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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1289: Nearing the Peak Bahasa Indonesia

The Ancestor of the True Life Sect glared at Gravis with absolute hatred.

Gravis had killed their Core Plant. Even if he killed Gravis now, the True Life Sect would sooner or later fall from their status of being a Peak Sect.

The Core Plant was the very foundation of every Peak Sect. If a Peak Sect didn’t have a Core Plant, another Core Plant from a different Peak Sect could simply stride into the Sect and take over the territory.

One should never forget that the Ancestors weren’t the most powerful people of the Peak Sects but the Core Plants. The Core Plants just never fought openly since they weren’t interested in fighting anymore.

Gravis had essentially killed the True Life Sect with that maneuver.

Gravis and Mortis saw the Ancestor of the True Life Sect and only smirked.

This was it.

This was the last battle before they could become Heaven’s Magnates.

At the moment, Gravis was a level four Divine God, and a level nine Divine God was only six levels above him.

However, this fight might actually be harder than Gravis’ fight with Cindy.

Cindy had known two level nine Laws.

The Ancestor?

Two level ten Laws and even more level nine Laws.

Gravis was 100% certain that the Ancestor knew the True Law of the Dead World and the True Law of Life, giving him the ability to push all the Elements to the power of a level ten Law.

The passive ability of Gravis’ Star of Sentience was no longer enough, and he had to keep the ability active at all times.

This meant that Gravis would have to physically fight the Ancestor without any Laws. After all, if Gravis didn’t keep his Law of Sentience going all the time, the Ancestor would be able to unleash absolutely terrifying attacks from a range.

From now on, Gravis could no longer fight seven levels. Even six levels might be a bit too much for him if he didn’t counter his opponent perfectly.

However, that had been an inevitability.

The peak of the Divine God Realm was simply too vast. The weakest level nine Divine Gods were several levels away from the strongest level nine Divine Gods.

The peak of the Divine God Realm could almost be counted as its own Realm with how long people stayed there.

The bottleneck before the Heaven’s Magnate Realm was simply too vast.

If one thought of the bottleneck before the Star God Realm to be severe, one wouldn’t be able to handle the bottleneck before the Heaven’s Magnate Realm.

Back then, an Immortal Emperor only needed to learn a level seven Law. Yes, that one level seven Law was also insanely difficult to comprehend, but it had only been one.

The person would need to learn at most five level six Laws before they could comprehend the level seven Law.

Yet, the peak of the Divine God Realm was absolutely insane. When compared to the bottleneck before the Star God Realm, one could say that a person would need to learn four specific level seven Laws, and these level seven Laws needed the most level six Laws to comprehend.

The Major Law of the Dead World would need four level six Laws and 36 level five Laws.

The Major Law of Life would need four level six Laws, and those four needed a lot of lower ranked Laws.

The Major Law of Emotions needed six level five Laws, making it the easiest. However, comprehending all of them was even harder than comprehending the Major Law of the Dead World.

The Major Law of Perceived Reality needed five level six Laws, and it was by far the hardest.

So, what did that come to?

13 level six Laws and over 50 level five Laws.

What did an Immortal Emperor need to reach the Star God Realm?

Not much. What about combining the level six Laws of Heat and Cold for the level seven Law of Temperatures? That would be two level six Laws.

Two level six Laws versus 13 level six Laws and over 50 level five Laws.

The difference was massive.

With all of this in mind, one could imagine how powerful the truly strong peak Divine Gods were.

Because of that, it became impossible for Gravis to jump seven levels again.

Gravis had worked again and again on his Battle-Strength, and he had been able to push himself to being able to jump seven levels.

But now, everything would catch up.

In Gravis’ fight against the Core Elder, he had been at the peak of his Battle-Strength, relative to his Realm.

He would never be able to reach that stage again.

Gravis had already known that this would happen at one point, and now, the time came.

For the first time in Gravis’ journey, his Battle-Strength had fallen in relation to his Realm.

Previously, he had been able to jump seven levels.

Now, he could only attempt to jump six.

And it would only get worse from here.

Soon, Mortis would become his own being, and the two of them wouldn’t be able to share their tempering and their fights anymore, which would essentially half Gravis’ Battle-Strength.

Another huge factor of Gravis’ Battle-Strength had been that he had control over an insanely powerful form of lightning. Now, everyone had access to that form of lightning.

Gravis’ Will-Aura would also reach the same level as his competitors soon.

Lastly, Gravis had always relied on his mastery over emotions and perceived reality. These two Laws had always been supremely rare.

Yet, as soon as Gravis reached the Heaven’s Magnate Realm, everyone would know these Laws too, making them useless.

Gravis wouldn’t be able to deactivate the Laws of his opponents anymore, and Samsara would also become useless.

Gravis was reaching the end, and this was the first time reality showed it.

However, not everything was doom and gloom. After all, Gravis still had access to three unique weapons not even the Heaven’s Magnates had access to.

One, Gravis wasn’t made of pure Energy but of Void Lightning. Due to him always fighting across his Realm, the changes of the Elements Gravis could create hadn’t been relevant up to now, but if two people of the same power fought each other, that ability might prove to be the difference.

Two, the Major Law of Death. Gravis’ opponents wouldn’t be able to regenerate their bodies, which was an insanely powerful ability to have.

Three, Gravis could emulate the mental state of an Avatar of Death, allowing him to explode forward with unreasonable power and speed. Brutality was more powerful than any Law.

So, even though Gravis’ Battle-Strength had seemingly regressed, he wouldn’t become average, even amongst Heaven’s Magnates.

One might think the current situation to be a frustrating one. After all, Gravis was no longer growing.

Yet, one could also look at the situation from a different angle.

When did someone stop growing?

When they had grown up.

Gravis had worked for 4.6 million years.

For 4.6 million years, Gravis had done nothing but work on his power.

Now, Gravis was finally closing in on the end, and his work was finally paying off.

Gravis was about to become the most powerful person in the Cosmos, except for the Heaven’s Magnates and the two eternal existences.

Gravis looked with burning eyes at the Ancestor of the True Life Sect.

He was the last hindrance.


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