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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1288: Critical Information Bahasa Indonesia

A couple of seconds ago, near the Heavenly Divine Sect.

Everyone was fighting fiercely. Child of Heaven had to oversee the entire battle since no other Judge could keep such destruction in check.

The Core Elders were fighting other Core Elders and several smaller groups of Cultivators.

There were some surprises, but there were also a lot of fights that ended just how one would think they would end.

Yet, there were still many surprises happening consecutively.

One of these surprises was the fact that the red-haired and blue-haired women were able to keep five Core Elders in check while being two levels below them. One had to remember that every Core Elder had been a peak genius in the past, and starting at the seventh level of the Divine God Realm, jumping levels was basically unheard of.

Yet, these two women were able to fight five on one against people that were two levels above them.

Another surprising person was that green-haired fellow. He had actually won against his opponent, even though Child of Heaven had been 90% sure that he would lose.

Child of Heaven could only admit that these three people had terrifying talents when it came to growth inside battle.

Another huge surprise was Divine Junior. He was fighting three Sect Masters, but he still managed to somehow survive. As more time passed, the Sect Masters began to coordinate their attacks more and more as they got used to each other. Yet, Divine Junior also seemed to improve.

It was almost like he started to foresee his opponents’ attacks.

He might even win.

Sadly, the Ancestor of the Heavenly Divine Sect had it incredibly difficult.

He was fighting four Ancestors, and he was barely able to buy some time. Yes, the Ancestor was very powerful, but fighting against four other Ancestors was too much.

It was like the Ancestor had already accepted his death.

The Ancestor of the Heavenly Divine Sect was a rather unknown person. Several million years ago, Divine Junior and Heavenly Senior had grown to power with incredible speed. Similar to the Opposer, they had offended a lot of powers, and they had been hunted by powers that should have been able to kill them.

Yet, for some unknown reason, the two of them had always managed to survive.

What was the reason?

The reason was that they weren’t two brothers, but three brothers.

The third brother always kept himself hidden to lure out powerful opponents. The opponents would send a force stronger than the two brothers, and that’s when the third brother appeared, making the fight even.

His name?

Sector Lord.

Heavenly Senior and Divine Junior had known each other since the lower world, but Sector Lord had only joined them in the higher world. Back then, the three had met in Arc’s world, the most powerful higher world.

Ever since then, they had been a trio.

When these three had created a Sect, they had used their names. Yet, the third brother, who had never appeared in the outside world, had still remained hidden, even though part of his name was also in the name of the Sect.

Heavenly Divine Sect.

Sector Lord.

He was very powerful, but the four Ancestors were still a bit too much. From the looks of things, he was betting on the fact that Divine Junior managed to come out victorious and would help him after that.

Sector Lord was truly entrusting his life to his brother.

Sadly, it didn’t seem like Sector Lord would survive. Yes, Divine Junior was fighting very well, but he wouldn’t be done anytime soon. By the time he would be done with the fight, Sector Lord would have already died to the four Ancestors.

In the last couple of seconds, several Core Elders had died, but several Core Elders had also killed the people of the Heavenly Divine Sect. The surviving Core Elders started attacking the Formation Array with everything they got. Yes, the Formation Array was incredibly powerful, but it didn’t have limitless Energy.

From the looks of things, the Sect Alliance would win based on the fact that their four Ancestors would win their fight. With those four free to do whatever they wanted, they would decimate the entire Heavenly Divine Sect.


Yet, there had been a third fight of monumental importance, and it had just ended.

Scilla, the Sect Master of the True Life Sect had lost to a level six Divine God.

No one would believe something like that if they didn’t see it with their own eyes.

Scilla had run out of Life Energy, and she was close to dying. Her Energy reserves had also dried up, leaving her nearly helpless.

The fight had been so close, but the thought in the back of her mind that Gravis was decimating their Sect at this very moment had distracted her.

If it hadn’t been for Gravis, she could have won!

She had been too hasty, which had resulted in her becoming impatient!

Sadly, there was nothing she could do.

Yet, suddenly, her eyes opened wide in shock, and in her eyes appeared one last glimmer of anger and revenge.

She had suddenly regained her connection with her Ancestor!

She didn’t know why, but she was able to feel him!

Before Arc could kill her, she transmitted everything she had heard from the Core Elder to her Ancestor.

They had more powers hidden away, and the weakened Mortal Sect could also help them.

The Heavenly Divine Sect would also be weakened by the war. Because of that, winning against the Heavenly Divine Sect wasn’t the most important thing right now. Even more, they could probably pay off the Heavenly Divine Sect with many territories.

If they lost, the Heavenly Divine Sect would become the hegemon amongst Peak Sects.

However, they would be able to survive.

Yet, if Gravis became more powerful, they would die!

Because of that, dealing with Gravis was way more important.

“Finally done?” Arc transmitted to Scilla with a smile.

Scilla looked with shock at Arc.

It was like Arc hadn’t been surprised at all.

“Gravis should be done with his fight by now. I think it’s better if he helps us out a bit by taking care of one of our enemies,” Arc said. “Did you know that I’m the one that controls this Formation Array? Turns out, you need at least some form of the Law of the True World to control it. The Major version also works.”

Scilla’s eyes opened in shock.


Yet, she died just an instant later.

Meanwhile, in Sector Lord’s fight, the Ancestor of the True Life Sect suddenly looked forward in shock.

He quickly transmitted what he had just heard to the other three Ancestors, who also became shocked.

“The Calamity takes priority,” the Ancestor of the True Life Sect said with a solemn voice as he took out an emblem.

The other three Ancestors nodded. “Sector Lord has already been weakened. We will deal with him on our own. Go! Deal with the Calamity!” one of them said.

The Ancestor of the True Life Sect activated an incredibly expensive emblem.

In fact, this emblem was unique.

This emblem had been bestowed to him by the former Ancestor of the True Life Sect.

Happy Springs.

Of course, Happy Springs was a Heaven’s Magnate today, and she no longer was the Ancestor of the True Life Sect. However, she still had a warm spot in her heart for them. That was why she had given the Ancestor this emblem.

No Divine God could stop this emblem.

After all, it had been created by a Heaven’s Magnate.

When the Ancestor of the True Life Sect crushed the emblem, he broke through the Formation Array and vanished.

An instant later, he appeared in the True Life Sect.

Meanwhile, Arc smiled calmly.

“I should help Sector Lord.”


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