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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1279: Endeavor Bahasa Indonesia


Cindy’s arrow missed again as even the light vanished from her arrows.

Cindy’s eyes widened in absolute shock. It was already strange enough that she couldn’t use nearly all her Laws, but now she couldn’t even use her Star!?


Just at that moment, Mortis reappeared. With the light around Cindy gone, he could unleash another attack.

However, there was an issue.

Mortis couldn’t use the Law of Time or the Law of Heavenly Lightning anymore to boost his speed, which made his attack incredibly slow in Cindy’s eyes.

Mortis was moving in slow-motion in Cindy’s eyes, and she quickly turned around to kick him.


However, she interrupted her attack as a second saber appeared in Mortis’ other hand. Initially, she hadn’t paid any attention to Mortisi second hand, but it had also moved in an attacking position.


Suddenly, Mortis’ speed exploded, taking Cindy by surprise.

Cindy had seen that Mortis had suddenly unleashed several Laws, and she quickly made a connection in her mind.

‘They can’t suppress my light without also suppressing their ovvn Laws!’ she thought.


Cindy unleashed a tiny beam of light, which threw Mortis’ first saber to the side. This saber had been unleashed with Mortis’ Form Law, and she couldn’t afford to block it with her body.


Cindy quickly used one of her arrows to throw Mortis’ second attack to the side. Since Mortis hadn’t used his Form Law with that attack, Cindy’s arrow didn’t break.

Suddenly, Cindy turned around as she released another arrow.


Cindy’s arrow punched through Gravis’ Form Law before decimating the left side of Gravis’ torso.

At the same time, Mortis had become intangible.

When Gravis and Mortis saw Cindy’s actions, they narrowed their eyes.

She had adapted to them.

She had known that Mortis would become intangible and that she couldn’t injure him in her current state. So, after blocking the attacks, she had simply ignored Mortis and attacked Gravis.

The attack had been so sudden that Gravis hadn’t even been able to activate his Law of Sentience to mess with the light on Cindy’s arrows.

She was simply too fast.

The speed difference was absolutely unreal.

Gravis hadn’t even been able to react to an attack launched from several million kilometers away.

Gravis and Mortis were already using the full power of the True Law of Time to improve their speed, but it still wasn’t enough. The True Law of Time allowed them to move and think at ten times their normal speed, but it barely made a dent in the speed difference.

Additionally, Cindy was suppressed by over 600/0, slowing her down significantly.

Yet, all of that was still not enough.

Stopping time or slowing Cindy down with the True Law of Time was unreasonable. Gravis would need to spend over 500/0 of his Energy just to slow her down for one instant since she was so much more powerful than him.

Gravis quickly activated his Law of Sentience once more since Cindy was glowing with light once more to keep Mortis away from her.

Yet, everything was moving way too quickly.

All of this had happened while Mortis still dealt with the backlash from having his attacks blocked. So, even though Mortis was intangible, he still had to recover his equilibrium before he could unleash another attack,

With Gravis’ attack blocked and Mortis out of the fight for an instant, Cindy had free reign.


Cindy quickly unleashed four arrows at Gravis.

Gravis barely managed to angle his body in such a way that the arrows only destroyed parts of his arms, legs, and torso.

How was Gravis suddenly able to evade the attacks while he had been helpless before that?

The reason for that was Cindy’s Heavenly Light.

At the current moment, Cindy’s Heavenly Light was suppressed by the Law of Sentience, which meant that she couldn’t augment her arrows with it, making them a lot slower.

Cindy could also use her Form Law, but that wasn’t relevant in front of Gravis.

Since Cindy had access to Heavenly Light, she didn’t need to create a Form Law that increased her attack’s speed. So, her Form Law was fully focused on offensive power..

Effectively making it useless against Gravis since Gravis would die with one good attack anyway,


Mortis reappeared, and his sabers were crackling with Heavenly Lightning.

Cindy knew that she could use her Heavenly Light again since Mortis was now using lightning again, and she quickly exploded into an aura of light.

The light hit both sabers.


Tvvo Lightning Crescents were triggered, swallowing the surrounding million kilometers. Luckily, thanks to the Judge, no Cultivator or mortal was injured.

The two Lightning Crescents moved towards Cindy, eating through her Heavenly Light.


Suddenly, Cindy lost access to her Heavenly Light.

Yet, the two explosions still continued!

Cindy tried to disrupt the explosions since they should have no will upon them anymore, but it didn’t work.

It was like the Heavenly Lightning had a will upon it!

The explosion was incredibly fast for Gravis and Mortis, but for Cindy, it was still moving in slow-motion.

However, even if it was moving slowly in her perception, she couldn’t outrun it.

Her weapons were too thin to block such a wide area, and she didn’t use shields.

So, Cindy did the only thing she could think of and quickly spun in a circle, unleashing Energy from all of her appendages to consume the Energy inside the Lightning Crescents.

However, pure Energy had a lower quality than Heavenly Lightning, forcing Cindy to use up far more Energy than the Heavenly Lightning had.

If she had access to her Laws, she could deal with this explosion with no problem, but sadly, she didn’t.

In this small instant, Cindy had been forced to use up around 20% of her Energy, but the good thing was that she didn’t get injured.


Just when the explosion passed, another saber shot through the last specks of Heavenly Lightning.

Cindy was taken by surprise since she had been certain that her two opponents couldn’t remain inside such an explosion without dying. After all, the Cultivators weren’t immune to their own attacks.

Cindy quickly noticed that she had regained access to her Heavenly Light, and she exploded into light again.

And this time, she would take Mortis down!

Cindy unleashed over 50/0 of her Heavenly Light in one single explosion, pushing its speed to the limit. Even if the True Law of Danger warned Mortis, he wouldn’t be able to react!


All the Heavenly Lightning around her vanished as Heavenly Light washed over the surroundings.

Yet, Mortis was gone.

Cindy gritted her teeth when she saw only a solitary saber floating in front of her. Due to the Lightning Crescents, she hadn’t been able to keep watch over her surroundings. She had expected Mortis to attack her, but the saber had only been a decoy.

Mortis had seen Cindy’s Law fragments, and he had been certain that she would try something like that. Because of that, he had baited her attack.

Every bit of Energy Cindy used was one step closer to victory.

Suddenly, Cindy turned around as she aimed her bow at the approaching Gravis.

During the explosion, Gravis had closed the distance between them.

It was a risky endeavor, but it was also the only way to win the fight.

Mortis had already used up nearly all his Energy, and Cindy kept consuming Gravis’ Life Energy with her arrows. To an untrained eye, it might look like Gravis and Mortis were on the winning side, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Cindy still had around 650/0 of her Energy remaining, and she only had light injuries on her body.

Because of that, Gravis had to charge right into danger.

He couldn’t let the fight continue playing out like this. The longer it dragged on, the worse.

When Gravis arrived close to Cindy, he slashed forward.

Sadly, Gravis was only relatively close. In fact, there were still a couple thousand kilometers between them before Cindy noticed him.

At the same time, Cindy unleashed an arrow filled with Heavenly Light.

Her arrow passed through Gravis’ attack like it didn’t exist.


Gravis hadn’t been able to evade the attack.

The blinding arrow shot through Gravis’ head, completely annihilating it.

Cindy smirked, but then, her life was turned upside down.

She found herself in the body of her mother.

Yes, the attack Gravis had unleashed had been Samsara.

With the True Law of Perceived Reality, Gravis no longer needed to accompany his victims in Samsara, leaving him in the real world.

Shortly after Gravis’ head had exploded, a new Gravis popped into existence.

The second Gravis had been in the first Gravis’ Spirit Space, and when the first Gravis’ Spirit was destroyed, the second Gravis popped out like a piece of loot.

Gravis quickly consumed the remaining body of his dead clone and sent an order.


Around a million kilometers away, a spear imbued with an unfathomable number of lightning runes shot forward with insane speeds.

It was Mortality.

Cindy only had an absentminded expression on her face..


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