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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 222: Close Fight Bahasa Indonesia

These whirlwinds of this mysterious sword force shot right at Gravis, and Gravis immediately decided to dodge. He had no idea what kind of techniques those people were using, so he was more careful to normally. Gravis had taken advantage of many opportunities when his enemies had underestimated him in the past, so he knew the danger of underestimating one’s enemies.


Gravis shot his lightning at one of the two whirlwinds, right at the rotating weapon. Yet, strangely enough, the weapon moved weirdly and managed to dodge the lightning. Gravis was incredibly surprised since he had been sure that he had hit the weapon. Luckily, his lightning seemed to have achieved something, and the whirlwind of sword force weakened. With another hit of his saber, the whirlwind was destroyed, creating a path for Gravis.


Gravis had walked straight through the first whirlwind to dodge the second one when a crescent made of the mysterious sword force shot right towards him. Gravis felt the power of this crescent and knew that if he tried to block it, he would be severely injured, at least. Seeing no other way, he jumped back, straight into the other sword whirlwind.


Gravis unloaded around 20% of his lightning into the surroundings, destabilizing the whirlwind. The whirlwind was destroyed, but not before opening several deep cuts on Gravis’ body. This pain was nothing to Gravis, and he immediately continued fighting.


Gravis accelerated again with his lightning and charged straight at another one of the Seed Stage cultivators. But of course, this time, they were prepared for him. The person immediately blocked Gravis’ saber with his rapier.


A concentrated bolt of lightning shot out of Gravis’ saber, going straight for the unassuming person, dodging the blocking rapier. Yet…


The blocking person was shoved away by a released shockwave of the Sapling Stage cultivator. Gravis’ loaded attack with his saber missed its target, only scorching the shoulder of the person. The Sapling Stage cultivator had just saved the life of one of his comrades.

Gravis narrowed his eyes at that. ‘Sure enough, Sapling Stage cultivators are difficult to handle. This will be a bitter fight,’ he concluded.


All three of those people immediately activated their Will-Aura. The Will-Auras of the Seed Stage cultivators were no issue, but the Will-Aura of the Sapling Stage cultivator was incredibly powerful. It not only had the suppression of two levels, but Gravis also felt that it had been concentrated.

The leader of the Greens was the first person that Gravis had seen in this lower world who had the ability to compress their Will-Aura. Gravis actually felt himself slowing down a little. Together, the three Will-Auras were stronger than Gravis’. He originally intended to surprise them with his Will-Aura, but that plan fell flat.


A horizontal, incredibly wide crescent of sword force shot at Gravis. He immediately realized that this was a full-power attack from the Sapling Stage cultivator. Gravis had no way to block this attack since it easily eclipsed all the power he could muster, except for the Lightning Crescent.

He only had one way to evade, which was to jump. Of course, Gravis knew that this was precisely what they wanted. If he jumped, it would be difficult for him to evade while in the air. Unfortunately, he had no other choice.

Reluctantly, Gravis jumped over the attack while keeping an eye on the others. All three of them smirked and retrieved a second weapon. The second weapons floated beside them, and they quickly jumped onto them. Directly after that, they started flying on the backs of those weapons. Like aggressive hawks, they shot towards Gravis from all sides.


Gravis had no other choice but to unload nearly all his saved lightning. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t have the power to resist their combined attacks. His surroundings exploded with lightning. Of course, his enemies had expected something like this and used their own, peculiar ways to block Gravis’ attack. Their swords flew around them, creating some kind of barrier. Gravis’ lightning hit them, and they got flung back.


Gravis used some of his last lightning to pull himself to the ground by creating magnetism that pulled down his weapon. When he landed, he used every last shred of his lightning to explode forward again. After this, his lightning storage was utterly empty. His opponent readied his weapon to block. He knew that Gravis was out of lightning since that explosion had been too powerful for someone at the initial stage of Spirit Forming. He only had to survive one attack.


Even though Gravis had used all his lightning, he still had other weapons. While bursting forward, he had readied the Rakshasa Saber Technique, loading it with all the inherent Energy in his body. The thin rapier that blocked Gravis’ saber broke apart, and the force of the Rakshasa Saber continued towards the target.

The wave hit his chest, but the rapier had weakened the wave enough so that it didn’t prove fatal. Of course, the person was still severely injured. A cut nearly bisected him, but his ribs had managed to stop it, though many of them had broken. The person was thankful that he was still alive.


Gravis infused his left fist with the mixture of Spirit and will and punched the person right on the chest. The person was blasted into pieces, just like Gravis’ fist. The mixture of Spirit and will was volatile and wasn’t meant to be used with one’s body. Gravis had barely managed to land the punch before his left arm was transformed into a bloody mist.

Sadly, there hadn’t been any other way. He had been completely out of lightning and inherent Energy. He already had no other weapons remaining. If he didn’t manage to achieve a kill, he would die. If surviving required sacrificing an arm, Gravis would do it.

Gravis quickly turned around to the remaining two people, who just looked at him in surprise. ‘Chance!’ Gravis shouted in his head. He used the full power of his body to burst forward again. Of course, without the addition of his loaded lightning, he wasn’t very fast. He attacked with his saber again, but his current opponent had learned from his predecessor’s mistakes. Instead of blocking, he jumped back, releasing a wave of sword force that shot right at Gravis.

Meanwhile, the leader flew right at Gravis with insane speed, way faster than Gravis. He would not commit any more mistakes! He had already underestimated Gravis several times, and that wouldn’t happen again. The leader neared Gravis faster than Gravis closed in on his target. On top of that, a new wave of sword force was blocking Gravis’ way forward.


Gravis sidestepped to the left to evade the sword force, but that slowed him down. The leader immediately closed in on him, and Gravis could feel the power inside the person’s rapier. If that hit him, he would die. Yet, instead of evading or blocking, Gravis pushed what remained of his left arm forward, like he intended to punch the leader from a distance.


Out of everyone’s expectations, a condensed Lightning Spear shot out of that stump, right at the incoming weapon. The eyes of the attacker widened in shock. Wasn’t Gravis out of lightning? Where did that lightning come from? Before he could react, the condensed Lightning Spear hit the rapier, exploding in the process. The leader was immediately shot into the distance since he hadn’t had the opportunity to block the attack properly.

When Gravis had killed the earlier person, the changed Heaven’s Balance Cultivation Technique had refilled over half his lightning. His enemies had no idea about Gravis’ ability to regain his element by killing others, which caught them by surprise.

Gravis had not used his lightning for acceleration to get them by surprise. They had to believe that he was out of Energy and helpless. Everything was for this moment. The Sapling Stage cultivator was dangerous, and he had managed to save the life of one of his brothers already. As long as he was not occupied, Gravis wouldn’t be able to kill the last Seed Stage cultivator.

Yet, where did that condensed Lightning Spear come from? Didn’t he need to condense it first before he could use it? Of course, he had to condense it first, but was it necessary to condense it outside his body? If he could condense it outside his body, couldn’t he also condense it inside his body? He was immune to lightning, after all. Others would explode from something like this, but due to Gravis’ constitution, he had the ability to do that without any drawback.

With the leader occupied, Gravis could finally concentrate on the remaining cultivator.


Everything happened in the blink of an eye, and Gravis immediately used his lightning to burst forward with all his power. The eyes of the last Seed Stage cultivator widened, and he flew upwards with his weapon. He lost all his guts and only wanted to survive until the leader managed to reappear again.


Gravis ran until he stood below the cultivator and immediately summoned the sphere of lightning. He had used about 20% of his Spirit for the sphere, which quickly ate over 20% of his lightning. The ascend of the cultivator was halted as everything metallic on him got pulled towards the ground. Flying was already challenging for their cultivation level, and such powerful magnetism easily overpowered him. If he were on the ground, he would be able to easily resist the pull, but not while he flew in the air. Like this, he shot towards the Lightning Sphere.


The Lightning Sphere was unstable since it absorbed more lightning than it had Spirit, so it directly exploded, destroying everything in their surroundings. The cultivator was completely incinerated and vanished into thin air, while Gravis absorbed his Energy, refilling his storage.

The leader of the Greens had just returned but stopped before the explosion. Instead of charging into it, he narrowed his eyes.

Gravis turned towards him and readied himself.

Gravis had around 70% of his lightning left, while his Spirit was only at around 40%. He also only had a stump for his left arm. The inherent Energy of his body had been used up with the usage of his Rakshasa Saber, making it impossible for Gravis to heal.

They both looked at each other, readying themselves.


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