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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1312: Alienation Bahasa Indonesia

A long period of silence passed in the air.

A new Heaven’s Magnate had been born, but this occasion wasn’t as joyous as it always had been.

It was a frustrating and sad occasion.

Everyone had believed that they would receive a new colleague.

Yet, they had turned out to be someone that wasn’t a part of them.

He wasn’t like them.

He didn’t share the same problems as them.

He didn’t fight like them.

He didn’t use the same powers as them.

He was different.

He didn’t belong.

They had looked forward to Gravis joining them. After all, most of them had watched Gravis after he had caused the Heaven Clash. They had known that he was different in a way, but they had believed that he would eventually join them.

Yet, in their minds, he didn’t.

“Wow, eh,” Heavenly Senior said through an awkward laugh. “I wanted to welcome you, but you don’t seem like you need my welcome. You look like you’re doing very well on your own.”

At the Heaven’s Magnate Realm, Gravis couldn’t see the Law fragments of the other Heaven’s Magnates. Because of that, he couldn’t completely be certain of what Heavenly Senior was thinking.

Gravis only turned his gaze to Heavenly Senior.

When Heavenly Senior saw Gravis looking at him, he felt a cold shiver run down his spine.

It was like that time the Opposer had looked at him.

He didn’t like that sensation.

“So, anyway, welcome,” Heavenly Senior said awkwardly. “If you need anything, just call me, okay?”

Gravis nodded. “Thank you.”

Gravis didn’t fully know what Heavenly Senior was thinking, but Gravis recognized that expression.

He had seen very similar expressions a very long time ago.

Back when Gravis had joined the Research Institute to become a Research Apprentice, he had become part of a class.

After Gravis had created his Will-Aura, his classmates had looked at him the same way.

It was uncomfortable for them to look at him.

Back then, Gravis’ classmates had avoided talking to him. It wasn’t that they disliked him but that they simply didn’t feel any connection to him.

It was like Gravis was a stranger.

Heavenly Senior now showed the same expression.

Gravis wasn’t supposed to be here.

That was what the expression said.

“No problem. So, see you later,” Heavenly Senior said with an awkward smile before vanishing.

“Yes, welcome,” Happy Springs said with a smile that didn’t reach her eyes. “If you need anything, just call, alright?”

Gravis only nodded. Happy Springs was looking with the same expression at him.


Happy Springs also vanished.

End of Light didn’t even interact with Gravis before vanishing.

There was no point in talking to him.

They were people of different worlds.

The three old foggies looked at each other and left without a word.

They were very interested in Gravis. Maybe Gravis could change everything.

However, they also felt the same feeling of estrangement as the other ones, and they felt that it was better not to come into contact with Gravis.

It was for the best to let things play out.

Master Linus looked at Gravis with a complex expression.

He felt like he and Gravis were rather close. After all, Gravis had helped him back then.

However, that had been on the basis that Master Linus was the one with the power advantage.

After Gravis had become more powerful than Master Linus by such a degree, Master Linus felt like they weren’t in the same world anymore.

Some people might feel a feeling of estrangement when their friend suddenly managed to find success on a global or cosmic scale. It was like the person they had always been friends with was no longer the same person as before.

It was like a different person had taken on the identity of that person.

This was what Master Linus felt right now.

He desired to talk with Gravis, but he also felt like he shouldn’t.

Gravis was probably too occupied with other things to talk to him.

Gravis’ vision had reached places that Master Linus couldn’t even imagine, and he felt like he should leave Gravis to his desires.

So, after some polite words, Master Linus also left.

As for Zero’s Essence, her feelings towards Gravis hadn’t changed.

She had always seen Gravis as a very distant brother. They were theoretically related, but they had nothing that really connected them.

Gravis was just like an acquaintance.

Because of that, Zero’s Essence only talked with Gravis about some superficial topics and also left.

They simply didn’t have much in common, which made a conversation undesirable.

Then, Mortis’ and Gravis’ gazes met.

They knew each other perfectly, and they didn’t need to talk to know what the other one was thinking.

Both of them felt what the other one was feeling.

Mortis was feeling inferior, demotivated, and pressured, and Gravis noticed it.

Gravis felt that Mortis’ feelings came from an irrelevant place and that Mortis had more than enough qualities to put him in an equal place to Gravis, and Mortis noticed it.

However, their feelings were overshadowed by one shared feeling.



Both of them knew that both of them felt that all of these feelings were unimportant in the grander scheme.

With the finality of their future in mind, any current emotional problems lost all impact and relevancy.

Because of that, Mortis left without a word.

The two of them didn’t need to talk.

Even though they were two separate beings, their Spirits were still perfectly synchronized.

Everything that needed to be said between the two of them had already been said.

Now, they only needed to travel towards the end.

Child of Heaven didn’t interact with Gravis. Just like everyone else, Child of Heaven felt that Gravis was no longer part of his world.

Child of Heaven was essentially the leader of the world under Heaven. In theory, he was responsible for keeping Gravis in check.

Yet, Child of Heaven knew that Gravis didn’t fall under his responsibility.

Gravis was a special case.

So, just like everyone else, Child of Heaven felt that Gravis simply didn’t share his world.

That only left two people, the Black Magnate and Peaceful Serenity.

It was logical that the Black Magnate remained. After all, the Black Magnate even managed to become friends with someone like the Opposer, and the Opposer exuded an even more powerful feeling of alienation than Gravis.

The Black Magnate would have no issues with remaining friends with Gravis. He was already preparing all the complaints he would throw at Gravis later.

However, what about Peaceful Serenity?

Why was she still here?

Gravis and Peaceful Serenity had no connection.

In fact, Peaceful Serenity had no connections with anyone.

It was like she was the only being in her world, and everyone else didn’t matter.

She had kept everyone at a distance.

Yet, at this moment, her eyes calmly looked at Gravis.

In fact, it was almost like Peaceful Serenity hadn’t even been surprised by Gravis’ sudden advance.

It was like she had expected Gravis to become that powerful with such speed.

Gravis looked at Peaceful Serenity, and he saw a glimmer of purpose in her eyes.

It was like Peaceful Serenity was looking at her destiny.

“Just as expected,” Peaceful Serenity said slowly.

“My purpose has arrived.”

“The purpose for why I am still in this Cosmos.”


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