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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1292: Living Spear Bahasa Indonesia


The arrow hit Gravis’ sabers. Luckily, Gravis had been prepared for such an attack, and he had put his sabers in front of his head.

The arrow exploded upon contact with the sabers, but the sheer power behind it still remained. Gravis’ six arms shot back, all of them holding against the force.


Yet, the side of the sabers still hit Gravis’ head, breaking his skull in the process.

Luckily, his Spirit had only taken a shock, and Gravis quickly healed his injuries with the True Law of Life. The Laws for healing had never been inhibited by the Law of Sentience.

However, the Ancestor didn’t let up, and he shot another arrow.


This time, the arrow decimated Gravis’ torso. Gravis had already put his sabers back before his head, and the Ancestor had changed his target.

Gravis’ torso nearly instantaneously healed, but it had cost Gravis quite a bit of Life Energy.


Another arrow destroyed Gravis’ torso again, and Gravis was forced to use more Life Energy.

‘He’s trying to exhaust my Life Energy. I know the True Law of Life, which allows me to use Energy to heal my body instead of Life Energy, but that will still weaken me,’ Gravis thought.


During that time, the tail of the Ancestor slowly began to heal. The Law of Death didn’t allow the regrowing of a severed appendage, but the Law of Life granted one full control over one’s body. In a way, the Ancestor wasn’t regrowing his tail but growing a brand new one.

Of course something like that needed far more Life Energy, and it took more time. Creating something entirely new always took more effort than repairing something.

Regrowing his entire tail would eat up around 15% of the Ancestor’s Life Energy, which was a ridiculous amount for only a tail. If the tail hadn’t been severed with the Law of Death, it would have been regrown instantaneously, and it would only have used up around 3% of the Ancestor’s Life Energy.


At this moment, Mortis finally returned.

Mortis used his Form Law again to attack the Ancestor’s bow. The Ancestor noticed it, and he angled his spears to block the attack from behind while continuing to target Gravis with his bow.


Mortis’ saber slashed the two spears apart, but the power of his slash had already been used up by cutting through something so incredibly hard.


The half-regrown tail hit Mortis’ legs, breaking them in the process.

Mortis shot upward.


Suddenly, Mortis took out a spear and threw it with all his power. The backlash sped Mortis up even more, but it was worth it as long as he could get Gravis out of this troublesome situation.

The Ancestor hadn’t expected the spear, and he tried to divert it with his two new spears.


Sadly, in his panic, he missed the spear. Mortis’ spear shot through the still-extended tail of the Ancestor.


Then, it shot through the base of the Ancestor’s tail before it got stuck. Mortis’ spear now extended through the tip and the base of the Ancestor’s tail, essentially skewering it like a meat-skewer.

It essentially became impossible for the Ancestor to move his tail right now. He quickly tried to pull the spear into his Spirit Space, but the spear just wouldn’t answer. He had already expected something like this, but he had tried, at least.

Very expensive weapons had certain Formation Arrays on them that stopped other Cultivators from manipulating them with their Spirit. As the best forger in the world, Master Linus obviously would put these Formation Arrays into his weapons.

The Ancestor put away one of his axes and tried to grab the butt of the spear to pull it out, but the spear moved to the side suddenly.

The Ancestor’s body rotated to the side slightly.


The Ancestor had just become ready to fire another arrow at Gravis, but the sudden force of the spear made him miss, giving Gravis a short moment to regain his footing.

The Ancestor’s Spirit Sense looked at the spear more closely, and he realized that a soul had been infused into it.

He realized that, as soon as they had seen him, they had prepared many different kinds of weapons beforehand. After all, they couldn’t prepare them during the battle due to their weird power to deactivate Laws.

Having a living weapon stuck in one’s body was a troublesome affair, but the Ancestor had enough experience with living weapons to counter them.

The Ancestor moved one of his legs towards the tip of the spear.


As soon as the spear noticed that another part of its enemy was in front of it, it suddenly accelerated forward to pierce that part.

Of course, the Ancestor pulled his leg away, not allowing the spear to touch it.

The spear left the tip of the Ancestor’s tail, now only being stuck in the base of the Ancestor’s tail.


Since the last arrow hadn’t been able to hit Gravis, he had gotten the opportunity to unleash his Form Law.

The Ancestor had trusted his Law of Danger to keep track of Gravis’ attacks since most of his attention was focused on the suddenly-appearing Mortis and the spear.

However, exactly that was his mistake.

The Ancestor’s Law of Danger hadn’t been triggered by Gravis’ Form Law since Gravis hadn’t targeted the Ancestor.

Gravis had targeted the spear.

The Form Law hit the spear, pushing one side back, which resulted in the other side pushing in a different direction.

The Ancestor’s body rotated forward, making it impossible for him to target Gravis with another arrow.


That’s when Mortis reappeared.

Mortis’ hand stretched towards the spear as the spear moved towards Mortis of its own volition.

The Ancestor immediately knew that he had to stop the two of them from coming into contact with each other.

Having the weapon of another Cultivator stuck in one’s body was a dangerous affair. It was fine as long as the enemy didn’t touch their weapon physically, but if they managed to grab it again, one would most likely die.

Unloading Elements from inside a body would result in the body exploding violently.


Before Mortis could take hold of the spear, the Ancestor used one of his axes to sever his tail at the base.


For the tiniest of instances, Gravis had deactivated his Law of Sentience, allowing Mortis to release a tiny bolt of Heavenly Lightning filled with the Law of Death.

The small bolt hit the spot where the tail of the Ancestor had grown from, cutting off everything that could have regrown.

If the Ancestor wanted another tail, he would need to grow a new one.


Suddenly, the Ancestor’s right foot hit Mortis’ back.


At the last moment, Mortis transformed into lightning, but the kick had still taken out nearly 80% of Mortis’ lightning.

The kick had been so incredibly fast since the Ancestor had had the opportunity to use the Law of Time to boost his speed when Gravis had deactivated the Law of Sentience.

It had only been a minuscule instance, but it had been enough for the Ancestor to nearly destroy Mortis if he hadn’t already been prepared for a counterattack.

Deactivating the Law of Sentience was extremely risky.


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