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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1277: – Cindy Bahasa Indonesia

Shortly after Gravis had said that he was ready for his tribulation, a tribulation token was deployed in The Heaven Company.

People that were willing to undergo their tribulation earlier than planned could request a tribulation from Heaven. Heaven was always listening.

However, there were some caveats.

First of all, the longevity gained after undergoing the tribulation earlier than planned wasn’t additive. It simply put the current longevity at the maximum for the Realm the person was at.

Second, one could only request a tribulation if less than 10% of the maximum longevity of the current Realm were remaining. This was to stop people from just getting tempering whenever they wanted.

Otherwise, people would just vanish from the face of the world and reach the peak without leaving their homes.

Third, the person requesting the tempering didn’t have a choice on their opponent. A tribulation didn’t always have to be found by Heaven. If someone found a fitting opponent slightly before the planned tribulation time, that opponent could count as a tribulation.

A good example was the Heaven’s Trial Gravis and Mortis had gone to. Arc, as well as the young Opposer, had counted as their tribulation.

Lastly, the tribulation opponent would be able to gain some intelligence about their opponent. That allowed them to decide if they wanted to fight that opponent.

So, with all of that in mind, a tribulation request had been sent to The Heaven Company.


“Oh?” a red-haired man uttered as he looked at the token that had just appeared in front of him. “A tribulation request?”

The man looked at the tribulation request and read the information on it.

Power: Extremely low.

Defense: Extremely low.

Speed: Low.

Adaptability: Unprecedented.

The red-haired man looked with shock at the tribulation request,

What were these values!?

He had never seen anything like it before!

The power was extremely low? That meant that the opponent would have to unleash nearly all their power to slightly scratch their opponent.

The defense was extremely low? That meant that one slight attack would kill them.

The speed was low? That meant that they were amongst the bottom 10% of speed.

However, the most surprising were the last two things.

Unprecedented adaptability?

That meant that they could counter literally every single enemy!

The man scratched his head in confusion. His enemy was incredibly weak, but they would be a perfect counter to him.

Was this someone trying to jump levels? That was the only explanation the man could think of.

Yet, the first three values were simply way too low, even for that.

After a while, the man frowned and threw the tribulation token away.


After being thrown away, the token vanished into nothingness.

He had declined.

“I’m not fighting people trying to jump levels. That’s a quick way to death,” the man said with a snort,


Meanwhile, another person got the request, and they looked over it before quickly declining it.

These values were simply too weird.

Another person declined.

Another one declined.

Then, someone that didn’t immediately decline the tribulation request got it.

They looked at the request for a couple of seconds with narrowed eyes.

‘The power of this person is too weird,’ they thought. ‘It’s almost like they have an incredibly weak body and nearly no Energy. How many levels is that person jumping?’

Then, that person narrowed their eyes. ‘Is that the person everyone has been searching for? It would make sense with these numbers.’

‘If it’s truly that person, I might get the reward that has gone unclaimed for several million years!’

‘I have to try it!’

Then, the person broke the emblem.

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The person got teleported and arrived in front of Gravis. When they saw Gravis, they immediately realized that they had guessed correctly.

When Gravis saw his opponent, his eyes narrowed.

‘This could be troublesome.’

In front of Gravis stood a small woman with long, white hair. Heavenly Light and Heavenly Darkness revolved around her as she took out a long bow,

She obviously was a member of the ftvilight Council.

Gravis looked at the bow with narrowed eyes. He hadn’t fought anyone that used a bow before, which made things harder.

However, Gravis knew that the fight would revolve all around distance. Cultivators with bows could unleash devastating attacks from a range, but they would be under a severe disadvantage in melee combat.

“So, this is where you have been all this time,” she said with a cold voice.

“Not really,” Gravis answered. “I’ve not stayed in this place for such a long time. That would be boring.”

The woman slightly pulled on her bow with a deep breath. “l almost can’t believe it, but since this is a tribulation request, it means that Heaven believes me to be a fitting opponent for you.”

“You feel so weak and fragile to me. I feel like I can eradicate you with a wave of my hand. I can’t imagine how you can possibly close this distance.”

“Let’s cut the talk,” Gravis said. “I’m Gravis, and I will be your opponent today.”

“Fine,” the woman said as her Laws revolved around her. “My name’s Cindy, disciple of the ‘IWilight Council.”

Why had Cindy shared her first name instead of her title?

Because it didn’t matter.

If she won, the only person knowing her first name would be dead, and if she lost, it wouldn’t matter anyway.


A man with green hair and white robes arrived beside the two of them. He would be their Judge.

When the man saw Gravis, his eyes widened in shock


Cindy activated her Will -Aura, Cindy was a level four Divine God, but her Will-Aura was equivalent to the power of a level five Divine God.

The Will-Aura ruthlessly suppressed Gravis, but he didn’t mind.

Cindy pulled her bow back with all her power. Heavenly Light, Heavenly Darkness, and many other Laws fused into her bow, making it shake with sheer power.

If Gravis got hit by that, he would die.

And then, Cindy let go of her arrow..


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