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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1282: World in Panic Bahasa Indonesia

As soon as the Judge returned to the Dusk Wind Sect, the Dusk Wind Sect exploded into activity and noise.

The Judge had transmitted a recording of the fight to every Elder or higher inside the Sect.

The images they saw of the fight were unreal.

If they didn’t see it with their own eyes, they wouldn’t believe it.

Seven Levels!

And not just any levels! These were seven Levels in the Divine God Realm!

How powerful did someone have to be to pull that off!?

What were these Laws!?

What the hell was going on!?

Now, everyone believed that Gravis existed, and even more, there was a second person that looked similar to Gravis with a comparable Battle-Strength.

Even more, the two of them fought together, which meant that they were friends!

The Vice-Sect Masters, the new Sect Master, and the Ancestor all left the Sect as they charged towards the place where Gravis had just fought.

They had to kill him!

They couldn’t allow Gravis to grow anymore!

They had never directly gone against him, but they knew that Gravis knew what their plan had been back then.

Even more, Gravis had declared his stance very clearly.

Gravis was the enemy!

They had to kill Gravis, or they would be next!

The Dusk Wind Sect immediately informed the other Peak Sects, and they also immediately started searching for him.

All wars were forgotten at that moment.

They had to work together to find this threat!

For several years, the Peak Sects combed the entire world.

Yet, they couldn’t find him!

Several of Vice-Sect Masters even surrounded Opposer City in the underground. The Vice-Sect Master of the Dusk Wind Sect had seen that Gravis knew the Law of Suffering, and he had connected Gravis to that torturer in Opposer City.

He remembered that the Economistress had backed Gravis, and a terrifying possibility appeared in his mind.

Why would the Economistress back someone like that?

How could Gravis become that powerful?

What if he were her son?

Everything suddenly made sense now!

The strongest geniuses in the Peak Sects could jump four levels, and these geniuses were created by the combined efforts of several Peak Divine Gods. It was basically impossible to create even more powerful geniuses with only Peak Divine Gods.

So, Gravis had to have come from someone more powerful than Peak Divine Gods.

Gravis had to be the Opposer’s son!

For obvious reasons, the Peak Sects couldn’t directly invade Opposer City. If they did, they wouldn’t even know how they died.

Because of that, they surrounded Opposer City. The Judge had seen that Gravis had entered the ground like it didn’t exist, which made everyone realize how Gravis had evaded them for so long.

He was moving through the deep underground!

The Peak Sects now searched through absolutely everything without leaving any stone unturned.

They had to find Gravis!

Their survival depended on it!

And then, something shocking happened.

All the Peak Sects lost a huge part of their territories!

Two Sect Masters quickly looked at what had happened, and their rage exploded when they saw the culprit.

“We declared a ceasefire!” one of the Sect Masters shouted.

“So? I never agreed to it,” Divine Junior, the Sect Master of the Heavenly Divine Sect, said.

“Are you an idiot!? This Divine God is threatening our survival, and you think about territories and money!?” the Sect Master shouted.

“I never offended him,” Divine Junior said. “I’m not his enemy.”

The Sect Master gritted his teeth in hatred and frustration. “So!? He’s threatening everyone else, and we are all working together right now! With your actions, you’re making it more difficult for us to focus on the search! Are you willing to become an enemy of all the other Peak Sects!? Yes, your Sect is powerful, but there’s a limit to your power! You know exactly that your senior won’t interfere!”

“Then go ahead and attack us,” Divine Junior said with an even voice.

The two Sect Masters almost exploded with rage.

This guy!

In the end, they gritted their teeth. “Keep these territories for now. After all of this is over, you will reap what you’ve sown.”

“I’m waiting for it,” Divine Junior said before leaving.

The other two Sect Masters also left and informed the other Sects.

The other Sects also exploded into rage.

The Heavenly Divine Sect had become the enemy of every other Peak Sect. Even the True Life Sect was slowly distancing themselves from the Heavenly Divine Sect.

The True Life Sect lived in regret. They had invested so much into the Heavenly Divine Sect, but the Heavenly Divine Sect was led by an irrational madman!

Now, the True Life Sect would need to invest even more to repair their relationship with the other Peak Sects.

Now, the Heavenly Divine Sect had five Peak Sects as their enemy, but for now, the other Sects didn’t have any people to spare.

Divine Junior returned to his Sect and entered the conference hall, the hall where the future of the Heavenly Divine Sect would be decided.

“It’s done,” Divine Junior said with an even voice.

“How did they react?” one of the people in the room asked.

“Angry,” Divine Junior answered.

“Perfect,” the other person said. “With Gravis spreading chaos across the world, we have all the time in the world to expand. As far as I know Gravis, he will probably lay low for a while longer to comprehend more Laws.”

“This time, Gravis has given us an opportunity to expand our Sect. He created an opening, and we took advantage of it.”

“Now, it’s our time to create an opening for Gravis. I’m certain he will take advantage of it.”

“As long as we keep the other Peak Sects in fear and confusion, we will continue to expand.”

“At this moment, we are not powerful enough to resist the other Peak Sects, but that’s not an issue. The Peak Sects will decimate our forces throughout the world soon, but the survivors will reach higher powers.”

“Then, when they are ready to attack us, we’ll let Gravis know. When confronted with obliteration, the Peak Sects will retreat.”

Divine Junior scratched his chin in thought. The other Elders and Vice-Sect Masters in the hall also thought about that person’s words.

“It’s a very risky plan, Skywind, but our Sect doesn’t fear danger,” Divine Junior said.

Then, Divine Junior nodded. “We’ll put the plan into motion.”

The other Elders and Vice-Sect Masters also nodded.

In one of the seats, Skywind only smiled warmly.

Who was Skywind?


After the destruction of the Eternal Fire Sect, Manuel left with everyone.

They had traveled from place to place without much knowledge of what had happened in the Lightning Peak Sect.

But then, the Economistress had arrived with gifts of unfathomable worth and power.

She informed them of what had happened, and everyone put their heads together to come up with a plan.

In the end, they decided to join the Heavenly Divine Sect, and Manuel even unveiled their background to Divine Junior to show his trust.

It was a risky choice, but Manuel had gambled correctly.

Back when the Peak Sects had seen Gravis, he had been in their hands. Back then, no one would have cared about them and would have simply captured them.

However, with Gravis on the loose, everything was up in the air.

Gravis was an actual danger, and Manuel gambled on the fact that the Heavenly Divine Sect didn’t want to make Gravis their enemy.

So, when the recording of Gravis’ fight had entered the world, Manuel had revealed everyone to the leaders of the Heavenly Divine Sect.

Over the next years, everyone had talked about what to do, and Manuel made plenty of great suggestions.

Eventually, the Heavenly Divine Sect followed Manuel’s plan, and they attacked the territories of the other Peak Sects.

“I really wanted to fight one of the Sect Masters,” another person beside Manuel said with a sigh.

“I know that you want to,” Manuel answered with a smile. “They are just right for you as tempering, but we have to let them go this time. Wait until shortly before they launch their full assault. We’ll isolate one of their stronger Vice-Sect Masters. That should also serve as tempering for you.”

“Sure, why not?” the person answered with a relaxed smile.

Who was that person?

It was Arc!

Arc had joined Gravis’ group of friends.

“I hope Gravis isn’t too angry with me.”


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