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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1287: Relentless Offense Bahasa Indonesia

The Core Elder attacked Gravis with a multitude of punches. At this moment, Gravis couldn’t react to the attacks since he was using his Form Law with his six sabers.

If he were alone, he would die.

However, he wasn’t alone, and that was why he had done something as reckless as this to begin with.

The punches of the Core Elder slowed down as space was expanded.


However, there was only so much Mortis could do, and his warping of space had quickly been broken by the sheer physical power of the Core Elder.

Yet, it had accomplished its goal.

Gravis’ sabers moved down further.

However, the punches of the Core Elder would still hit first. Gravis’ sabers would just barely miss the Core Elder’s hands.


Suddenly, the four arms of the Core Elder were pulled to the side as Gravis’ sabers exuded a terrifying pull of gravity.

Gravis had added the Law of Gravity to his Form Law, giving it the ability to pull the enemies towards his attack.

Of course, the power of the Core Elder was still incomparable to Gravis, and the Form Law only managed to pull the arms to the side by a slight bit.

Yet, that was already enough.

The Core Elder remembered what had happened to his tail, and he immediately decided to cancel his attack.

Usually, as someone that fully focused on the Life Laws, the Core Elder would like nothing more than to trade injuries with his enemy. Sadly, Gravis had some form of powerful ability to make it impossible for the Core Elder to heal his injuries.

Gravis was the perfect counter to him.

The Core Elder pulled his arms back as he jumped backward.


That’s when Gravis’ eyes became emotionless and cold.


An incredible pressure pressed into the Core Elder, and for a second, he felt like he was standing in front of an enemy that didn’t belong to this world.


Gravis exploded forward as Brutality exploded behind him. A terrifying streak of grey was left behind him in the air.

In a panic, the Core Elder quickly focused on his Form Law again, and he shockingly unleashed a ranged attack!

Just like Gravis, the Core Elder had developed a Form Law that could be used from a distance.

In Gravis’ current condition, he couldn’t avoid the attack, and it hit him.


In the last moment, Mortis used an explosion below Gravis to push him upward, protecting his head and upper chest.

80% of Gravis’ body had been destroyed, but he had survived.

Yet, Gravis acted like nothing had happened as he continued charging forward, only being a head, half a chest, and two arms with two sabers.

Gravis’ other arms had been obliterated, and his sabers had been shot into the distance.

The Core Elder was shocked that Gravis had managed to survive the attack, and he quickly unleashed another attack.


Yet, the Core Elder’s eyes suddenly opened wide as he felt something dangerous approach.

Behind him, a spear filled with Heavenly Lightning was shooting at him at terrifying speeds!

During the instant when the Core Elder had been shocked by Gravis, Mortis had prepared Mortality and had unleashed it.

Usually, the Core Elder wouldn’t mind being hit by such an attack as long as it didn’t hit his head, but Gravis’ ability to stop his regeneration still terrified the Core Elder.


The Core Elder turned around and dealt with Mortality before it could reach him.

Then, he turned around again to focus on Gravis. The Core Elder’s speed was so fast that he could do all of this in just an instant.

Gravis was still healing, but that little bit of time had only allowed him to regenerate parts of his chest.

At this critical moment, the Core Elder decided to sacrifice two of his arms to kill Gravis.

His upper two arms directly attacked Gravis’ two sabers while his lower two arms attacked Gravis.

Mortis charged forward without trying to do anything. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to do anything anyway with his power. Gravis and the Core Elder were too close to each other.

Additionally, Mortis was not as worried. Sure, there was a genuine chance that Gravis could die, but Mortis knew how the mind of the Avatar of Death worked.

It wanted to kill everything, and it was very, very good at it.

In such a moment, the Avatar of Death would comprehend the perfect Law to do the job.


Gravis’ eyes remained emotionless as his saber slashed through the upper two arms of the Core Elder. However, his attack had also been halted.


The Core Elder’s eyes opened wide in shock and terror.

All six of Gravis’ arms had recovered in an instant!

Gravis had comprehended the level nine True Law of Energy Healing!

The other two arms of the Core Elder had been destroyed by the middle pair of Gravis’ arms.

The lower two arms of Gravis were extending towards the Core Elder’s body.

At that moment, the Core Elder quickly decided to throw everything away and flee. He would cut off his arms and run far into the distance.


That was the moment when Mortis woke Gravis up again with a small bolt of Heavenly Lightning.

As soon as Gravis regained his clarity, Mortis’ thoughts went through his mind, and Gravis immediately followed the order without even questioning it.

Before the Core Elder could flee, Gravis opened his mouth widely.

The Core Elder looked with shock into Gravis’ opened maw.


An intense beam of Heavenly Lightning shot out of Gravis as he used the all-out attack of the beasts.


At the same time, Gravis transformed into his Void Lightning form to not pull Mortis down with him.

Gravis transported a saber with a fully-loaded Lightning Crescent into Mortis’ Spirit Space. Gravis had prepared this saber before the fight, and he hadn’t been able to unleash it up to now.

Mortis immediately took out that saber and created a Lightning Crescent of his own.

Then, he unleashed both of them at once.



An intense explosion of Heavenly Lightning wrecked the True Life Sect, but the Judge kept everything in check.

Then, Gravis, in his Void Lightning form, entered the explosion and absorbed as much as he could.

Gravis quickly transformed back and summoned a long spear.


Another smaller Lightning Crescent exploded on the butt of the spear to make it shoot forward.


The Core Elder broke out of the explosion, bad burns all over his body.

He was terrified!

He would die!

He had to flee!

That was when the Core Elder felt a terrifying spear fly towards him.

In his panic, he quickly willed for his arms to protect his head.

However, there were no arms.

The Core Elder was used to always having arms. After all, he had a terrifying amount of Life Energy.


The Void Needle hit the Core Elder’s head and consumed the front half before vanishing.

Of course, that was enough to kill the Core Elder.

Gravis shot a bit of Heavenly Lightning at the Core Elder and consumed him.


Gravis immediately became a level four Divine God, and his Will-Aura broke into the eighth level of the Divine God Realm.

The fight had been dangerous, but it hadn’t been as perilous as most of Gravis’ fights.



Suddenly, an apocalyptic pressure engulfed Gravis and Mortis.

The two of them looked over, and they saw an old man with green hair.

Judging by the pressure they were feeling from him, this was someone on the level of a Sect Master or more powerful.

In fact, it was the Ancestor of the True Life Sect!


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