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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1313: Destiny Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis looked at Peaceful Serenity with an evaluating expression.

Why did she say that?

Why did she say that Gravis was the reason why she was still in this Cosmos?

Gravis’ first thought went to tempering. After all, maybe Child of Heaven was too powerful for her, and she desired to fight someone weaker?

However, Gravis felt absolutely no animosity coming from Peaceful Serenity. She probably didn’t want to fight him.

There was also no goodwill.

It was like Gravis was simply a stranger that was connected to her.

In a way, Peaceful Serenity’s aura reminded Gravis of his own situation.

It felt like Peaceful Serenity was simply doing what she was supposed to do.

“Could you explain?” Gravis asked.

Peaceful Serenity’s eyes never left Gravis.

“The status quo has remained unchanged for long enough,” she said. “The Opposer and Heaven have been fighting each other for an eternity, and the weaker beings suffer.”

“Everyone wishes an end to this conflict, but no one has managed to interfere.”

“Until you appeared,” she said.

Gravis lifted an eyebrow. Peaceful Serenity was speaking like she was privy to some secret information.

“You can use the power of the Opposer,” she said. “You can make use of the very power that allows the Opposer to fight against Heaven and remain in this Cosmos.”

‘Remain in this Cosmos?’ Gravis thought with furrowed brows. ‘Why is she talking like father wants to be here?’

“There are some pieces of information you do not yet know,” Peaceful Serenity said. “I will explain everything to you, and you will also realize your destiny.”

The more Peaceful Serenity said the more confused Gravis became.

Realize his destiny?

Gravis was more than certain of his destiny.

He knew exactly how everything would go down…

And how much longer he had left.

“The Heaven’s Magnate Realm is not the last Realm, Gravis,” Peaceful Serenity said. “There is a Realm above it. The only beings we know of that are in this Realm are Heaven and the Opposer.”

“We call it the Heaven Realm,” she said.

Gravis remained silent, but he realized that what Peaceful Serenity said was incorrect.

There was a Realm after the Heaven’s Magnate Realm, but Gravis was sure that it wasn’t called the Heaven Realm.

The Realm after the Heaven’s Magnate Realm focused on creating a Cosmos, while the Heaven Breaker Realm, the one after that, focused on expanding one’s Cosmos.

Peaceful Serenity’s assumption that the Opposer and Heaven were in the Heaven Realm was already incorrect since both of them were in the Realm after that.

At this moment, Gravis realized that his suspicions had been misplaced.

He had thought that Peaceful Serenity knew of the worlds outside Orthar’s Cosmos, but she actually didn’t.

Her mind was still well within Orthar’s Cosmos.

“There have been Heaven’s Magnates in the past that managed to reach the Heaven Realm,” Peaceful Serenity explained. “However, since Heaven can’t allow another Opposer to rise, it banishes the newly advanced Heaven Realm Cultivators. It can’t allow something so dangerous to remain within its very heart, its Cosmos.”

These words surprised Gravis. “There have been Heaven’s Magnates that reached the Heaven Realm?” he asked.

“Yes,” Peaceful Serenity answered. “If a Heaven’s Magnate wants to reach the Heaven Realm, Heaven will put the Cultivator to the test to see if they are truly worthy to advance.”

“Everything in the world leads up to this moment. Heaven has prepared us for the very moment we try to advance to the Heaven Realm.”

“Heaven has treated us Cultivators kindly for all our lives. It has given us a home and a path to power. Heaven’s goal is obvious.”

“It wants allies!” Peaceful Serenity declared.

“I do not know what kind of threats Heaven is facing on the outside, but it needs our help. If Heaven dies, our Cosmos dies. Our Cosmos is our home, and it is our duty to defend it.”

“Gravis, I know that you are the Opposer’s son. However, I also know that you are not na?ve. You realize that your father is dooming our entire world.”

“While Heaven is facing incomparable threats on the outside, your father refuses to leave, and on top of that, he is leeching off Heaven’s Energy while constantly trying to kill it.”

“Heaven has created all of us, and it is our duty to protect our parents!”

“Look around!” Peaceful Serenity declared as she gestured to the world.

“This is what Heaven has given us, and we can’t allow it to be destroyed.”

Then, Peaceful Serenity took a deep breath as she looked deeply into Gravis’ eyes.

“I do not expect you to go against your father. I know that won’t happen.”

“However, I would like you to make it easier on Heaven. While all the Heaven’s Magnates are forced out of the Cosmos when they reach the Heaven Realm, you share the power of the Opposer. With that power, you can forcefully remain in this Cosmos.”

“Please use that power and try to give Heaven a helping hand. Heaven is very forgiving, and it will surely let your father live as long as he swears to no longer go against it. This war can end without either side killing the other!”

“This is your destiny,” Peaceful Serenity said with solemnity.

“I believe you are not so arrogant that you believe that you have reached such a level of power all on your own. No, it was Heaven. Heaven has chosen you to end this conflict.”

“It has watched over your entire life, ensuring that you would become powerful enough to finally get rid of the unnecessary war going on in its very Cosmos.”

“This is your destiny,” Peaceful Serenity said as she took a deep breath.

“And I have mine.”

Several seconds of silence passed.

“My destiny is to show you the last step,” she explained quietly. “The other Heaven’s Magnates believe that I want to replace Child of Heaven, but that’s incorrect. My eyes have never rested upon only this Cosmos.”

Then, her eyes looked at the sky.

“No, my future lies far beyond these stars. I have never considered replacing Child of Heaven.”

“Yet, for some reason, I have always felt like I should wait. I always felt like there was something that I needed to do in this Cosmos before leaving.”

“After millions of years of wondering, I have finally found you, Gravis,” Peaceful Serenity said as she looked at Gravis with a smile. “You are the one fated to change Heaven’s Cosmos.”

“And I am your guide. In the future, you will also have to reach the Heaven Realm, but reaching the Heaven Realm is incredibly difficult. If you haven’t seen how it works before, your chances of success are very low.”

“I have seen how it works once before in my life, and I believe that I have a 50% chance of succeeding. Yet, if I hadn’t seen it before, my chances would be minuscule.”

“Today, I will transcend the lightning tribulation! I will show you how to reach the Heaven Realm!”

“That is my duty, and that is why I am here,” Peaceful Serenity declared. “I am the bridge that allows you to reach your destiny!”

Gravis only looked at Peaceful Serenity in shock.


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