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Gravis went to Opposer City. He thought it would be fitting to make his breakthrough to the Heaven’s Magnate Realm in the very city he had been born in.

Just like Master Linus, Gravis stopped above the city as he looked at it.

As Gravis looked at the city below him, his entire life flashed through his head.

Back when he had just been a kid, he hadn’t even known what Cultivation was. He had also loved watching the Sky Community, although he hadn’t been able to visit it.

The people in the Sky Community had appeared like Gods to Gravis back then. They could fly through the air, and they had essentially built an entire city in the sky.

It was wondrous.

Then, when Gravis had returned from the lower world, he had been able to visit the Sky Community. However, he had still been at the bare minimum in terms of power. He could enter the Sky Community, but it definitely wasn’t safe for him to be there. After all, there were Nascent Nourishing and even Law Comprehension Cultivators there. They could kill him with only a thought.

Gravis also remembered the time the grass outside Opposer City had nearly killed him. Gravis had only been as powerful as mere grass back then.

Then, when Gravis came back from the middle world, he had been able to actually join the real Opposer City. The Sky Community had become irrelevant to him, and Gravis had created a shop in the actual city.

Sadly, his customer base had been rather small since Gravis was, just like before, only at the minimum when it came to power.

Nearly everyone in the city was more powerful than him.

Gravis also remembered the landlord for his shop. He had never seen him before, but Gravis had always seen him as an insurmountable existence. After all, his landlord had been a God!

Then, when Gravis had come back from the higher world, he had been on that level. Gravis had the ability to buy several buildings and create an entire company. However, there were still many shops and companies that far outranked him in everything.

The biggest merchant companies had powerful Ancestral Gods. These Gods had lived for over a million years!

And on top of that, there were the really big companies, like the Research Institute or the Information Pavilion. These were companies that could even do business with the Peak Sects.

And now?

Now, Gravis was above all of them.

Only the Heaven’s Magnates were above him, and that also not for long.

From a mere nobody that couldn’t even fight grass, Gravis had reached the very top.

How many lives had ended in tragedy? How many Cultivators had died on their path to power?

The journey had been long, but now, Gravis was at its end.

He’d done it.

After a while, Gravis’ gaze turned away from the city, and he looked at the sky.

‘What’s the point?’ he thought bitterly.

‘What’s the point of thinking about my life when I know fully well how everything is going to end?’

‘But Stella is right. I can’t enjoy life with my future hanging above my head like a blade. I might as well jump into the blade directly.’


Gravis summoned his world behind him, and his world began to wildly absorb Energy from all around the world.

The entire world turned towards Opposer City in shock.

Another one!?

Another Heaven’s Magnate!?

However, compared to the time Zero’s Essence had become a Heaven’s Magnate, the world didn’t drown in an ocean of war this time.

The new Peak Sects were still trying to gain their footing in the world, and they didn’t want to join any big wars at this moment. The Heavenly Divine Sect also wasn’t interested in destroying their future enemies just yet.

The Energy of the entire world was reduced by a whole 20%, and it didn’t seem to stop!

Usually, Heaven’s Magnates only needed around 10% of the world’s Energy. So, why was Gravis absorbing so much more?

Did he need more Energy than other Heaven’s Magnates?

No, he didn’t.

There were simply too many Heaven’s Magnates at the moment.

Together with Mortis, there were 12 Heaven’s Magnates currently living.

This was the greatest number of Heaven’s Magnates that had ever been alive at one point.

However, that was also more normal than one might think.

Orthar’s Cosmos was slowly absorbing more Energy, which meant that the number of living Heaven’s Magnates also increased.

Twelve Heaven’s Magnates had the same impact on the world as ten Heaven’s Magnates many years ago. There was simply more Energy to go around.

However, Gravis would become the thirteenth Heaven’s Magnate.

That put a terrifying strain on the world.

In the end, Gravis absorbed 30% of all the Energy in the world.

For every second that passed, Gravis felt more and more powerful.

The sheer difference in Energy between a Peak Divine God and a Heaven’s Magnate was terrifying.

The gap was insurmountable.

A couple minutes later, Gravis finished his absorption, and he opened his eyes for the first time as a Heaven’s Magnate.


Gravis’ Spirit Sense stretched into infinity.

He saw more and more of the highest world at once, but his mind wasn’t under any strain when trying to process that information.

In the end, Gravis’ Spirit Sense managed to encompass the entire Core Region of the highest world.

That was a terrifying and unimaginable distance!

However, the Core Regions were still the smallest part of the highest world.

The Core Regions probably weren’t even 1% of the entire highest world.

The highest world was just unimaginably massive.

Gravis saw all his friends at once, even Orpheus and Arc.

They were all in the Core Regions, and Gravis’ Spirit Sense encompassed all of it.

Eventually, Gravis looked away from his friends and looked toward the people that had appeared around him.

Several Heaven’s Magnates had arrived.

When Master Linus had become a Heaven’s Magnate, they had all greeted him as their new member. Heavenly Senior, especially, came forward and bridged the gap between the Heaven’s Magnates and Master Linus.

However, this time, everyone was silent.

Gravis could see the three old foggies, Zero’s Essence, Master Linus, Mortis, the Black Magnate, Happy Springs, Heavenly Senior, End of Light, and Peaceful Serenity. Child of Heaven wasn’t directly in the sky, but he was staying in the headquarters of The Heaven Company, which were in Opposer City.

Their reactions?


As soon as Gravis had become a Heaven’s Magnate, the other Heaven’s Magnates immediately realized that Gravis was even more special than they had anticipated.

The three old foggies looked at Gravis like it didn’t really matter. They were practically the only ones that didn’t care.

Master Linus looked with shock and surprise at Gravis.

Zero’s Essence looked with a complicated expression at Gravis. It was like she was happy for him, but there was also something demotivating about the current situation to her.

Mortis looked at Gravis with the same, even look.

The Black Magnate looked with gritted teeth at Gravis.

Happy Springs was surprised but also interested.

Heavenly Senior had a bitter smile on his face.

End of Light looked at Gravis with a serious expression.

Peaceful Serenity looked at Gravis with an expectant glint in her eyes.

Gravis looked back at them, and his eyes fell onto the Heaven’s Magnates that hadn’t yet comprehended the Law of Energy.

And Gravis was surprised at what he saw.

They felt so unfathomably weak.


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