realm? You think I was so powerful when I became a level five Emperor? Dude, I learned my first level three Law thousands of years after becoming a level five Emperor. I don’t think that you’re thousands of years old, are you?”

“I don’t agree,” Gravis said. “Age is irrelevant. Only the Realm is important. As soon as I pay attention to age, I’m taking a step down. I don’t want to be the most powerful being for my age, but the most powerful being for my Realm. As long as my longevity doesn’t run out, I can spend enough time inside my Realm to become the strongest. So, it makes no difference if I’m 9,000 years old or only 90.”

The three of them remained silent again. It wasn’t that they were impressed by Gravis’ mindset but that his words had resonated with them. Well, at least with two of them. Meadow kind of didn’t care.

Azure thought deeply about Gravis’ words. Without her realizing it, she had already stopped comparing herself to some beasts. As soon as she had come to know about Gravis’ relationship with lightning, she had already stopped comparing herself to him. This guy had known a level three Law as a Lord. Comparing herself to him would be unfair and depressing. She had simply accepted that they lived in different worlds.

As soon as Ferris had comprehended his level three Law, she had also stopped comparing herself to him. Ferris was over 2,000 years older than her. How could she compare herself to someone that was thousands of years older? He had had much more time to comprehend Laws while she hadn’t.

Yet, when Gravis threw away an age gap of 50,000 years and called it irrelevant, she felt her insides shake. Gravis had ignored such a massive age gap and had compared himself to the second most ancient being in this world, after Heaven, a being that had comprehended five level three Laws!

Azure felt ashamed when she thought about her own mindset. Gravis had compared himself to Meadow, while she hadn’t even dared to compare herself to Ferris.

“I need to think,” Azure said suddenly as she flew away. Gravis was a bit surprised at her weird reaction. He hadn’t said anything weird, had he?

Meanwhile, Sary was also lost in thought. She was about 12,500 years old, and her longevity wouldn’t hold out for another thousand years. She had comprehended so incredibly much about Life Laws, which had allowed her to live this long in the first place.

She had long given up her dream of becoming an Ascender. Thousands of years of seeing nearly no progress had worn her down. Her only desire had been to spend her last years in company she enjoyed.

Yet, wasn’t Gravis right? She still had her full Battle-Strength, and her mind and soul also hadn’t become slower. There was actually no difference between her and a younger Ultimate. Even more, there was actually no difference between her and Meadow. All of them still had all the capabilities to understand a level three Law and become an Ascender.

Why had she stopped?

‘Because I’m weak,’ Sary thought. Of course, she didn’t mean her Battle-Strength, but her mindset. She had given up. Her tenacity had run out.

Sary looked at the sky with longing. Then, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath.


Suddenly, a powerful green light came out of her as she opened her eyes. Now, her eyes only showed a fiery battle-intent.

“I’ll be right back!” she said with a stalwart voice. Her voice sounded completely different from earlier. It was almost like she was an entirely different beast.

When Meadow saw her eyes, she felt surprised but delighted.

“Go, get them!” Meadow shouted.


The ground exploded as Sary shot into the sky with unreal speed. As she flew, she became bigger and bigger. Her scales and muscles also bulged as an intense amount of Life Energy strengthened them to insane degrees.

She didn’t have an elemental affinity.

She was a purely physical beast, which meant that her body was more powerful than every other beast. That was why she had focused on the Life Laws. She could strengthen her body, increase her defense, and regenerate herself.

Sary only used physical attacks, but her physical attacks were brutal. Everything was focused on her physical body, and when she fought, she fought like a bloodthirsty berserker.

Gravis looked with shock as the 1,000 kilometers long, green snake shot towards the Grand Lake.

Yet, instead of charging at a Strider, Sary charged into the water.

Today, she would either breakthrough or die!

Today, she would fight all the Ultimates of the sea beasts!

At once!


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