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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1283: Plans Bahasa Indonesia

While the world was going crazy, Gravis and Mortis vanished into the underground again.

This time, they didn’t return to Opposer City. The Judge had seen all their Laws and techniques, which meant that the higher-ups of several Sects probably connected Gravis to the Opposer. After all, Gravis had once met one of the Vice-Sect Masters of the Dusk Wind Sect.

Gravis knew that this would be the most critical period of time. After all, back then, Gravis had only been a distant threat, but now, he was very close to reaching the Peak Sects.

After the fight, Gravis and Mortis had reached the second level of the Divine God Realm. By now, Mortis’ body had shrunken to a normal size, which meant that he no longer needed to keep his body size under control.

Additionally, Mortis was no longer shining like a star, making it far easier to talk with people. Sadly, the two of them weren’t among people at this moment.

In the battle, they had comprehended the True Law of Space. It was nice to learn another Law, but that hadn’t been their goal.

Their goal had been their Will-Aura.

So, how much had their Will-Aura increased?

At this moment, Gravis’ Will-Aura was in the seventh level of the Divine God Realm.

This was a good and a bad thing at the same time.

Good because Gravis closed in on the Heaven’s Magnate Realm.

Bad because Gravis could now only temper himself against people with a Will-Aura at the eighth level of the Divine God Realm or stronger. Luckily, nearly all the level seven Divine Gods had Will-Auras on that level. After all, there were no untalented people left.

Another good thing was the stuff Cindy had dropped after dying. She had owned over 4,000 God Crystals, which was quite a bit. In fact, it was more than enough to push Gravis and Mortis to the third level of the Divine God Realm.

Gravis did some calculations. He wanted to calculate what kind of Laws his future opponent would have and if he had a chance to win against them.

Fighting seven levels above himself would only be possible if the opponent didn’t know a level ten Law. After all, as soon as someone knew one of the level ten Laws, that Law would push its subservient Law to the same power level.

In short, all their main Laws would be level ten Laws, which would require Gravis to continually keep his Law of Sentience running at full power. Of course, that would also suppress Gravis’ and Mortis’ Laws, and that was why they couldn’t afford to fight someone like that. They needed their own Laws to make up for the speed difference.

Gravis had learned quite a bit about the Peak Sects by now. The Black Magnate and the Economistress no longer kept everything a secret from him since Gravis was now nearly at the peak.

The average Sect Master of a Peak Sect knew nearly two level ten Laws or two level ten Laws.

An Ancestor was well on their way to comprehending a third level ten Law.

A Vice-Sect Master was a level nine Divine God, and they had to know at least one level ten Law.

The next lower rank would be a Core Elder. Core Elders were the decision-makers together with the Vice-Sect Masters and Sect Master.

However, they were not level nine Divine Gods.

Pushing Divine Gods to the ninth level was a significant expenditure. Just the last two levels needed over 700,000 God Crystals.

Gravis had only gotten around 10,000 God Crystals by selling all his Law Comprehension Life Fruits. Sure, he hadn’t gotten very much compared to their real worth, but it showed how much 700,000 God Crystals were.

The Peak Sects would need to gather all the resources from their many God Stone mines, pool them together for many years, and only then could they afford to push another Divine God to the ninth level.

That meant that there were limited spots for level nine Divine Gods in the Peak Sects. They could only afford to upgrade one of them every million years or every couple million years, depending on the wealth of the Peak Sect.

The eighth level of the Divine God Realm was also very expensive, although not quite as expensive as the ninth level.

Because of that, the Core Elders were all at the seventh level of the Divine God Realm.

If one of them managed to comprehend a level ten Law, they would be allowed to advance to the ninth level with the Sect’s help.

Comprehending a level ten Law was everything but easy.

A level one Divine God had just learned their first level nine Law, and they would need to temper themselves for the next two or three level nine Laws. At that point, they would also need to advance in their Realm due to their growing Will-Aura from their tempering.

Only after all of that had been done could they comprehend level nine Laws without additional tempering.

Mainly only Core Elders fell into that category.

In the Peak Sects, the Core Elders were the only group of people that didn’t need tempering.

The weaker Divine Gods needed tempering for their level nine Laws, while the Ancestral Gods needed tempering for their Will-Aura.

The Peak Divine Gods needed tempering to push their Law Comprehension towards the next main Law.

The Core Elders were the only ones that weren’t interested in tempering. They only needed time and Law Comprehension Areas.

Because of all of these factors, Gravis decided that his next target would be a Core Elder.

Level seven Divine God.

Fittingly enough, a level seven Divine God was exactly seven levels above a level two Divine God in terms of actual power due to the gap between the third and fourth, and the sixth and seventh levels.

Even more, the Core Elders probably already had Will-Auras on the level of level eight or even level nine Divine Gods.

They were perfect for Gravis.

After planning with Mortis for a bit, the two of them decided on their next course of action.

They could advance to the third level of the Divine God Realm by using their new wealth, but they didn’t want to. However, it would also be a waste not to take advantage of their new wealth.

So, the two of them absorbed a lot of the God Crystals until they had enough Energy to create a couple of clones.

After that, they split up their clones.

The clones would keep watch over some important areas of the Peak Sects. The two of them made sure to hide their clones in covert places, and they didn’t directly go to locations where others could see them.

Thanks to their Elemental Synchronicity, solid matter didn’t inhibit their Spirit Sense, essentially giving them a far greater range than a normal Sect Master’s Spirit Sense.

As long as the powerful people in the Sects didn’t suddenly aggressively teleport around the place and focus on finding Gravis near their Sect, they wouldn’t notice the two of them.

While the clones kept watch over the Peak Sects to look for openings to snatch an opponent, Gravis and Mortis focused on comprehending some more Laws.

There were a few Laws they wanted to comprehend.


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