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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1290: Terrifying Existence Bahasa Indonesia

“Child of Heaven,” Gravis said silently.

A great distance away, Child of Heaven was glancing toward Gravis.

“Please isolate everyone except us three. I have the ability to consume other beings to rise in Realm, and as long as that ability remains in play, I can’t temper myself in the middle of another Sect. It’s fine when I’m in the wild, but in here, that ability needs to be restrained,” Gravis explained.

Child of Heaven had seen Gravis’ abilities, and he knew that Gravis could do so.

“Fine,” Child of Heaven answered Gravis.


Space expanded to ridiculous degrees as an unfathomably powerful Formation Array appeared around the three of them.

No one would be able to leave from there.

The True Law of Perceived Reality also didn’t have the ability.

The Ancestor noticed what had happened, and he narrowed his eyes. “You are that confident?” he asked.

“It’s less about confidence and more that I have to do this,” Gravis answered.

Then, Gravis and Mortis slowly took out their sabers.


Suddenly, the atmosphere around the two of them exploded with Laws.

The Ancestor’s eyes opened wide in shock.

He knew that feeling!

This was the True Law of Life!

This level four Divine God even knew the True Law of Life!?


Then, the Ancestor’s eyes opened even wider.

What was that!?

He had never felt this Law before!

Yet, this was the feeling of a level ten Law. He was sure of it!

The Ancestor had lived for a long time, and he had felt every possible kind of combination of level ten Laws.

The Law of the Dead World.

The Law of Life.

The Law of the Living World.

The Law of Emotions.

The Law of Complex Life.

The Law of the Complex Living World.

Yet, he had never felt that Law before.

However, the Ancestor was quickly able to extrapolate what kind of Law Gravis had comprehended.

Based on Gravis’ ability to manipulate reality, everyone knew that Gravis knew the True Law of Perceived Reality.

On top of that, Gravis had been able to deactivate his opponents’ Laws. The Ancestor was certain that the True Law of Perceived Reality couldn’t do that. After all, that ability was just too powerful.

That could only mean that Gravis knew the True Law of Sentience.

Yet, Gravis had just comprehended another level ten Law after comprehending the True Law of Life.

That could only mean one thing.

Gravis had combined the True Law of Sentience with the True Law of Life, creating the True Law of Sentient Life.

With that Law, Gravis had control over everything that was alive.

It had already been incredibly hard to come to terms with the fact that some weak Divine God knew two level ten Laws, but three!?

Three was just ridiculous!

There were less than five Divine Gods that knew three level ten Laws, excluding the Core Plants. Inside the Peak Sects, only Sector Lord was on that level. The other Peak Divine Gods with such power didn’t belong to any Peak Sect.

These Divine Gods fully concentrated on becoming Heaven’s Magnates, and they were only missing the True Law of Perceived Reality. Staying inside a Sect didn’t help them in comprehending that Law, which was why they stayed alone or with their families.

Yet, this level four Divine God had already reached the same level.

Even worse, he was only missing the easiest Law to become a Heaven’s Magnate, the True Law of the Dead World!

He only needed to look at some Elements for a couple million years, and he would become a Heaven’s Magnate!

That essentially only counted as waiting!

The Peak Sects had already put Gravis’ potential and power on a ridiculous scale, but even that seemed to still not be enough!

At this very moment, the Ancestor realized that Gravis was far closer to them than he had ever dreamed to imagine.

Only a couple million years had passed, but Gravis had essentially already reached a level of power that made him absolutely unequaled in the Divine God Realm.

If Gravis had simply decided to raise his Realm by one more level, no one in the world could resist him!

The Ancestor realized that the only reason why he even had a chance in this battle right now was that Gravis wanted him to have a chance.

If Gravis wanted, he could become the strongest Cultivator in the world in less than an hour.

It was like the entire world was dancing on his fingers, and he was manipulating it.

The only time when Gravis hadn’t been in control of the world had been in the Lightning Peak Sect when he had only been a level one Ancestral God.

But after escaping, all the Peak Sects had been in his hands.

Gravis had killed the Core Plant of the Lightning Peak Sect.

Then, the Lightning Peak Sect had been destroyed.

Then, Gravis had simply comprehended Laws for a long time without being disturbed.

After returning, Gravis had vanished again, and now, he had returned after killing another Core Plant!

The Peak Sects had been searching for him with all their power, but they hadn’t been able to achieve anything.

It was almost like it didn’t make a difference if they wanted to kill him or not.

When he wanted to fight, he fought.

When he didn’t want to fight, no one could find him.

When he wanted to comprehend Laws, he comprehended Laws.

When he wanted to raise his level, he would raise his level.

For millions of years, even the weakest Elders had been able to snuff Gravis’ existence out with a snort.

Yet, for millions of years, they hadn’t been able to do so.

As all these thoughts shot through the Ancestor’s head, he finally realized the true power of the Law of Perceived Reality.

Gravis knew the Law of Control and the Law of Freedom.

One could foresee what a person that knew the Law of Freedom would do. They would simply do whatever they wanted.

One could also foresee what a person that knew the Law of Control would do. They would simply manipulate their surroundings to further their own power.

Yet, one side didn’t understand the other.

People knowing the Law of Freedom had difficulties in following the complex plans and stratagems of people with the Law of Control.

People knowing the Law of Control had difficulties in following the simplicity of people with the Law of Freedom. After all, they wouldn’t even guess that someone would do something as stupid as just doing what one wanted when it wasn’t appropriate.

Yet, when one knew both Laws, they knew everything.

At that point, plans and stratagems became worthless, making Gravis immune to all the intricate plans of the Peak Sects.

Gravis would also only need to step out of the way of someone that knew the Law of Freedom, which he had already demonstrated on Zero’s Essence. Gravis could have gotten away even without revealing he was her brother.

For the first time, the Ancestor had truly realized what kind of existence they had planned to subdue.

He regretted thinking of Gravis as nothing but a tool.


Suddenly, Gravis shot forward as Mortis vanished.

Sadly, there was no way to undo past decisions.

The Ancestor readied his weapons.

His Sect had made the choice, and it was his responsibility to rectify that mistake right now!

Gravis had to die!


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