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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 221: Borrowed Power? Bahasa Indonesia

The traveling people didn’t notice Gravis slowly coming closer. If they did, they wouldn’t be traveling this leisurely. When Gravis was only one kilometer away from them, he activated his Spirit. He had no intention of attacking those people with an ambush. The fight would be over before he could even warm up like that. Gravis wanted some tempering.

As soon as Gravis activated his Spirit, all four of them immediately turned around to see Gravis just one kilometer away from them. Yet, when they saw Gravis’ cloak, they narrowed their eyes.

“Oh? You’re from the Greys, right?” the voice of the leading figure of the group appeared in Gravis’ head. “And here I thought you wouldn’t ever appear. We were waiting for you.” Gravis could hear the arrogance in the voice, which only confirmed the relation between the Greens and the Greys more.

Gravis stopped a hundred meters away from them. The four people were all watching him without readying their weapons. Though, at least they had landed. With his Spirit, Gravis could now get a better look at their weapons. All four of them carried long, thin swords. Gravis guessed that the other world, even though it didn’t have any elements, was probably still divided. Those four were probably all part of the same organization since all their weapons were identical.

Gravis narrowed his eyes but didn’t attack. He still wanted to hear what the Greens were going to say. Everything that Elder Byron had said was only from the side of the Greys, so it might be possible that not everything he said was the truth. “What’s the relation between the Greens and the Greys?” Gravis asked.

The leader looked a little surprised, but his grin only widened. “Interesting! You don’t immediately trust everything someone says. That’s a good mindset, boy,” said the leader.

By the sound of his voice and posture, Gravis was sure that the leader of the Greens was a middle-aged man. Sadly, the cloak blocked their bodies and faces, which made it hard to identify them. On top of that, the cloaks also seemed to stop Gravis’ Spirit from looking at their real faces. Gravis could still see their silhouettes with his Spirit, but he couldn’t see their faces.

“Answer the question,” said Gravis with a harsh tone.

The leader laughed a little again. “As you probably already know, we don’t come from this world. We are here for some kind of exchange program,” he said with mirth in his voice. Obviously, he wasn’t taking Gravis seriously. “The Heaven of our homeworld has chosen that old bastard Byron over our Sect Master for this exchange. Of course, our Sect Master wasn’t happy with that.” The person stopped speaking after saying that.

Gravis lifted an eyebrow. “So, you and the Greys are enemies, right?” Gravis asked evenly.

The leader laughed again. “Of course. We volunteered for being some kind of test for the Greys in this world.” The person laughed another time. “So, yes, we are enemies. If we manage to kill that old bastard Byron, we will be the new representatives of our world.”

Gravis only continued looking at the leader with narrowed eyes. “What about the Elemental Sects?”

“What about them?” the leader asked in arrogance. “We don’t care about them… yet. We first need to kill Elder Byron. After that, we will, of course, replace the Greys and become the overlords over this world. How can elemental cultivators ever reach the strength of our pure martial way?”

“Why do you think elemental cultivators are weaker than you?” Gravis asked.

“Simple,” the leader stated as he started walking closer. “The elements do not belong to people. People copy the usage of the elements, yet the elements will always remain outside help. What are we? We are humans! We have a mind, a will, a body, and Magic. Our martial way does not need the help of something that is not inherently human to become powerful.”

By now, the leader had come pretty close and stood just a couple of meters before Gravis. “This world’s reliance on outside help is damaging your own power.” The man pointed at Gravis while the other Greens stood behind him. “You are part of the Greys, so you should’ve realized that by now, or did old bastard Byron not give you any techniques, yet?” He said with a laugh.

Gravis kind of understood the leader’s mindset, but the basis of his ideology was unstable. In actuality, Gravis was of the opposite opinion. It was not that he was borrowing outside power with his lightning, but that he was making something that was not human into his own.

He was not just using the power that a human inherently had, but also adding outside things to his being. Like this, his own being would grow and would become more powerful. The more he added to himself, the wider his array of weapons would become.

“Alright,” sighed Gravis. “Those were all the questions I had. Then,” Gravis retrieved his saber. “Let’s have a proper fight!” he shouted.

The four people all lifted their hands to show that they didn’t want anything bad and retreated slowly. “Oh wow, the little boy wants to fight,” said the leader sarcastically, as he retreated. “What can you even do? You’re at the initial stage of Spirit Forming, while everyone here is at least at the Seed Stage. Are you actually suicidal?” he said with a laugh.


Gravis immediately exploded forward with his maximum acceleration and kicked the closest person at the Seed Stage. Though the leader was closer, Gravis knew that killing him directly wouldn’t guarantee a sure kill. Someone two full levels above him surely had the ability to resist such a thing. He first planned to kill the other ones.


The person hadn’t even managed to move their rapier in a block before Gravis hit his chest with a kick, which was fully loaded with lightning. The person immediately exploded as a shower of blood got blasted into the distance. Gravis immediately watched the others, ready for any counterattack, but surprisingly, no one attacked him.

Instead, they retreated a little and readied their rapiers. Yet, their faces showed some visible amusement and even a little disdain. Gravis thought that this was a little weird, but those people were from a different world, after all. Maybe they had a similar mindset to the Fire Sect, where the death of one person simply showed their weakness.

“Hoh, that’s not bad,” said the leader, “but what about-“


The leader attacked out of nowhere and stabbed his rapier at Gravis with unreal speed. Gravis barely managed to block the rapier with his speed, but he still got shot into the distance. ‘Spirit Forming Body,’ Gravis judged, ‘and an even more powerful one than mine. Physical attacks will be an issue.’

The two other people took out their weapons, and something peculiar happened. Yellow light appeared around them as their weapons started glowing. Gravis was not sure what they were doing, but it couldn’t be anything good.


Their weapons left their hands and started circling in the air violently. Two whirlwinds of some kind of sword force were generated and shot straight towards Gravis.

Gravis had never seen such an attack.


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