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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1293: Same Way Bahasa Indonesia


At that moment, Gravis managed to hit the Ancestor’s extended leg with his Form Law from a range. Since Gravis’ physical weapon didn’t hit the Ancestor, the leg didn’t get severed.

However, the Ancestor was only six levels above Gravis, not seven.

Even Cindy had received a cut on her body when Gravis hit her, and the Ancestor’s body wasn’t as powerful as hers when compared to Gravis’ Realm.

The Form Law managed to destroy the skin and muscles of the Ancestor’s legs, but it didn’t get any further after cutting through half the bone.

The Ancestor had already expected something like that, and he immediately concentrated his Law of Life to focus on the wound on his leg. For now, he ignored his tail. It would take too long to regrow it, and it would take too much Life Energy.


That’s when Mortis transformed back into his physical body. Luckily, the two of them had enough Energy inside their bodies so that they didn’t fall a level.

Mortis took out a saber with violent Heavenly Lightning crackling on it, and he immediately unleashed the pre-loaded Lightning Crescent at the Ancestor’s leg.

The Law of Sentience only stopped the activation of new Laws, but it couldn’t stop Laws that had been used before it came into effect.


The Lightning Crescent exploded, and the leg of the Ancestor exploded off. At the same time, parts of his scales became burned by the lightning, but that wasn’t a very big issue.


Space seemed to explode as a violent wave of sharp wind extended out from the Ancestor’s body.

If Mortis hadn’t become intangible, he would have been severely injured or even killed.

Gravis narrowed his eyes. ‘That’s the Form Law of his axes. It’s a defensive Form Law that extends outwards and pushes his enemies away. It’s not meant to injure the opponent but to push them away.’

The Ancestor readied another arrow, but by now, Gravis had managed to get close enough to the Ancestor that targeting him with a bow became difficult.

After such a long time, Gravis finally managed to reach the Ancestor.


Gravis’ body exuded a bit of black smoke as he emulated the mindset of the Avatar of Death.


Gravis exploded forward, and the Ancestor was taken by surprise. He had seen that ability in the recording of Gravis’ fight with Cindy before, but it was still shocking to see it for himself.

Gravis’ saber slashed towards the Ancestor, and the Ancestor shot his two spears at Gravis.


The two spears punched through Gravis’ body.


Gravis’ saber destroyed both spears, leaving them stuck in his body.


The two spears vanished as Mortis absorbed them. With the spears destroyed, the Formation Arrays on them didn’t work anymore, allowing Mortis to absorb them into his Spirit Space.


Mortis suddenly appeared behind Gravis, kicking him forward into the Ancestor.


The Ancestor’s two swords missed Gravis since he had shot forward unexpectantly.

The Ancestor quickly replaced all his weapons with axes, grabbing them by the head and attacking Gravis from all sides.


Gravis blocked six axes with his sabers, destroying them in the process.

However, the force of the attacks basically tore Gravis’ body apart, and two more axes were still left.


The two axes that had been left were the lowest ones, and they cut Gravis in two at his torso.

All of the Ancestor’s destroyed axes were replaced with more axes, and he attacked Gravis again.

Gravis barely managed to heal himself, but it had taken a ridiculous amount of Life Energy to regrow basically his entire body.


Gravis used everything to only block the axes going for his head.

The remaining axes tore his entire body apart.


Suddenly, a saber tore through Gravis’ body and the Ancestor’s body.

Mortis had unleashed his Form Law in a chop, cutting through both their shoulders.

The Law of Death severed several arms before it came to a stop.


At the same time, Mortis transformed a small part of his body into lightning and shot it into Gravis.

Gravis quickly regained his bearings, and he immediately knew what to do.

Only Gravis’ highest left arm remained, but that was enough.

Gravis’ last arm touched the Ancestor’s body.

Suddenly, the Ancestor’s eyes opened wide as he noticed that he had been transported somewhere else.

Gravis had unleashed Samsara.

With the True Law of Perceived Reality, Gravis didn’t need to use Samsara with a saber. He could also unleash the attack by touching his opponent.

Gravis’ body quickly regrew as he readied himself for another attack.

Gravis took out a saber crackling with Heavenly Lightning.

Mortis had already used his pre-loaded Lightning Crescent, but Gravis also had one.

From behind Gravis, Mortis took out a spear and stabbed forward.

An instant later, the Ancestor’s senses returned to real life, and he quickly realized what had happened.

He used his remaining arms to attack Gravis again with his axes. Usually, the Ancestor would use his Form Law to block the attacks from hitting him, but the Ancestor was too unused to his own body right now.

Because of that, he could only attempt to kill Gravis.

The axes bore down on Gravis’ head.

Gravis would need to abort the attack and block, or die.

Yet, Gravis didn’t stop.

As Gravis’ Lightning Crescent got released, the Ancestor’s axes destroyed Gravis’ head.


For an instant, the Ancestor believed to have seen some black lightning before the white color of Heavenly Lightning took over the world.

The resistance of cutting apart someone’s head had also been suspiciously absent.

However, Gravis couldn’t have survived such an attack. After all, several axes had torn his head apart.

Suddenly, all the Heavenly Lightning turned black, and it transformed into a new Gravis.

The Ancestor couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

How had the explosion turned into Gravis again!?

Shortly before the axes had destroyed Gravis’ head, he had transformed into Void Lightning. Of course, even that wasn’t enough to resist such a devastating attack.

However, before all the Void Lightning vanished, the Heavenly Lightning of the Lightning Crescent had come into contact with it.

Gravis’ perception inside the Void Lightning entered the Heavenly Lightning, severely expanding the volume of his body.

The Law of Heavenly Lightning was instantaneously filtered out and sent to Mortis, leaving behind Void Lightning, which condensed into Gravis again.


Suddenly, a spear punched through Gravis’ chest from behind.

It was Mortis’ spear, and it had finally arrived.

At the same time, Gravis vanished.

He had transformed into lightning again and had entered the spear.

The Ancestor was still out of balance since he had just finished an attack, and he couldn’t react.


Mortis’ spear entered the Ancestor’s chest, and from inside the spear, Gravis exploded forward as he transformed into an explosion of Heavenly Lightning.


The Ancestor’s torso was torn apart as the lower two-thirds of his body fell away.

As soon as that part of the Ancestor’s body stopped being in contact with his Spirit, Gravis absorbed it.

The Ancestor immediately knew what was about to happen, and he felt unending rage and frustration towards himself.

He had seen the fight between Gravis and Cindy.

Yet, he had fallen to the same trick.

He had seen how Gravis had absorbed Cindy’s body, and he should have been prepared for it.

Sadly, after Samsara, he had been too unfocused.

As soon as Gravis absorbed such a huge chunk of the Ancestor’s body, his lightning multiplied in power, and it consumed the Ancestor’s remaining body.

The fight was over.


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