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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1291: Power of an Ancestor Bahasa Indonesia

The Ancestor had already seen Gravis fight before, and he knew that Mortis could appear and disappear whenever he wanted. The Ancestor still wasn’t sure what ability Mortis was using, but he knew what he could do.

The Ancestor wanted to activate his True Law of the Living World, but he saw that he couldn’t unleash it. It was almost like he was throwing a stone to the ground, but the stone fell through the ground like it didn’t exist. How was he supposed to build something like that?

The Ancestor, Gravis, and Mortis only had access to their Form Laws, nothing else.

Not even the ability of Gravis’ new True Law of Sentient Life was useful. Sure, he could use it, but the difference in levels between him and his opponent was simply too much. Gravis would basically only waste his Energy.

Over the years, the abilities of the Laws and the complexity of his and his opponents’ arsenals had grown more and more.

And now, it had returned to simplicity.

There were only weapons left.

Just like the Core Elder, the Ancestor also transformed into a Black Demon.

Beasts inherently had a greater talent for the Life Laws since their bodies had been more in tune with the Laws since they were born. It wasn’t very surprising that the most powerful being, except for the Core Plant, in the True Life Sect was a beast.

Yet, for the first time, Gravis was out-armed.

The Ancestor had eight arms, one pair more than Gravis.

The Ancestor was also using several different weapons.

He had been at the ninth level of the Divine God Realm for over ten million years, and he had had plenty of time to get familiar with other weapons.

The highest pair of arms came out of the Ancestor’s back, and they were eerily long, stretching far over his head. At the end of that pair of arms, Gravis could see a gigantic bow.

The highest pair at the front of the Ancestor’s body held two spears.

The pair below those held two swords.

The lowest pair held two short axes.

Just with a single glance, one could see that the Ancestor had a fitting weapon for every distance one could fight at.

The bow was for long range.

The spears were against people fighting with long weapons.

The swords were for medium range.

And the axes were for people trying to wrestle and wrangle with the Ancestor.

In his fight against Cindy, Gravis had pinned Cindy down with his arms near the end. At that distance, bows, spears, and even swords and sabers would become useless. They were simply too long.

Yet, with that pair of short axes, the Ancestor had solved that issue.

If Gravis decided to get very close to him, the Ancestor could simply grab the axes at the back of their heads and punch Gravis with them.

When Gravis saw all that, he frowned.

He hadn’t expected that.

Nevertheless, he shot forward towards the Ancestor.

The Ancestor readied his bow and shot at Gravis.


Gravis’ heart nearly stopped.

A third of his face had just vanished!

The Ancestor was only six levels above Gravis, but that arrow had seemed even faster than Cindy’s in comparison, and Cindy had been able to use the Law of Heavenly Light as support!

If Gravis hadn’t been warned by his Law of Danger and his Law of Control, he would have been killed just now.

Why had Gravis frowned earlier?

Because he had assumed that the fight wouldn’t be too hard.

Essentially, the Ancestor was spreading his combat ability over everything. He wasn’t concentrating on one single aspect.

Gravis had assumed that he would be able to win rather easily since he was doing the same but better.

Yet, the Ancestor’s arrow had destroyed that thought.

There was only one explanation for why the Ancestor had been able to unleash such a fast arrow without the support of an Element.

The Ancestor had to have comprehended a Form Law for a bow!

The Ancestor knew the True Law of the Living World, and with enough time, he could create a Form Law on the level of a level ten Law.

And he had done just that.

That’s when it dawned on Gravis.

The Ancestor had been at the peak of the Divine God Realm for an eternity. Comprehending multiple Form Laws for different weapons took longer and longer the more one comprehended, but with enough time, one could comprehend them.

So, if the Ancestor already had a Form Law for the bow, which was probably his least used weapon, wasn’t it logical that he also knew Form Laws for all his other weapons?

Then, didn’t that mean that the Ancestor knew four different level ten Form Laws!?

Gravis was incredibly powerful, but that didn’t mean that Gravis could underestimate the Ancestors.

The Ancestors were the most terrifying existences in the Divine God Realm, except for a few exceptions.

The Peak Divine God Realm was incredibly vast, but the Ancestors were on the forefront in even that Realm.

For the first time, Gravis realized the difference between a real Ancestor and himself.


Time to perfect one’s power.

Time to fine-tune everything to the absolute maximum.

Even more, Gravis could only see the Ancestor’s pure Form Laws.

What if he had the ability to use his other Laws?

What kind of unreal and insane combinations could he pull off with control over all the Elements?

Gravis realized that he might have bitten off more than he could chew.

He had underestimated the power of the Ancestors.

He should have gone for a Vice-Sect Master.

The Ancestor readied his next arrow.


Mortis appeared behind him, and Mortis attacked the Ancestor’s bow.


Yet, the tail of the Ancestor suddenly shot upward as it attacked Mortis’ saber. Mortis’ slash cut off the tail, but Mortis was also shot into the distance by the sheer force.

The Ancestor knew that he couldn’t kill Mortis.

So, the Ancestor had decided to sacrifice his tail to kill Gravis.

The arrow pointed at Gravis and shot forward.


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