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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 582: Gravis’ Unnoticed Transformation Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis and Borro brawled for multiple hours. Whenever Borro unleashed the sound wave, Gravis transformed into lightning and evaded the attack. He hadn’t used that technique in a while, but it had proven quite effective in this fight.

When the beasts saw Gravis transforming into lightning for the first time, their eyes nearly fell out of their heads. They hadn’t known that this was possible!

Yet, ironically, even though they knew more than the several Lords that had seen Gravis transform into lightning in the past, their elevated knowledge made them assume the wrong thing. The Lords had realized that Gravis could transform into lightning, while these experienced Kings and Emperors thought that this was just some kind of exotic Law.

So, even though the Emperors knew so much more than Lords, their knowledge made them arrive at a wrong conclusion. None of them even suspected that Gravis was actually lightning.

This was a logical conclusion. For example, if Gravis could do magic and showed it to a mortal, the mortal might believe that Gravis could do magic. Yet, if he showed his magic to a powerful cultivator, they would simply think that it was some kind of exotic cultivation technique. After all, the cultivators knew how magical cultivation techniques could be while the mortals didn’t.

Gravis didn’t even realize what an amazing thing he was accomplishing right now.

If one thought back to his fights ever since he had arrived in this world, one would realize that Gravis could never directly confront an opponent three levels above him. He always had to evade every single attack. If he couldn’t evade, he would die from just a single attack. His enemies had always been so overpowering that he wasn’t allowed to make even one mistake.

Yet, look at him now. He directly fought an opponent three levels above himself without even using his Punishment Lightning as an attack. Sure, Gravis also wasn’t injuring his opponent much, but he could actually defend himself against his opponent’s powerful attacks.

This transformation had happened very gradually. Over a long period of time, without Gravis even attempting to increase it, he had involuntarily increased his defense, his biggest weakness, to a terrifying level.

It all began with the black scale he had consumed when he had become a Spirit Beast. Back then, his new scales’ defensive capabilities had been impressive, but nothing that allowed him to jump an additional level. They had simply been an excellent, extra defense.

Then came his fight against the Golden Dragon. Back then, he had learned the ability to forge powerful weapons. The first thing he had created back then was a shield. That shield had allowed him to defend himself against the Golden Dragon. Yet, he had still been close to death during the entire fight.

Then, Gravis had created his armor, which protected him even more against his enemies’ attacks. Yet, even with the armor, without his scales, his organs would have been shot out of his body. The hard but flexible texture of his scales allowed Gravis to protect his organs from any intense attacks.

After that, Gravis changed his torso’s makeup to protect his innards even more against such attacks. Together with his shield, armor, and scales, he managed to block the attacks of opponents three levels above him.

Yet, Gravis still had had issues with regeneration. Every injury he had received during one of his blocks had weakened him, but when he had comprehended the Growth Laws of the Body, that weakness had also vanished.

Ever since that point, Gravis had managed to create an overpowering defense against physical attacks. The strongest physical attack of his current opponent, the grey elephant, was a charge with his tusks. This was arguably one of the most powerful physical attacks any beast on this level could produce.

Elephants always had powerful bodies, and the tusks were mighty spears. Yes, Gravis’ body was still penetrated by the tusks, but his body didn’t transform into chunks, which would have been the case earlier in his life.

Gravis had transformed from constantly evading to still being able to evade but not needing to. Now, he could also just block the attacks.

Yet, physical attacks were not the only attacks an enemy could unleash.

There were also elemental attacks. Beasts could unleash their elements to unleash attacks even stronger than what their body could produce. The Inquisitor was a good example. His earth spires had been so overpowering that they had even destroyed many of Gravis’ shields.

Yet, that weakness had also been covered up by something. Gravis hadn’t expected that his Elemental Composition Laws would do much, but they had proven more useful than he had imagined.

Back when Gravis had concentrated on his Composition Laws, he had expected that they wouldn’t increase his Battle-Strength. After all, they were just Composition Laws. How could they help in killing his enemies? He couldn’t even control these elements!

But now, when an enemy released an elemental attack, Gravis could weaken or even destroy it. This reduced the attack’s power to the same level as the enemy’s physical attacks, and in some cases, making them even weaker than that.

If Gravis had a rematch with the Inquisitor right now, and if the Inquisitor were a level one Emperor, everything would be different. Gravis would be able to notice the Spires and destroy them with his Composition Law of Earth before they could even reach him. Gravis could simply charge at the Inquisitor and continue attacking his defense until he was out of Energy.

An additional point was that Gravis could destroy any kind of remote-controlled element with his Will-Aura. This even took the auxiliary advantages of the elements and Laws away from the opponent.

Then came the Will-Aura. Right now, Gravis’ Will-Aura was as powerful in relation to his Realm as never before. This was the first time in which Gravis had reached the peak of what his Will-Aura could achieve. It was almost impossible to increase it even more before increasing his Realm.

That’s when the aspect switched from defense to speed. His Will-Aura and Law of Suppression took away the speed advantage of the opponent. Additionally, Gravis had always focused on speed and attack. So, naturally, Gravis’ speed was incredible.

His Will-Aura also protected him against any beast with the wood element. Beasts or plants with the wood element could attack the soul, and with Gravis’ powerful Spirit, which he naturally had as a human, and his overpowering Will-Aura, he was even safe from that.

The last aspect was Gravis’ attack, which was fully covered by his Punishment Lightning and Lightning Crescent. Gravis never had had any issues with attack power.

Without noticing, Gravis had eliminated all his weaknesses.

Back then, his opponents had been faster than him, stronger than him, and had a more powerful defense.

Yet, right now, his opponent was about as fast as Gravis, couldn’t reliably penetrate his defense, and got injured even without Gravis using his lightning.

One would think that Gravis only met opponents that he countered, but that was far from the truth.

Yes, Gravis countered these opponents, but that wasn’t luck. One would think that being able to counter a specific aspect of an opponent was luck.

Yet, when one countered every aspect of every opponent, it could no longer count as luck.

This was strength.

Gravis countered the auxiliary advantages of his opponents with his Spirit and Will-Aura.

Gravis countered the physical attacks of his opponents with his scales, armor, and regeneration.

Gravis countered the elemental attacks of his opponents with his Will-Aura, Spirit, and Composition Laws.

Gravis countered the speed of his opponents with his Will-Aura, Law of Suppression, and his own speed.

Gravis countered the elemental defense of his opponent with his Will-Aura, Composition Laws, and attacking power.

Gravis countered the physical defense of his opponents with his attacking power.

Gravis countered every aspect of every opponent. Something like this could no longer be called a counter.

This was simply how being stronger worked.

As the fight continued, Gravis realized that his Law of Danger hadn’t even been triggered a single time in several hours. His opponent seemingly only attacked in a very direct and straightforward manner.

Yet, his opponent just couldn’t unleash any more powerful attacks. He couldn’t use his element. He couldn’t use his level two Law. This only left him with physical attacks, and Gravis’ defense and speed were high enough that these attacks became irrelevant.

As the fight continued, Gravis became more and more disappointed. He had expected that this fight wouldn’t count as tempering, but he hadn’t expected to feel this safe. It was almost like his opponent was helpless in front of him.

This was an Emperor!

This was a beast three entire levels above him!

Yet, the elephant couldn’t even threaten Gravis. The only thing that might be dangerous would be his eventual all-out attack, but Gravis was prepared for that, especially.

Literally nothing the elephant could do could be a threat to Gravis.

Gravis realized that he couldn’t use this fight to comprehend more Laws. This wasn’t more effective than just sitting around.

Gravis summoned a new saber, which was crackling with powerful lightning. Then, he slashed at Borro from a close distance.


The pre-loaded Lightning Crescent swallowed Borro as Gravis simply looked on.

Of course, an Emperor wasn’t so weak that they would die to one Lightning Crescent. Because of that, Borro still managed to survive.

Yet, he had lost two legs, several bones, and the entire right side of his body. Right now, his organs were barely holding on. He was severely injured, and if he didn’t get a moment of peace soon, his Life Energy would run out.

Borro became panicked and no longer hesitated.

He turned to the hovering Gravis, opened his mouth, and unleashed an unbelievably powerful, grey beam.

This was the all-out attack from a Divine Beast, and since all Emperors counted as Divine Beasts, every Emperor had this attack.

Gravis’ Law of Danger was triggered for the first time, but this attack was precisely the reason why he hadn’t directly unleashed a second Lightning Crescent.

He had something that he wanted to try out!


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