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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1284: Exodus Bahasa Indonesia

While their clones kept watch over the Peak Sects, Gravis and Mortis split up to check for the remaining Laws they wanted to comprehend.

Gravis went to the bottom of the world and stopped above the silver wall. The gravity around this place had made everything else irrelevant with its sheer power.

Gravis would focus on the True Law of Gravity. There was no True Law of Primordial Forces, but space, time, and gravity were still part of the same subset of Laws. Knowing all three of them gave one more power in manipulating them.

Mortis searched for an isolated place and concentrated on his Spirit.

They were only missing the Law of Soul Infusion. With that, they could combine all the other Laws of Life and finish the True Law of Life.

The True Law of Sentience already gave Gravis and Mortis full control over their Spirits, which made the comprehension of Soul-related Laws far easier.

Surprisingly, the first one that managed to finish his Law was Gravis. He had already learned a lot about gravity just by constantly being that deep down in the earth, and he also knew the True Law of Time and Space now.

Comprehending the True Law of Gravity didn’t even take Gravis 50,000 years, which was nothing for a level nine Law.

‘The Matter Laws are done. The Primordial Force Laws are done. I’m only missing the Elemental Laws for the True Law of the Dead World,’ Gravis thought.

Gravis checked up on Mortis. ‘He still needs a little bit. I should focus on the Water Element Laws for now.’

While Mortis continued comprehending the Life Laws, Gravis went to comprehend the Mixed Elemental Laws related to Water.

With Gravis’ new Realm and his new experience, comprehending a level eight Law only took him 100,000 years.

It was frighteningly fast.

Other Cultivators slowed down as the Laws became harder, but Gravis seemingly sped up.

After Gravis comprehended the second Mixed-Elemental Law related to Water, Mortis finally finished the True Law of Soul Infusion.


As soon as Mortis comprehended the Law, the True Law of Soul Infusion, Soul Destruction, and Soul Regeneration fused together to create the level nine True Law of the Soul.

Without pause, Mortis concentrated on the Composition Laws.

After Gravis comprehended another Mixed Elemental Law, Mortis managed to fuse the True Law of Body Composition and the True Law of Plant Composition to create the level nine True Law of Life Composition.

Gravis comprehended another Mixed Elemental Law, and Mortis managed to fuse the True Law of Body Growth and the True Law of Plant Growth to create the level nine True Law of Life Growth.

However, Mortis wasn’t fully done yet. There was still one more Law he needed.

The True Law of Energy Healing.

The Law of Energy Healing described the concept of conversion from Energy to Life Energy, something necessary for the True Law of Life. That Law would also help Gravis and Mortis in becoming even more powerful since knowing that Law essentially multiplied their storage for Life Energy.

Sadly, that Law would take a long time. After all, Gravis’ abilities were not only not helpful to comprehending that kind of Law but even detrimental.

One shouldn’t forget that Gravis’ and Mortis’ composition was not like the composition of a normal Cultivator.

While comprehending more Laws, Gravis’ and Mortis’ clones kept watch over the Peak Sects.

Over the last couple of years, the Peak Sects had been in a very nervous state. People were often exploding onto each other, and they were fearful and stressed out.

By the looks of it, this situation also wouldn’t calm down over the next period of time. According to Gravis, the situation would probably continue to worsen until something major happened.

The Elder of the Dusk Wind Sect had committed a major error by announcing the fight to the entire world.

In his haste to warn everyone, he had warned as many people as he could. After all, this should show the danger of their current situation, right?

The more people that knew about it, the better, right?


In order to fight against a powerful enemy, one needed unity. A collective would have to work very closely together to deal with the issue.

In the short term, that Elder had accomplished exactly that.

Yet, what about the long term?

After everyone had given their all in search of Gravis and had returned without a result, would they still follow the greater collective?

They had all been unified, but not even that had been enough to find Gravis.

After so many years without a result, the chances of finding and killing Gravis became smaller and smaller.

And worst of all, time was working against them.

Every year they didn’t find Gravis was a year Gravis would grow more powerful.

The people in the Peak Sects were not stupid.

Every single member could see how this would go.

They hadn’t been able to find and stop Gravis when he had been an Ancestral God.

They couldn’t find and stop Gravis when he was a level two Divine God.

What level would he be when he reappeared?

Even if they could find him, would they be able to stop him at that point?

As more time passed, more and more members of the Peak Sects began to hate their leadership.

Why did they have to underestimate him!?

How could they have let him escape!?

Why couldn’t they just have looked on without doing anything!?

The Heavenly Divine Sect did just that, and they weren’t living in fear right now!

The Heavenly Divine Sect wasn’t even Gravis’ ally or friend! They hadn’t helped him one bit!

They had only looked on neutrally and acted like Gravis’ existence had nothing to do with them!

Was it the Heavenly Divine Sect’s fault that they were in this mess now?

Hell no!

These people weren’t stupid! They wouldn’t blame someone for their own mistakes.

The Heavenly Divine Sect had done the right thing. It was their leadership that had decided to jump into a cage with a tiger!

“As a Sect, you’re supposed to offer me protection for my services! I’m giving you my power and services, and you give me protection and resources!”

These were the thoughts of most people in the Peak Sects.

“As the leaders of the Sects, you’re supposed to keep the Sect afloat and secure! Don’t anger people you shouldn’t anger!”

None of the members were servants or slaves.

In fact, the members of the Peak Sects could at most be described as long-term employees with a high degree of loyalty.

Yet, if an organization fucked up hard enough, even those employees could be pushed away.

And with that, the first mass exodus in an eternity took place in the Peak Sects.

They knew that Gravis was after the Peak Sects.

So, if they were no longer members of the Peak Sects, they should be safe.

Of course, there was also a possibility that the Peak Sects would win the clash, but most of the members doubted it.

They would rather become wild Cultivators without any affiliations than wait for their death.

They would rather make their own Sects. At least then, their Sect wouldn’t be led by greedy and selfish idiots!

Many members were leaving the Peak Sects.

However, that wasn’t only true for the ones against Gravis.

No, the Heavenly Divine Sect also lost a ton of members.


Because the members saw that all the other Peak Sects were going against the Heavenly Divine Sect. After all, the Heavenly Divine Sect had attacked the other Peak Sects at the worst time possible.

Sure, the Heavenly Divine Sect was incredibly powerful, but they couldn’t fight the entire world on their own!

So, even the Heavenly Divine Sect lost an insane number of people.

With each passing year, more Cultivators left the Peak Sects.

The leaders of the Peak Sects fell into a spiral of stress.

They weren’t even fighting anyone!

They weren’t even losing money!

Yet, they were still dying!

Everything was fine! The members were powerful! They had tons of resources!

Yet, all the members left regardless!

Because of what?

Because of some weak Divine God!

Did these people completely forget that any Sect Master could destroy that Divine God with a snip of their finger!?

Yet, it didn’t help.

The members left anyway.

And so, the Peak Sects decided that drastic measures were in order.

In the middle of the mass exodus, a shocking piece of news was unveiled.

Gravis had been found in the Heavenly Divine Sect!


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