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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1278: – Seven Levels Bahasa Indonesia


The True Law of Sentience was activated just when Cindy released her arrow.

All the Laws on the arrow vanished except for the Law of Heavenly Light. The Law of Heavenly Light was Cindy’s Star, and that activation couldn’t be stopped with the passive power of Gravis’ Star.

To deactivate Cindy’s Star, Gravis would need to actively use the power of his Law of Sentience, but if he did that, he wouldn’t be able to use his own Laws. However, the passive effect of Gravis’ Star still allowed him to use all of his Laws while restricting Cindy to her Star and her Form Law.

Cindy’s eyes widened in shock.

Where had all her Laws gone!?

How was this possible!?

The sudden deactivation of nearly all her Laws had thrown her arrow out of its equilibrium, making it shoot wildly into the distance.


Suddenly, someone appeared beside Cindy, and an incredibly powerful Will-Aura pressed down on her.

What!? A second person!?

Also, what was this insanely powerful Will-Aura!?

Cindy’s Will-Aura was eight levels above Gravis’ Realm, and her Realm was also seven levels above Gravis’ Realm. That created an unimaginable distance between the respective powers of their Will -Auras.

Yet, Gravis and Mortis closed that distance.

The True Law of Control.

The True Law of Suppression.

The True Law of Rage.

The True Law of Apathy.

All of these effects stacked on top of each other, making Gravis’ Will-Aura reach impossible heights.

Cindy had been suppressed by over 60%!

Mortis had suddenly appeared beside Cindy, and he had taken her by surprise.

She knew that she couldn’t block the attack since she couldn’t use her weapon fast enough to intercept Mortis’ attack.


Mortis’ attack missed as a flash of light consumed Cindy.

The Law of Heavenly Light was the fastest Element by far.

However, using it in such a manner consumed nearly 5% of Cindy’s Energy. After all, to reach such incredible speeds, one had to use such an incredible amount of Energy.

Cindy appeared several million kilometers away again, and she targeted Mortis with her bow.


She released her arrow.


Mortis vanished as he became intangible, evading the arrow.

Cindy’s eyes widened as she quickly turned her bow to a different direction, releasing another arrow.


Cindy’s arrow easily destroyed Gravis’ Form Law, which had been unleashed from a distance.


Mortis appeared beside Cindy again with another attack, but this time, Cindy had been prepared.


Cindy carried an arrow in her right hand and attacked Mortis’ saber with it.

Mortis’ attack was stopped, but Cindys eyes widened when she noticed that her arrow had broken apart.


Her attack hadn’t even been that powerful, but her arrow had already been destroyed!?

Were their weapons so powerful!?

However, Cindy had only been surprised for a tiny instance, and she quickly followed up with another attack. Mortis’ physical power was incomparable to Cindy’s, Because of that, his hands had been thrown up after Cindy blocked his attack.

Now, Cindy unleashed a kick towards Mortis.


Mortis barely managed to avoid the attack as he vanished. If Cindy hadn’t been so surprised, that kick would have hit him.

If Mortis got hit by that, he would have died.

Just a mere, careless kick could kill Mortis.

When Cindy unleashed her kick, she also readied another arrow and pointed it at Gravis.

At this moment, Cindy’s rage exploded, and she let go of the arrow.

The arrow shone with Heavenly Light, and it moved at speeds Gravis couldn’t even follow.

It was impossible to block or evade it.


The arrow shot through Gravis’ left shoulder, leaving a large hole behind as his entire arm was destroyed.

Cindy’s eyes widened.

How had her arrow missed!?

Of course, this had been the doing of the True Law of Control and the True Law of Rage. Both things made it harder for the opponent to control their attack.

With a sword, losing a bit of control wasn’t bad. After all, the sword would still slice through the enemy, even if it were at a different angle.

However, for an archer, control was everything. Just a slight slip-up would make the arrow miss by thousands of kilometers.

When Cindy had seen Gravis’ rating in the emblem for the tribulation request, she had tried to think of a way how such a weak Cultivator could counter her. Gravis had an unprecedented adaptability, which meant that he could counter everything.

Yet, how would he actually accomplish that?

Cindy was many times faster than her opponent, and her opponent shouldn’t even be able to react to her attacks.

This had been her confidence.

All plans and powers were useless if one didn’t even have the time to use them.

But now, she knew how Gravis could counter her.

He directly attacked the control over her offense.


Mortis appeared beside her again, unleashing another attack with his Form Law.

Cindy had already expected something like that and kicked Mortisi saber away,


The front of Cindy’s left foot was sliced off, but she had already expected that this would happen. She would rather use up 20/0 of her Life Energy than 50/0 of her Energy.

Yet, everything changed suddenly as her plan was thrown out the window.

First of all, some kind of power had cut off the concept of her left foot’s front. It was like she had never owned that part to begin with, making it impossible to regrow it.

Cindy’s mind had been shocked once again, but she couldn’t even comprehend what had happened before something different happened.


Unimaginable pain!

Cindy had never felt so much pain in her entire life!

For a moment, Cindy couldn’t move due to the sheer pain.


Gravis’ Form Law hit Cindy from a distance right at her abdomen, leaving behind a shallow, bloody cut.

The power of Gravis’ weapon could only be unleashed if it directly hit Cindy. From such a distance, the quality of the weapon didn’t matter. Sadly, Gravis couldn’t move quickly enough to Cindy to attack her from a close range.

So, Gravis had unleashed his Form Law,

The power of Form Law on the level of a level ten Law had only resulted in a shallow cut on Cindy•s body,

The difference in power between the two opponents was ridiculous.

Gravis’ Form Law had also included the Law of Suffering and the Major Law of Death, and Mortis quickly followed up with another attack.

However, at this moment, Mortis’ Law of Danger shouted at him, and he aborted his attack as he became intangible again.


Bright and peaceful light shone out of Cindy’s body: However, the peaceful appearance of the light couldn’t be more deceiving.

If Mortis had been hit by that, he would have been reduced to ash.

Just a casual attack of someone so much more powerful than them would kill them.

Such a usage of one’s Laws wouldn’t even put a scratch on an opponent at the same level, but against them, it would be deadly.

Cindy recovered quickly, and she pointed her bow at Gravis again.

Mortis couldn’t attack her while Cindy was surrounded by her cloak of light..


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