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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1286: Core Elder Bahasa Indonesia

Deep in the earth, Gravis and Mortis noticed that the Peak Sects had begun to move. Just a couple of months ago, there had been Divine Gods that could sense him everywhere, but now, they had nearly all left.

Gravis inspected the Law fragments of some Ancestral Gods to check what had happened, and he only snorted when he realized why everyone had left.

‘You saw that your Sects were losing members without end, so you quickly created a scapegoat to unite them. Give them a bit of hope so that they won’t leave, huh?’

‘Is that to lure me out? I wonder, what would you do if I didn’t appear?’

Then, Gravis smirked.

‘Yet, I’m not a person that just watches. You attack the Heavenly Divine Sect? Sure, go ahead. The Heavenly Divine Sect isn’t my ally, but you’ve left yourself open to an attack.’

Their clones quickly checked through all the Peak Sects, and they realized that basically everyone had left their Sect except for the Mortal Sect.

‘So many opponents to choose from,’ Gravis thought with a smile.

Then, Gravis’ eyes fell onto the True Life Sect.

‘If I take on someone too difficult, my Will-Aura might get stuck at the ninth level of the Divine God Realm. At that point, no Divine God would be able to fight me.’

‘If my Will-Aura only reaches the ninth level, I would need to fight Heaven’s Magnates with a weaker Will-Aura, which makes things difficult. After all, all Heaven’s Magnates know all the Laws I know except for some exceptions. Their suppression would make it rather difficult.’

‘So, I should take on an easier but still dangerous fight to push my Will-Aura to the eighth level of the Divine God Realm. At that point, the Sect Masters and Vice-Sect Masters would still be immune to my Law of Perceived Reality, granting me actual opponents.’

Gravis contacted Mortis, and the two of them quickly came up with a plan.

Nearly all of their clones traveled toward their main bodies. Since the powerful members of the Sects were all gathered, the two of them didn’t need to fear surveillance. Because of that, they simply used the Teleportation Formation Arrays to gather.

Mortis had only left one single clone alive, and that clone kept watch over the Heavenly Divine Sect.

If Gravis and Mortis initiated their fight before the Sects went into battle, the Sects could probably just use some emergency teleportation emblems to return, but if they were entranced in a battle, they couldn’t flee as easily.

After waiting for nearly two years, their opportunity finally arrived.

Mortis’ clone felt the activation of the powerful Formation Array, and he immediately knew that the war had begun.


Mortis’ clone exploded as he self-destructed. The clone hadn’t been very powerful, which meant that they hadn’t lost much Energy.

“It started!” Mortis quickly told Gravis.

Gravis nodded, and the two of them immediately charged out of the ground.

Battles between Divine Gods took seconds at most, which meant that they had to immediately attack.


Gravis broke through a Formation Array without trying to keep himself hidden.



Gravis and Mortis had appeared in an underground cave, and the occupant had just tried to catch Gravis and Mortis to see who dared to enter their domain.

Yet, Samsara immediately hit them.

“He’s dead,” Gravis quickly told Mortis.

In front of the two of them was a gigantic tree. At the moment, it appeared rather healthy, and it was still producing valuable Law Comprehension Life Fruits.

Yet, its will had already been eradicated.

The strength of these plants was their ridiculous longevity. A plant in the Divine God Realm could live for a whopping 100 million years, which was ridiculous. During that time, they could comprehend an insane number of Laws, and they could fully optimize their Battle-Strength.

However, when it came to Gravis, a longer longevity was not a strength but a weakness.

The very reason for the plants’ strength was the very thing that killed them when they fought Gravis.

Samsara was simply far too destructive to something so ancient.

The Core Plant of the True Life Sect had been their first target. If that plant had been able to initiate an attack, Gravis and Mortis wouldn’t be able to survive, but with the plant gone, they could fully concentrate on their opponent.

Just when Gravis and Mortis had broken through the Formation Arrays, the presiding Core Elder became alarmed.


The Core-Elder appeared in front of the Core Plant, and his eyes widened in terror.

What was going on!?

There were two intruders in the plant’s cave, but the Core Plant wasn’t attacking the intruders?

It never allowed anyone to easily enter its cave!

That’s when the Core Elder realized what had happened.

Wasn’t this the same thing that had happened to the Core Plant of the Lightning Peak Sect?

The plant seemed alive, but it was actually dead!

At the same time, the Core Elder saw Gravis and Mortis.

He knew those two!

They were here!?

He knew that their attack on the Heavenly Divine Sect was only a scheme, but he hadn’t expected that Gravis would actually appear!

This wasn’t good!

The Core Elder quickly took out an expensive emblem and broke it.

This emblem carried all the information the Core Elder had just gathered, and it would reach his Sect Master’s ears.

Gravis and Mortis had appeared, and they had killed the True Life Sect’s Core Plant!

After informing his Sect Master, the Core Elder immediately readied himself for a battle. He couldn’t let these two get away!

Gravis and Mortis took out their sabers, and they immediately charged at the Core Elder.


The elder suddenly transformed into a Black Demon with four arms. He was obviously a beast.

Four hard and powerful gloves appeared over his arms as powerful armor appeared on his legs and tail.


Mortis suddenly appeared in front of the Core Elder while unleashing his Form Law.

The Core Elder was far faster than the two of them, and he swiped at Mortis with his tail.


Yet, the Core Elder’s eyes widened as he realized that his tail had been severed!

At the same time, the cut-off tail hit Mortis, nearly killing him in the process.

Mortis had barely survived the attack, but it had been worth it. Their opponent had lost an appendage.

Why had they chosen the True Life Sect as their target?

Because a Core Elder of the True Life Sect would be the easiest to beat. The True Life Sect fully focused on the Life Laws, and the Life Laws were all about physical attacks and regeneration.

And the Major Law of Death was the bane of these kinds of Cultivators.

The Core Elder quickly used the Law of his Star, the True Law of Energy Healing.

Yet, two things immediately shocked and terrified the Core Elder.

First, he had suddenly been assaulted by a wave of unending and incomprehensible pain.

Second, he couldn’t heal his tail!

It was like his tail had never existed to begin with!


Gravis had transformed and attacked the Core Elder with all six of his sabers.

It became difficult for the Core Elder to react due to all the pain, but he did his best.

He unleashed several punches toward Gravis.


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