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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1281: Warning Bahasa Indonesia


Gravis’ saber and Cindy’s arrow hit each other. Cindy’s arrow was completely destroyed as Gravis’ attack continued.

Cindy barely managed to move to the side in shock as she grabbed another arrow to shoot at Gravis.

Gravis’ eyes never left Cindy’s eyes, and she felt deep fear as she looked at them.

It was like Gravis was the antithesis to her existence.

Gravis felt… wrong.

It was like he wasn’t supposed to exist.

It was like he didn’t belong to this world.


Mortis suddenly appeared beside her as he kicked the bow slightly to the side. He couldn’t use his saber since attacking with it needed a longer windup time. Mortis’ goal wasn’t to injure Cindy but to interfere with her counterattack.

Out of reflex, Cindy slapped her bow to the side, pushing against Mortis’ kick.


Mortis’ leg was destroyed by the mere, casual slap, and he was thrown into the distance.

However, he had accomplished his goal.

Gravis was on the offensive again.

All light and Energy around him was sucked into a black abyss as Gravis exploded forward again.

Cindy’s True Law of Danger was screaming at her.

She couldn’t be hit by that attack!

Cindy tried to activate her Law of Heavenly Light again, but it was still deactivated.


Cindy used another arrow to slap Gravis’ saber to the side.

Gravis’ attack was diverted, but Cindy’s arrow had completely vanished, even though she hadn’t even hit the edge of Gravis’ saber.

It was like her arrow had simply stopped existing.

Cindy quickly moved to the side and took out another arrow.

Then, she nocked it and aimed at Gravis’ head.

When Mortis saw that, he fell into a panic.

He had just barely recovered from Cindy’s block, and he didn’t have enough time to intercept her attack again.

Mortis was still using the Law of Control to make it harder for Cindy to shoot an accurate arrow, but the arrow would still hit Gravis’ head. It just wouldn’t hit the center of Gravis’ head.

If Gravis were in his normal state of mind, he could easily evade that arrow by moving his head to the side, but Gravis wasn’t in his normal state of mind currently.

Like a blind killing machine, Gravis only moved forward in an offensive manner.

Gravis was acting on pure instinct, and he would only avoid attacks if they were launched at him.

However, when Cindy’s attack had already been launched, it would already be too late due to the difference in speed.

Mortis’ eyes became red as he extended his hand towards Cindy’s arrow.

He had to stop it somehow!

No matter what!

Cindy’s arrow left her bow, and it shot towards Gravis.


Gravis evaded the arrow.


Well, since Gravis couldn’t keep the Law of Sentience active in his state, Mortis took on the duty.

In that moment of Crisis, Mortis had finally comprehended a Law that allowed him to interfere with the arrow.

Mortis had quickly deactivated the Law of Sentience and used that Law, which allowed Gravis to evade.

Which Law was it?

The True Law of Space!

Mortis had expanded the space between Cindy and Gravis. The arrow needed to shoot over a longer distance, allowing Gravis to evade it.

After widening the distance, Mortis reduced the distance between Gravis and Cindy before reactivating the Law of Sentience.

Gravis acted purely on instinct, and when he realized that he was suddenly directly in front of his opponent, he immediately attacked without hesitation.

Meanwhile, Cindy couldn’t react as quickly. First, she tried to use her Heavenly Light again, but Mortis had been too fast with his reactivation of the Law of Sentience.

Gravis attacked with his six sabers again.

Cindy couldn’t ready another arrow since all the sabers were in the way of her bow.


Cindy’s bow vanished as she summoned another arrow.

Clank! Clank! Clank! Clank! Clank! Clank!

In an instant, Cindy summoned and sacrificed six different arrows to Gravis’ sabers, but she had managed to block Gravis’ offensive.


Suddenly, Cindy’s eyes widened.

Gravis was currently in his beast form, and his feet were filled with powerful claws. Gravis hadn’t only attacked with his sabers but also with his two legs.

Under normal circumstances, a physical attack from Gravis wouldn’t even be able to get through Cindy’s skin, but in Gravis’ current state, his feet had transformed into Death.

Several bloody holes were created in Cindy’s thighs, but Gravis’ legs had also vanished.

Gravis had converted his two legs for just a couple of bloody holes.

Then, Gravis let go of his sabers. The backlash from Cindy’s earlier block threw the sabers away, but by letting go of the sabers, Gravis’ hands continued moving forward.

In terror, Cindy watched as Gravis’ claws dug into her torso. The shallow cuts from earlier began to bleed violently.


Suddenly, a tiny bolt of lightning hit Gravis, and his eyes widened as his mind returned to normal.

Gravis’ mind quickly processed what had just happened, and he realized why Mortis had woken him.


Gravis used the remainders of his arms to surround Cindy’s body.

Cindy moved her body around violently, breaking several of Gravis’ bones, but Gravis only kept smirking.


Suddenly, a spear shot through Gravis’ and Cindy’s torsos.

Gravis only smirked.

This time, it truly was Mortality.


Mortality exploded out from inside Cindy, destroying a gigantic part of her body.

The earlier cuts from Gravis’ Form Law and the holes from his claws expanded, and Cindy’s body broke apart at her chest.

The lower two-thirds of her body fell downward.


Suddenly, Gravis transformed into Void Lightning and consumed the falling part of Cindy’s body. That part of the body was no longer connected to Cindy’s Spirit, making it willless.

Cindy was still in shock, and the floating remains of her torso quickly took out her bow as she filled it with all the remaining Energy she had.

She could finally use her Heavenly Light again.

With the last of her strength, she shot at the newly formed Gravis.

Gravis only smirked as he sidestepped.

At the side, Mortis’ light was changing colors. He was no longer shining brightly but consuming light.

Gravis had consumed enough Energy just now to become a level two Divine God.


Gravis’ Will-Aura made Cindy unable to move, and he unleashed his Form Law.


And Cindy was dead.


After Cindy died, Gravis took a deep breath to calm down.

Then, he turned to the shocked Judge.

“Tell the Peak Sects that I’m coming for them,” Gravis said with a smirk.


Cindy’s belongings exploded into the surroundings, and Gravis absorbed them.

The Judge’s mind fell into a panic.

Yes, he was working for The Heaven Company, but he was also a member of the Dusk Wind Sect.

This time, he had seen Gravis’ power with his own eyes, and he realized that this was a genuinely terrifying enemy to the Peak Sects.

He had to warn them!


The Judge destroyed the emblem for his current job and reappeared in the Dusk Wind Sect.

He had to inform everyone!

Meanwhile, after gathering everything, Gravis and Mortis shot into the underground and vanished.

The Dusk Wind Sect wouldn’t find them.


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