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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1310: Energy and Death Bahasa Indonesia

Yes, they felt incredibly weak to Gravis.

Whenever he had seen a Heaven’s Magnate in the past, they had exuded unfathomable power.

Yet, when Gravis was on the same level as them, he felt the difference.

These Heaven’s Magnates that hadn’t comprehended the Law of Energy…

Gravis would be able to beat them in a single strike.

Gravis also quickly realized why that was.

It was Gravis’ ability to emulate the mindset of the Avatar of Death.

If it were only the Major Law of Death, Gravis would definitely be more powerful, but the other Heaven’s Magnates would at least be able to put up a fight. The two of them would fight for a while. The Heaven’s Magnate would accrue nearly unhealable injuries while Gravis would gain an Energy advantage.

If Gravis only knew the Major Law of Death, he would be stronger than all the other Heaven’s Magnates that didn’t know the Law of Energy, but the fight wouldn’t end in an instant. On top of that, if he were to fight two of them, it would become an even playing field.

However, Gravis’ ability to emulate the mindset of the Avatar of Death changed everything.

How powerful was that ability?

Well, in that state, Gravis had been able to directly fight people six levels above himself without using any other Laws.

He had essentially managed to increase his combat capabilities by over a thousand times.

Now, with everyone at the same level, this ability showed its true effect.

Every Heaven’s Magnates that didn’t know the Law of Energy had the same physical power and the same amount of Energy.

Yet, Gravis was the only one that could multiply his powers by such an insane degree.

Gravis only needed to emulate the mindset of the Avatar of Death. Then, he would explode forward with speeds nearly impossible to react to, and he would unleash a strike more powerful than the most powerful strike a Heaven’s Magnate could unleash.

It was like a trained warrior going all out against a small child.

The gap in power was so great that it didn’t matter what the other person would do.

Orthar’s mind could enter the Heaven’s Magnate’s body, and it wouldn’t change a thing. Even someone as unfathomably brilliant and intelligent as Orthar wouldn’t be able to resist such an attack with only this much power.

An ant could train for billions of years and comprehend all the wisdom of the ancient war gods, but it still couldn’t evade or resist the stomp of a human’s foot.

For their entire lives, the Cultivators chased power. Their powers became more and more complex as they gained more experience and more ways to unleash their powers.

Their Form Laws were beyond complex, and they all had incredible attacks that allowed them to perfectly counter any form of attack or defense.

Yet, at the absolute peak, all of that didn’t matter.

And the Heaven’s Magnate Realm wasn’t the absolute peak.

When the Opposer and Orthar clashed, it was also a very simple clash. Orthar unleashed all the power in his world and concentrated it in a concentrated attack to overwhelm the Opposer’s defenses.

In turn, the Opposer gathered all his Energy and Death, creating a huge explosion of Brutality.

The clash was very direct, and there wasn’t much complexity to it.

It was simplicity.

However, it was simplicity based on comprehending the peak of complexity.

Orthar had created this incredibly intricate and complex Law system, and only when one managed to comprehend everything, would one be able to combine all their insights into a single attack.

It was that attack that decided life or death.

It was like an incredibly advanced weapon. A person only needed to press one button to level an entire country. Pressing one button to do that was also the peak of simplicity.

However, the complexity took place in the background. The concept, creation, development, and building of the weapon were the complex part.

All the complex parts had been perfected into a single weapon that could be unleashed with only one button.

The same thing was true for Heaven Breakers.

The Cosmoses of the most powerful Heaven Breakers had incredibly complex Laws that were incredibly difficult to comprehend. Due to that difficulty, the Cosmoses also needed to be managed in such a way that the residents actually reached that power. After all, a Heaven Breaker needed the beings in their Cosmos to know these things. Otherwise, the Heaven Breakers couldn’t borrow their powers.

Creating the Cosmos, creating the Laws, managing it, creating the perfect atmosphere to practice them, and so on and so on.

After managing everything for an unfathomable amount of time, the Heaven Breaker would finally gain the ability to unleash an insane amount of power in only a single attack.

Complexity that transformed into simplicity.

This was the true peak of power.

The Heaven’s Magnates were still working on their complexity. Only when they had comprehended the Law of the Cosmos would they be able to slowly work on their simplicity.

But Gravis?

Gravis had already reached that step.

He didn’t need Laws.

He only needed Energy and Death.

When Energy and Death touched each other, they vanished from existence.

However, they couldn’t just vanish like that. After all, everything had a certain amount of power inside it.

So, when Energy and Death canceled each other out, this destructive power would be unleashed. The Energy and the Death would stop existing, but in exchange, all their saved-up power would be unleashed into the surroundings.

If one only used Energy, it was impossible to reach that power unless one used magnitudes more Energy.

If one only used Death, it was impossible to reach that power unless one used magnitudes more Death.

Only by combining both could one unleash such power.

After feeling the weakness of the other Heaven’s Magnates, Gravis realized many things.

He also remembered his own Void Lightning.

‘Void Lightning, huh?’

Gravis had believed that his Void Lightning would be able to increase his power by a lot. After all, his Void Lightning allowed Gravis to grant all the Laws the speed of lightning.

Yet, it had turned out to be irrelevant.

Void Lightning was a different form of Energy, but it was still just that, Energy.

It was simply an addition of complexity.

It was only one of the components.

Energy represented all of the life inside Orthar’s Cosmos, but the entirety of living existence was but one small part in the grand scheme of things.

Gravis knew the difference between Death and Energy.

Death was destructive chaos. It liked to do whatever it wanted.

In a way, Death was also entropy.

Death desired to be in a flowing state in which it could unleash its power whenever it wanted.

In comparison, Energy was order.

Energy didn’t like to change its rules much. When it settled into one state, it generally remained in that state.

Because of that, Energy could be used to create life.

If one tried to use Death to create life, the life might turn into pure Death at any moment.

Because of that, the Sin Monsters also had an Energy component to them.

Death might also change between its normal form and something that resembled life from time to time, but it would never remain in these states.

Death did whatever it wanted.

Gravis had always believed that his Void Lightning was special, but after comprehending all of this, he realized that it actually wasn’t anything special.

Void Lightning was simply the basic template Orthar had used to create lightning. Orthar had simply changed the properties of Energy until it acted like lightning. After that, one would only need to add some more attributes, and one had lightning.

Void Lightning was only the blueprint for all forms of lightning.

It wasn’t on the same level as Energy and Death.

Energy and Death were two fundamental opposites.

Death was chaos.

Energy was order.

And because of that order, Energy was the very foundation of everything alive.


The eyes of the Heaven’s Magnates opened in terror and shock.

Gravis wasn’t really surprised.

The Heaven’s Magnates had only seen Energy their entire lives.

Gravis had seen Orthar’s blueprint for lightning, Energy, and Death.

Comprehending the properties of something without comparing it to something contrasting was difficult.

Yet, when one had something different to compare it to, it wasn’t as hard to comprehend it.

And since Gravis knew Death so well…

It hadn’t been very difficult for him to comprehend the Law of Energy.


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