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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1280: – Confusion Bahasa Indonesia

Mortality shot directly towards Cindy.

Gravis unleashed another attack with his Form Law, blanketing a big area around hen

Mortis reappeared as he unleashed his own Form Law from close range.

Cindy’s eyes were still absentminded as all the attacks closed in on her.


Suddenly, Cindy’s eyes shot open in realization.

Cindy had comprehended the True Law of Danger just now, and the Law had pulled her out of her absentminded state.

However, Mortality was already too close to her.

Her Heavenly Light needed a tiny moment to take effect, and that tiny moment was already too much.


Cindy barely managed to move a couple meters to the side. However, Mortality still hit Cindy on her leg. At least she managed to dodge Mortis’ attack.

Cindy had expected the spear to destroy her leg, but for some reason, it only stuck in her leg without exploding.


Suddenly, a black whirlpool came out of the spear, and Cindy felt herself being pulled into the whirlpool. Even more, everything the whirlpool touched stopped existing.

Mortality? This wasn’t Mortality.

This was the Void Needle!

Gravis had only used that attack in the war involving the Myriad Sect, and he hadn’t had an opportunity to use it again since then.

The Void Needle pulled someone into a vortex of Death, consuming their being.

Cindy immediately decided to move away from the vortex. After all, the pull of the vortex wasn’t even that powerful. Yet…


“ARGH!” Cindy suddenly shouted in pain. Gravis’ Form Law had hit her, and it had included the Law of Suffering. On top of that, another long but shallow cut appeared on Cindy’s body.

Cindy’s concentration was broken, and the whirlpool continued to expand.

After the whirlpool reached a diameter of 30 centimeters, it stopped expanding and vanished.

The Void Needle could only consume so much Energy before becoming full, and the amount of Energy inside Cindy’s body was incredibly high.

Because of that, the Void Needle had only managed to consume Cindy’s right leg up to her knee.

Everything was too much for her.

Cindy had just returned from an out-of-body experience that had taken over 15 million years.

She hadn’t been in control over anything for an insanely long amount of time just to be flung into a precarious life and death battle.

Her mind still tried to come to terms with the sudden shift

For 15 million years, she hadn’t been in control of anything, and now, she needed to use every little bit of her control to survive.

Cindy’s mind went wild as she tried to come to terms with the current situation.

If she weren’t in such a precarious situation, she would feel elated. After all, she had comprehended two level nine Laws, the True Law of Danger and the True Law of Time.

The Law of Danger had saved her just now, but the True Law of Time was worthless since she couldn’t even use it against her opponent.

Lastly, unreal pain assaulted Cindy’s confused mind, making it even harder for her to come to terms with her new situation.


Gravis and Mortis appeared on opposite sides of Cindy as they unleashed their Form Laws.

Cindy’s instincts took over, and she activated her Law of Heavenly Light. Yet, she received a grim reminder that her opponents could stop the activation of her Laws.

In her confused mind, Cindy moved at incredible speeds, She turned towards Mortis, nocked an arrow, and shot it at him.

She hadn’t been in a fight in over 15 million years, and her first reaction was to shoot an arrow out of habit.


Mortis became intangible.

For an instant, Cindy’s mind fell into more confusion again, but then she remembered that Mortis could do that. After such a long time, she had completely forgotten that her opponent had that ability.


Suddenly, Gravis’ body transformed behind Cindy. He transformed into a Black Demon with six arms. Several additional sabers appeared, and they all reverberated with Gravis’ Form Law.

Gravis’ new Form Law also included an attack with all six of his arms, and this was the best moment to unleash it.

Cindy saw Gravis’ movement with her Spirit Sense, and she quickly tried to run away with her Heavenly Light.

Yet, in her confused mind, she had committed the same mistake again, and her Heavenly Light didn’t activate.

However, due to the speed difference, Cindy still had time to react. Just like before, she quickly cocked an arrow and shot at Gravis’ head.


The knockback of the arrow threw Cindy into the distance, out of Gravis’ melee range.

At the same time, Gravis’ head exploded as the arrow destroyed it.

For a moment, Cindy couldn’t believe her eyes.

Had she just killed her opponent?

Just like that?

And at exactly that moment, when she questioned her own perception, the truth was unveiled.

Cindy had completely forgotten that Gravis knew the Law of Perceived Reality.

So, what was the truth?

Gravis was still attacking, but his head had been completely angled to the side. He knew that Cindy’s first reaction would be to shoot an arrow at his head.

Usually, Cindy wouldn’t act that predictably, but due to Samsara, her mind was a mess right now.

Gravis finally managed to finish his attack, and six waves of Gravis’ Form Law shot towards Cindy.


All six hit Cindy’s body, creating multitudes of shallow cuts all across her body. Sadly, Gravis hadn’t been able to use the Law of Suffering since his Law of Sentience was active.

However, Gravis wasn’t happy:

Yes, Cindy was injured, and she would continue to lose Life Energy, but that would take too long.

Every additional second allowed Cindy to return to her earlier peak.

Samsara only worked once, and Gravis had already used it.

He had already used up the surprise effects the first time, and now, he had used up the surprise effects a second time.

A third time wouldn’t happen.

Mortis was still very low on Energy, and Cindy had managed to build some distance between Gravis and her.

Gravis had wanted to kill her in that offensive, but the plan had failed.

Cindy still wasn’t injured enough to lose all her Life Energy.

Gravis gritted his teeth as he decided to go all-in.

If the fight continued to drag on, they would quickly fall into a disadvantage.

“You’re responsible for controlling the battle,” Gravis transmitted to Mortis.

Mortis only nodded while being intangible.

Mortis knew what Gravis had decided, and Mortis also knew that this was the only way how they could turn things around.

Cindy slowly managed to come to terms with being back in her body but moving around and using a bow was still a bit weird to her.


Suddenly, Cindy felt an explosion of… something coming from one of her opponents.

She looked over, and her mind halted as she saw that Gravis was suddenly in front of her.

What was that speed!?

It wasn’t as fast as her speed, but Gravis was definitely moving much faster than before!

Gravis’ eyes had turned a deep black as a disregard for all existence shone from them. Only a tiny amount of black smoke rose out of his body since he also knew the True Law of Control now.

Gravis had entered the state of being an Avatar of Death again.

Energy and Death clashed inside Gravis, creating Brutality.

This was their last trump card..


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