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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 223: Pathetic Whimper Bahasa Indonesia

The two watched each other. The leader was not injured, while Gravis only had one arm left and didn’t have his full lightning or Spirit. Yet, he didn’t give up. With the death of the other three people, the Will-Aura’s of the two combatants evened out until they were basically equal. None of the two was suppressed by the other’s Will-Aura.


The earth beneath Gravis exploded as he started running. He didn’t use his lightning for acceleration this time since he had to save it for a better moment. He might be able to catch weaker opponents by surprise with his ridiculous acceleration, but he doubted that it would work against someone at the Sapling Stage, especially when that person had already witnessed his acceleration before.

“HAAA!” the leader shouted in rage as he released a mighty blow. A wave of sword force appeared in Gravis’ way. It was not just a simple crescent that could be easily dodged, but a true wave, nearly five meters tall. Gravis either had to commit to wildly jumping over it, or he had to block. Yet, when Gravis saw the bottom of the wave, he noticed something peculiar.


Gravis shot some of his lightning to the ground in front of him, creating a big, diagonal hole. Gravis quickly ran into it and used more of his lightning to dig forward. He had seen that the wave was not destroying the ground, which meant that the person didn’t want to waste his Energy.

This also showed Gravis another thing. Contrary to the attack’s imposing image, the sword wave was only meant to lead Gravis into a difficult position. If the enemy had wanted to kill Gravis with this, it would indiscriminately tear the ground apart.


The wave passed over him, and Gravis jumped out again, running straight for his enemy. Yet, his eyes widened in shock at what he saw.


‘This fucker is escaping!’ Gravis shouted in his mind. This guy was fighting someone two whole realms below himself and even had the face to flee in front of such an opponent. The guy had only shot this sword wave to occupy Gravis. After shooting the sword wave, he immediately jumped onto his second sword and started flying into the distance.

‘You want a chase, eh? Then let’s give you one!’ Gravis shouted into his opponent’s mind with his Spirit. Gravis retrieved his Lightning Board and jumped onto it while running. He didn’t waste any time and accelerated with his full power.

The leader had a head start, and the distance between them was widening, but at some point, the leader couldn’t increase his speed anymore, while Gravis didn’t even come close to reaching his maximum speed. According to Gravis’ feeling, the enemy was flying right below the speed of sound. He probably didn’t have enough push to break through the sound barrier. Gravis grinned when he saw that.


A loud boom appeared around Gravis as his speed crazily climbed. To him, it was nearly effortless to break the sound barrier. It only cost a lot of his lightning, but there was nothing he could do about it. Of course, without his Lightning Board, such speed would only be a dream. As soon as Gravis’ speed climbed, the distance between the two rapidly shrunk.

The leader of the greens noticed, and his eyes showed anxiety. He was a person that had already given up on the path to power, so his life was more important than real life and death tempering. He didn’t want to fight someone that could realistically kill him, even if he had a good shot at victory. He knew that he could break through the sound barrier to also reach supersonic speeds, but that would cost too much Energy. He only hoped that the people he contacted would arrive on time!

They grew closer and closer, and after half a minute, only around 100 meters was between them. Gravis smirked as he knew that his opponent would have issues soon. There was something that his opponent had neglected.

The person shot forward, but suddenly, he started feeling a pull from behind him. At first, he didn’t notice it, but it got stronger and stronger. After some seconds, he finally noticed what was happening.

How did Gravis accelerate his Lightning Board? He was summoning lightning right in front of him to move forward, and lightning had an intense magnetism. The closer he got, the harder his lightning pulled on the magnetic items of his opponent, especially his weapons. Like this, his opponent slowed down even more while Gravis grew even faster.

When Gravis saw that his opponent noticed the pull, Gravis no longer hesitated. As soon as his enemy had decided to retreat, his life had been forfeit. If he had fought, he might have had a chance to kill Gravis. Sadly, he had tried to flee, which sealed his fate. No one close to Gravis’ power could reach his speeds.

Even though it didn’t seem like it, his opponent also had incredible speeds. Reaching the sound barrier without any vehicle was very impressive. Gravis guessed that probably only people from the Wind Sect could reach such speeds. The other world really had some powerful techniques.

Gravis’ opponent had just noticed the pull when Gravis decided to finish the fight. The lightning that pulled his Lightning Board forward expanded as a sphere with all of Gravis’ remaining Spirit and will appeared in its place. He had just checked his lightning storage and noticed that it was slightly lower than his Spirit storage since such acceleration also cost a lot of lightning.

The sphere immediately absorbed all of Gravis’ lightning, becoming incredibly powerful. With the increase of power, the magnetism also increased significantly. Gravis had specifically waited for this moment. If he had waited until he got even closer, his opponent might have retrieved his weapons into his Spirit Space to resist the pull. Gravis had to time this just right.

The opponent slowed down with incredible speed and even stopped. After that, he started flying towards the sphere, of course, not by intent. Just as he had started picking up speed, he shoved everything he owned into his Spirit Space, including his clothing. Everything metallic vanished, and the person finally regained control again. Sadly, it was too late.

Gravis immediately jumped upward and lifted his saber. He closely sailed past the bottom of the sphere, but his saber slashed right through it. The Lightning Sphere immediately vanished, and Gravis, still being in the air, slashed downward with all his power.


An incredibly long and incomprehensibly fast Lightning Crescent appeared before him, shooting right for his target. The person had just regained control of his body, and he was still battling with the inertia of the forced stop. There was no way for him to move quickly enough to evade, and even if he could, the crescent would hit the ground right behind him since it was shooting diagonally downward. As a last-ditch effort, he retrieved all his weapons for a last block.


A powerful explosion engulfed everything in a 100-meter-diameter. The earth, air, and stones got reduced to dust as a shockwave exploded into the horizons. The explosion only appeared for a split-second, but the sound and vibration lingered for an extended period. After several seconds, everything went silent again.

Step. Step. Step.

Gravis walked forward, carrying an empty handle. Just like his previous saber, this one also didn’t survive the explosion. His steps echoed throughout the gigantic, bowl-shaped crater. The only thing that Gravis found were some fragments of some weapons. His opponent had vanished from the face of the earth. There was no way that he had survived this attack.

Gravis found nothing and released a bitter sigh. “Thanks for the tempering, asshole,” he said sarcastically. Gravis had really been excited for the fight, especially since he had been pushed very hard in the fight against the three other people. Yet, the thing that was supposed to be the climax could now only be considered a pathetic whimper.

Gravis kicked some dirt in frustration and then turned around. He looked for his Lightning Board, but for some reason, he couldn’t find it. He searched for several seconds with his Spirit, but it was like it had vanished. After some seconds, he facepalmed.

“I fucking destroyed my Lightning Board,” he groaned.


Another Lightning Board appeared before Gravis, and he jumped onto it.

“That’s exactly why I ordered five!”

Due to him killing someone, his lightning was nearly full again. Without further ado, he sped back to the Greys.


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