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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 584: Sary vs. Ultimates Bahasa Indonesia

Sary raised her gigantic tail and slammed it into the middle of the Grand Lake. As long as she didn’t attack the Striders, they wouldn’t care about her.


Water splashed into the horizons as she destroyed a big part of an Empire of the sea beasts, and countless beasts died during this one attack. Sary didn’t care about these beasts. She only attacked the Empire to force the Ultimates to fight her.

“Fight me! All of you!” she shouted as her voice shook the water.


Three beasts shot out of the water with incredible speed. One of them was a seabass with legs and arms. In his hand, he carried the broken-off pike of a swordfish.

When Gravis saw that, his eyes shone. ‘Orthar has already told the Ultimates about human weapons. His influence has truly grown.’

Another Ultimate was a giant octopus with an unreal amount of tentacles. He looked less like an octopus and more like some of these microorganisms that looked like balls with tentacles. Gravis was sure that this wasn’t Orthar since the octopus didn’t feel familiar at all. Additionally, Gravis was sure that Orthar wouldn’t have chosen such a form.

The third Ultimate was a grey lobster but with a lot of additional shears. This Ultimate didn’t only have lobster shears, but also shrimp shears and crab shears.

Every kind of shear could be used as a different weapon, and Gravis got reminded of Meadow’s true form when he saw it. Meadow had also had a lot of different kinds of weapons on her. Of course, this lobster couldn’t truly be compared to Meadow.

Silence reigned for a couple of seconds. Yet, Gravis was sure that the Ultimates were communicating. They probably tried to determine if they had run into a trap and if some other Ultimates would get involved.

Gravis was still a bit confused about Sary’s sudden, unprovoked action. Why had she suddenly decided to attack the sea Ultimates out of nowhere? They had just talked, and then she already attacked.

After a minute had passed, Gravis saw the octopus going forward. They probably didn’t accept that Sary wanted to fight all of them. If they killed her together, they wouldn’t get any tempering.

Then, the octopus and Sary clashed.

Sary continually charged at the octopus while he hit and cut her with his tentacles. He was using the tentacles as whips, as spears, and as swords. Additionally, he used some longer tentacles to hold her.

Sary’s body violently thrashed around, and she cut off one tentacle after the other with her tail and fangs. Whenever she managed to bite one of the tentacles, the octopus pulled the tentacle off and threw it away, after which the tentacle transformed into black liquid. Apparently, Sary also had potent poison.

Injury after injury appeared on Sary’s body, but her immense comprehension of the Life Laws allowed her to always regenerate herself to her peak condition.

After around an hour, the octopus was losing the battle. He had a water affinity, but Sary just tanked through the damage. Water didn’t have a powerful offensive power, even when it turned to ice. Because of that, Sary easily outlasted the octopus. Her regeneration of Life Energy was probably even faster than her expenditure.

The stamina of a beast was terrifying. Beasts could fight with their bodies for days on end without getting exhausted. Yet, their small storage of Energy got exhausted pretty quickly. Beasts with an elemental affinity could unleash more powerful and more numerous attacks than beasts without an elemental affinity, but as soon as their Energy ran dry, they wouldn’t have anything left to defend against a purely physical beast.

The other Ultimates watched on as the octopus was losing ground. The chances were high that he would lose the battle and die.

“When I’m done with him, I will kill you next! I won’t rest until every sea Ultimate is dead!” Sary announced to the world.

Obviously, everyone knew that she only wanted to goad the other Ultimates to attack her so that she was under enough pressure to understand a level three Law. Yet, even though they knew that, what could they do? If they didn’t attack her, she would definitely attack them.

In the end, they had no choice.

The second Ultimate got involved, which was the seabass with the swordfish pike. Just like Sary, this Ultimate didn’t have an elemental affinity.

In the beginning, the octopus and the sea bass both attacked Sary simultaneously and managed to inflict a horrifying amount of injuries on her. Yet, even though Sary’s organs had been displayed time and time again by the terrifying cuts, they always regenerated. It was like she just couldn’t die.

Half an hour later, the fighting style of the two Ultimates changed. Instead of simply attacking Sary, they actually employed tactics. The seabass confronted Sary directly and went into a terrifying brawl with her while the Octopus regenerated and healed the seabass from time to time with his water element.

Then, they continued fighting for another three hours.

After these three hours, Sary’s injuries didn’t heal as quickly anymore. Yet, she had also managed to exhaust the octopus even more. It wasn’t that she attacked him but that her devastating attacks on the seabass forced the octopus to use more Life Energy than he could regenerate.

The difference in power was apparent.

Yet, why was Sary as powerful as two Ultimates at once?

The answer was pretty simple. Sary was the oldest beast and the third oldest being in this world. She had comprehended a ton of level two Laws in her life, but sadly no level three Laws. She simply knew many more Laws than the regular Ultimate.

If one compared her lifespan to a human’s, Sary would count as a nearly 100-year-old great-grandma. Her age was so terrifyingly ancient that, by normal standards, she shouldn’t be alive anymore.

Yet, cultivators and beasts kept their full Battle-Strength until the very day they died. When their lifespan ran out, their organs would simply no longer produce any Life Energy anymore. Then, they would slowly succumb to some minor injuries that they received in their daily lives.

This was probably Heaven’s way of conserving the usage of Energy. Heaven gave everyone more than enough time to become more powerful. 10,000 years to become an Immortal was easily enough. If someone managed to live that long, they obviously had no talent, drive, willpower, or any other trait that allowed them to become more powerful.

In Heaven’s eyes, such an ancient beast with such a weak Realm was a waste of Energy. Thus, Heaven killed these ancient beasts by making their life run out.

Of course, such a thing as a lifespan running out was also a tool to force someone to become more powerful. No one wanted to die, and if they wanted to continue living, they had to comprehend more Laws. One could say this was the beast or cultivator’s last chance, one last push. Heaven tried its hardest to create as many powerful beings as possible.


Finally, the last Ultimate got involved, the lobster. The lobster had a metal affinity and basically tore Sary’s body apart with his metal body.

Now, Sary had gotten her wish. She was fighting three Ultimates at once.

Of course, just like she and everyone else had predicted, she was overwhelmed. In just a couple of minutes, everyone could see that Sary was becoming weaker and weaker as the injuries healed slower and slower.

Yet, this was what she wanted. The enemy needed to be overpoweringly powerful. Only like this would she be able to push herself across the edge. Now, everything depended on her comprehension.

She came closer and closer to death as her body had already become unrecognizable, but just as she was about to die, the thing she had been waiting for had finally arrived.


Gravis felt the Energy around him being pulled away, which surprised him. The Ultimates were fighting tens of thousands of kilometers away from him. Yet, the Energy in the atmosphere was still being pulled towards them from this distance. Additionally, this hadn’t happened before.

In nearly an instant, Sary had fully healed. Her demeanor changed from serious to elated, but her serious demeanor returned when she looked at the Ultimates again.


She immediately attacked again. Now, she was fighting even more suicidal than before. Yet, even though her body seemingly went through a meat-grinder, it was healing at an insane pace.

“That’s the Law of Energy Healing,” Meadow transmitted to Gravis with a cheerful voice.

“What’s that?” Gravis asked.

“I’ve seen that Law once before, which is why I recognize it,” Meadow explained. “With this Law, you can transform Energy directly into Life Energy. As long as they don’t manage to kill Sary in one blow, they won’t be able to kill her. I’m so proud of her!” Meadow transmitted with elation.

Sary had been a friend to Meadow for thousands of years. One could say that Sary was the closest friend Meadow had ever had. Obviously, she was thrilled when she saw Sary finally achieve her dream of comprehending a level three Law.

As the fight continued, the three Ultimates received one injury after the other. Two of them even learned an additional level two Law, but not a level three Law. The additional level two Laws made the fight a bit more even, but Sary still had the upper hand.

And that was when it happened.


A powerful spider appeared out of nowhere behind Sary and bisected her.

There was a fourth Ultimate!

Sary barely managed to block the attacks from the other three Ultimates and threw them away. Yet, she had used up all her power in that attack and couldn’t block the thin, black leg of the spider, which was about to penetrate her skull.

Gravis couldn’t react.

Meadow couldn’t react.

The land Ultimates couldn’t react.

Even if they wanted to help Sary, they were simply too far away.

No one was powerful enough or close enough to save Sary.



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