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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1311: Different Worlds Bahasa Indonesia

The surrounding Heaven’s Magnates couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

First, they had been shocked by the sheer feeling of power they felt from Gravis.

And then, Gravis’ power had suddenly violently shot up!

On top of that, they felt Gravis’ dominion over the world.

It was unmistakable.

Gravis could control Energy now!

What was going on!?

He had just become a Heaven’s Magnate a minute ago.

Yet, in only a single minute of being a Heaven’s Magnate, Gravis’ power had reached the same level as Peaceful Serenity and Child of Heaven!

For the first time, even the three old foggies looked at Gravis with interest.

This was too abnormal!

Maybe there was finally a chance to get out of this never-ending nightmare of stagnation?

Master Linus looked at Gravis with absolute shock.

He had known that Gravis was special, but this topped everything he had ever imagined.

When Zero’s Essence saw Gravis, she involuntarily got reminded of her father.

As Gravis stood before her in the air like this, she felt like she was standing in front of her father.

The Opposer always exuded this dark and destructive aura around him, and only when Zero’s Essence had reached the Heaven’s Magnate Realm was she truly able to somewhat comprehend this aura.

It was like her father was using some form of forbidden power.

And now, she felt like Gravis was also using this forbidden power.

When people looked at the Opposer, they felt like the Opposer shouldn’t exist. His every existence was contradictory to what they had come to know as reality.

And now, Gravis felt just as contradictory.

Gravis’ power went against the very concept of existence.

It was like he shouldn’t exist.

The Black Magnate wasn’t sure how he should feel right now. He had always seen Gravis as a nephew, and he had been happy when Gravis had finally joined his level.

The Black Magnate could show Gravis around, and they could finally talk as equal beings.

Yet, when Gravis had become a Heaven’s Magnate, he had already reached the power of the Black Magnate.

Because of that, the Black Magnate had felt a bit frustrated earlier. He had wanted to show Gravis around as a senior. He wanted to show Gravis all the things.

And now, Gravis had exploded even more with power, easily overtaking him!

It was such a strange feeling.

Just minutes ago, the Black Magnate had the ability to kill Gravis with a slap.

And now, Gravis had the ability to kill the Black Magnate with a slap.

It was so strange.

The Black Magnate had watched Gravis for a huge part of his life, and the Black Magnate had always rooted for the young and weak Cultivator.

But now, that young and weak Cultivator had already overtaken the Black Magnate.

It was hard to wrap his head around the current situation.

Happy Springs felt a cold shiver run down her spine.

She had intended to play around with Gravis and pull some pranks on him, but Gravis had already overtaken her in power. Even more, Gravis exuded some kind of aura that made Happy Springs fearful.

Not even Peaceful Serenity or Child of Heaven exuded such an aura.

Peaceful Serenity simply felt like a person that was about to leave due to her incredible power. It was like she had graduated from life. Because of that, Peaceful Serenity felt like an ancient senior.

Child of Heaven simply felt like a superior. It was like he was the supervisor over existence. Happy Springs couldn’t imagine becoming Child of Heaven’s friend because of that. It simply didn’t feel right.

But Gravis…

Gravis felt like he shouldn’t exist.

It was like interacting with Gravis was interacting with a taboo.

She felt like she should avoid all contact with Gravis.

It was for her own good.

Heavenly Senior also went through a multitude of emotions.

First, he had been annoyed.

Heavenly Senior loved taking on a senior role. The fact that Gravis had immediately become as powerful as him had made him feel annoyed. Gravis was like a new hire that had immediately reached the same position as Heavenly Senior when he should have been Heavenly Senior’s inferior.

And then, Gravis had suddenly comprehended the Law of Energy, making him superior to Heavenly Senior.

This had frustrated Heavenly Senior to no end.

However, eventually, he found a way to accept the situation.

He simply didn’t count Gravis as someone in the same world as him.

Gravis obviously lived in a separate world.

End of Light clenched her fists.

She had looked forward to having one more competitor. The more competitors she had, the better! She needed enemies and competitors to grow more powerful! Only with more competitors would she be able to push herself to the peak!

Yet, Gravis had immediately overtaken her.

It was like she was about to receive a present just for that present to evade her hands to go to another pair of hands.

In the end, she could only accept Gravis’ rise to power, and she focused on Mortis.

Mortis was more powerful than an average Heaven’s Magnate. End of Light also perceived herself to be above the average Heaven’s Magnate in power, and she was looking forward to Mortis finally comprehending the Law of Energy.

End of Light didn’t want to fight Happy Springs since she felt like killing Happy Springs would make the world lose color.

End of Light also didn’t want to kill Heavenly Senior. It was fun to be around Heavenly Senior.

End of Light wanted to kill the Black Magnate, but she perceived the Black Magnate to be below her in power. Killing him wouldn’t help her push herself to the top.

Because of that, all her focus had been put on Gravis and Mortis, and with Gravis now being above her in power, she fully focused on Mortis.

And Mortis?

How did Mortis perceive Gravis’ sudden rise?


Mortis could only sigh.

Mortis had always known that he was weaker than Gravis.

Gravis always told Mortis that Mortis simply had different strengths. Mortis could take out Cultivators Gravis would have huge problems against.

But now, the truth had been unveiled.

When Gravis had become a Heaven’s Magnate, Mortis had immediately felt the difference.

When Gravis had perceived all the Heaven’s Magnates that didn’t know the Law of Energy to be incredibly weak, it had included Mortis.

Mortis couldn’t emulate the mindset of the Avatar of Death. Mortis was made of Heavenly Lightning, and Heavenly Lightning’s temperament still influenced Mortis.

Changing his mindset meant losing his lightning, which meant losing his very existence.

Yet, Mortis had already expected Gravis to be more powerful than him. So, when he had felt Gravis’ overwhelming power, he had already seen it coming.

But deep inside, he had wished that it wouldn’t be like this.

Sadly, reality couldn’t be changed.

However, when Gravis also directly comprehended the Law of Energy, Mortis felt a heavy hit.

Mortis had been a Heaven’s Magnate for over three million years.

Yet, he hadn’t even come close to comprehending the Law of Energy.

It was simply too difficult.

Mortis had already planned to temper himself against another Heaven’s Magnate, but he hadn’t wanted to outpace Gravis by too much.

He wanted Gravis to become a Heaven’s Magnate first.

And now, everything had changed.

Mortis felt like his existence had become even more irrelevant than it had been before.


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