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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1285: Fighting Breaks Out Bahasa Indonesia

The world fell into shock.

Gravis was in the Heavenly Divine Sect?

Finally, everything made sense!

No wonder they couldn’t find him for so long!

This guy was hiding in another Peak Sect!

There were not many places where the Sects couldn’t go, and another Peak Sect was one of them!

How could some weak Divine God possibly evade five of the six Peak Sects of the world without the help of another Peak Sect!?

Everyone had believed that the Heavenly Divine Sect was neutral, but they actually weren’t.

This also explained why they didn’t fear Gravis even a little.

On top of that, it would explain why the Heavenly Divine Sect had suddenly begun their aggressive expansion!

They had this insane Divine God backing them!

With just a bit more time, the Heavenly Divine Sect could rule the world with the help of that Divine God!

However, their plan had been found out, fortunately!

The rage of five different Peak Sects immediately concentrated on the Heavenly Divine Sect.

They wouldn’t forgive them!

As soon as the news had been announced, all the different Peak Sects declared a state of war.

The leaders of four Sects gathered and decided on a battle plan, the only one missing being the Mortal Sect.

The Heavenly Divine Sect had to die!

The Sects all gathered in the headquarters of the Twilight Council.

Every Sect took their Sect Master, Vice-Sect Masters, Ancestors, and nearly all Core-Elders and went to the Heavenly Divine Sect.

They would immediately obliterate the entire Sect with one huge strike!

16 Peak Divine Gods and over 50 level seven Divine Gods went towards the Heavenly Divine Sect.

The Heavenly Divine Sect only had four Peak Divine Gods.

In order not to warn the Heavenly Divine Sect, the force didn’t use any Teleportation Formation Arrays. Yet, with their power, it still didn’t take long to get there.

A level seven Divine God could cross the core region of the highest world in only two years.

Two years later, the force was already inside the Heavenly Divine Sect’s territory.

They would attack very soon.

“Has the secret leaked?” the Sect Master of the Dusk Wind Sect asked the other Sect Master.

“No, only the present people know the truth. The ones that don’t know have been left behind,” the Sect Master of the Twilight Council answered.

The Sect Master of the Dusk Wind Sect nodded. “Good. We need unity in these times, and the Heavenly Divine Sect can unify us by being our enemy. They have also acted way too brazen recently. Are the other Core Elders still keeping a watch out for the Calamity?”

“They are still keeping a watch out,” the Sect Master of the True Life said with a smile. “Also, you act like we’ve lied. It’s actually possible that the Calamity is hiding in the Heavenly Divine Sect. We can’t know that for sure.”

“Have you joined the Mortal Sect recently?” the Sect Master of the Eternity Sect asked emotionlessly. “We don’t know, but we have declared the Calamity is there. That’s a lie, and we can’t act like it isn’t.”

The Sect Master of the True Life Sect only snorted. “That’s why I previously didn’t want to join you guys. You’re no fun.”


Everyone’s eyes narrowed as a gigantic Formation Array suddenly activated.

“They found us! Prepare for attack!” the Sect Master of the Dusk Wind Sect announced. “Don’t forget to question your own perception regularly!”

“It’s an isolation Formation Array used for tempering, but I’ve never seen such a powerful one,” the Sect Master of the Eternity Sect declared with a solemn expression.

“It has obviously been created by Heavenly Senior,” the Sect Master of the Dusk Wind Sect said with frustration. “The Law of Freedom won’t help us to get out of this since this has been created by a Heaven’s Magnate. However, Heaven’s Magnates are forbidden from interfering with our world too much. There is a limit to how much they can do.”


A couple of members were involuntarily teleported away, while others remained.

The members that had been teleported away appeared in seemingly a separate space.


Someone immediately attacked the members that had been teleported away.

“Three Core Elders?” Someone shouted with a loud laugh. “I should thank the Sect Master for this great present!”

The three Core Elders looked over and saw a Core Elder of the Heavenly Divine Sect.

He was more powerful than the average Core Elder, but he wasn’t much more powerful. He could attempt to fight one of them, but he couldn’t possibly survive a fight against three.

“Come!” the Core Elder shouted as he readied both of his swords with a mad grin. “The Heavenly Divine Sect doesn’t flee from danger!”

The three Core Elders narrowed their eyes before they charged forward.

The same thing was repeated in nine other separate areas.

“Man, I really didn’t want to take on such a risky fight,” one of the Core Elders complained to his three opponents.

“Only three? Does the Sect Master think that I’m that weak!?” another one raged.

The ten Core Elders of the Heavenly Divine Sect had started fighting against 30 enemy Core Elders.

Yet, that still left 20 unaccounted for.

“Come on, you bitches! Have you already shat your pants after seeing your big-dick mistress? Ow-!”

Five Core Elders were looking with shock at two plants in front of them.

Where had these plants come from?

There weren’t many powerful plants in this world, and the few ones that existed were known by basically everyone.

Yet, where had these two Divine God Plants come from!?

Also, why did they feel this powerful!?

“Stop acting like a child,” Narcissus reprimanded Meadow.

Narcissus and Meadow were dealing with another five.


Another Core Elder was immediately attacked by someone, but the Core Elder managed to block the attack rather easily.

In front of the Core Elder was a green-haired youngster with a long sword.

The Core Elder narrowed his eyes.

This youngster felt powerful.

Yet, this youngster was only a level five Divine God.

Was this youngster attempting to jump three levels?

Was he insane?

Which Core Elder hadn’t been able to jump three levels in the past, but now, they couldn’t even jump one since everyone else was just as outstanding as them.

“I can’t win against you,” Manuel slowly said. “However, I have to win regardless!”

“This time, I’m trusting my future potential!”

The Core Elder only narrowed his eyes.

“I’m taking the five on the left,” a blue-haired woman said with a confident smirk.

“Fine, then I’ll take the other five. Whoever wins first gets bragging rights,” a red-haired woman said from the blue-haired woman’s side.

The ten Core Elders felt quite some shock when they saw these two women.

This Battle-Strength…

How were these two so powerful!?

In a different space, a Core Elder stood before a group of several level five and level six Divine Gods.

The Core Elder didn’t believe them to be worthy enemies.

“Seems like I got the short end of the stick,” the Core Elder commented. “The others probably have equal opponents while I get the filler.”

His opponents didn’t answer.

Yes, there hadn’t been enough powerful people to deal with the Core Elders. Because of that, several groups had been created to fight one Core Elder each.

Sadly, the chances of victory were minuscule.

“Really, all four of you appeared?” an old man with black hair said with a sigh.

“We can’t come with less,” the Ancestor of the Eternity Sect said. “Coming with less would only be suicide.”

The old man in front of them only scratched the back of his head. “Well, let’s see if you guys can finally teach me the True Law of Control.”

This was the Ancestor of the Heavenly Divine Sect.

In a different space, one man was looking at his three opponents with cold eyes.

Divine Junior was standing in front of the Sect Masters of the Eternity Sect, Twilight Council, and Dusk Wind Sect.

The three Sect Masters knew that this fight wouldn’t be easy.

If they had the Sect Master of the True Life Sect here, they could definitely win, but with only the three of them, the chances of victory were fifty-fifty.

“How many members are you willing to sacrifice just to deal with Scilla?” the Sect Master of the Dusk Wind Sect said.

“None,” Divine Junior answered. “She has her own worthy opponent.”

This confused the Sect Masters.

Which other person could possibly be on the same level as the Sect Master of the True Life Sect?

“I hope you don’t take this personally, but I really need some tempering. Are you okay with that?” a blonde man with five eyes said to the Sect Master of the True Life Sect with a kind smile.

Scilla, the Sect Master of the True Life Sect, only looked at Arc with shock.

She had never heard of this person.

Yet, the Battle-Strength of this person…

How was his Battle-Strength so powerful!?

“Let’s start, shall we?” Arc asked.

Scilla readied herself.


Yet, her preparations were interrupted as she suddenly got an urgent message from one of her Elders, who had been left behind in their headquarters.

Scilla could only look with absolute shock at the message.

Arc noticed her expression and smirked.

“Oh? Seems like Gravis chose your Sect.”

“Sorry, but this Formation Array also cancels out voice transmissions. Things can come in, but not out.”

“You have to get through me first if you want to rescue your Sect.”


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