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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1269: – Matter Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis only chuckled loudly as he appeared inside his room.

The room still hadn’t changed. It was still the same room as when Gravis had been only a little kid.

Novels of different fantasy stories were at one of the cabinets on the side, and a couple of toys were strewn across the ground.

Gravis didn’t have any emotional reaction to his room. He had been here a couple of times, and he had gotten used to it by now.

Gravis walked over to his old bed and sat down. Gravis’ weight had reached unfathomable heights by now, but the bed didn’t even creak.

Then, Gravis took out the first materials and experimented with them.

He combined gasses, made them explode, made them enter strange pieces of wood, and he did all kinds of different things.

Master Linus had given Gravis a ton of Pure Materials but also a ton of Complex Materials. Gravis had enough to combine them and experiment with them however he wanted.

Of course, with Master Linus’ experience, Gravis had received materials that were very compatible with each other, making his comprehension far easier.

Just when Gravis had lost himself in comprehension, the materials suddenly ran out.

By now, Gravis was used to time passing at ridiculous speeds when he was comprehending Laws, and Gravis absentmindedly looked at his room.

Sure enough, a space ring was lying on top of a small drawer.

Gravis’ Spirit pulled all the materials in the space ring into his Spirit Space, and Gravis had to release a deep breath.

So many!

There were thousands of kilometers of different materials!

Just with a single glance, Gravis could guess that these materials were probably worth over 10,000 God Crystals!

Of course, they would all be used up. Experimenting with materials meant destroying them and using them up.

‘Four level nine Law Comprehension Life Fruits for over 10,000 God Crystals. That’s quite a good exchange, actually. Even if Law Comprehension Life Fruits for the True Law of Suppression are unprecedented, a Peak Sect probably won’t pay so much.’

‘I simply got the perfect client.’

Gravis quickly went back to analyzing the materials.

Yet, only a couple of instants later, according to his perception of time, he was interrupted.

“I’m done,” Gravis heard.

Gravis opened his eyes in surprise. “Oh? Already?” he asked.

“Took me a while,” Mortis answered. “Comprehending the True Law of Rage was horrible. I don’t want to do that again, and I think I have used up all my anger for the remainder of my life.”

Gravis only nodded with a smirk. “I can guess. You won’t guess what happened while you were gone.”

“Oh?” Mortis answered with interest.

Gravis quickly told Mortis about everything that had happened.

“Wow, were we lucky for once?” Mortis asked.

“Could be. I’m not sure,” Gravis answered. “It’s a nice change of pace.”

“Anyway, that’s a good thing. With the True Law of Matter, we can weaken the weapons of our enemies by quite a bit. It’s still worth it, even if we will already get all the weapons we will ever need.”

Gravis nodded. “I’m currently busy comprehending the materials Master Linus gave me. What’s your plan?”

“I’ve been angry for too long, and I think calming down is just the right thing. I’ll check out a Heaven’s Trial for the True Law of Calm. Don’t know how long it will take.”

Gravis nodded. “Sure. Tell me when you’re done.”

The two of them cut their connection. Mortis traveled to the next Heaven’s Trial while Gravis continued comprehending the materials.

Then, an instant later, Gravis was interrupted again.

“I’m done with the True Law of Calm,” Mortis transmitted to Gravis.

“Already?” Gravis asked in shock.

“What? Are you still not done with the True Law of Matter?” Mortis asked.

Gravis looked at the materials.

There were about 20% left.

“20% left,” Gravis said.

“Huh, that must have been a lot of materials if there are still so many left,” Mortis said.

Gravis wasn’t so sure as he looked at the remaining materials with an awkward expression.

It felt like he had burned through them with incredible speeds, but, apparently, he hadn’t. After all, Mortis had already comprehended two level nine Laws during that time.

“Sure enough, the Matter Laws are a pain in the ass, as always,” Gravis said.

“They’ve always been ridiculous,” Mortis answered. “The Pure Matter Laws have always been okay, but the Complex Matter Laws have always been a problem. There are simply so many of them, and it’s probably even crazier for the True Law of Matter.”

“I just checked through some of the new knowledge I gained regarding matter, and it’s just a terrifying amount of different materials and their uses. In a way, comprehending the True Law of Matter requires far more information than comprehending a level nine Emotional Law.”

“It’s basically the epitome of just remembering things.”

Gravis nodded.

“Anyway,” Mortis said. “I will check out the True Law of Pride. Comprehending the True Law of Calm wasn’t so bad. Time basically flew by. I guess I will be done pretty soon with the True Law of Pride since I have a great affinity for it.”

Gravis nodded. “We haven’t seen our friends in a long while. I know you’re missing Azure, and you’re probably also worried about her. Only a bit more, and we can see them again.”

“I know,” Mortis answered. “It’s difficult to focus on our Laws while we don’t know if our loved ones are still alive, but we have to trust in them. With the level ten Law of Emotions, we can create two terrifyingly powerful Form Laws, which should make it possible for us to fight a level four Divine God.”

“The fight will be difficult and extremely dangerous, but after that, we can try to directly go for the Peak Sects. At that point, we won’t need to hide anymore.”

Gravis nodded. “Only a bit more,” he said.

“Only a bit more,” Mortis answered.

Then, Mortis went to the Heaven’s Trial for the True Law of Pride while Gravis continued to comprehend the materials.

“I’m done!” Mortis suddenly said.

Gravis’ eyes shot open with shock.

“Already!?” he asked as he looked at the last couple of materials.

“Yeah, it was rather easy. Sure enough, I have a great affinity for Pride. How long until you finish the Matter Laws?” Mortis answered.

Gravis looked at the last materials.

“Should only be a couple of years. You concentrate on gathering all our knowledge regarding the materials and combining them. I’ll get the remaining materials.”


Gravis experimented with the last materials while Mortis focused on gathering all their insights.


Gravis wasn’t even done with the materials before he comprehended the True Law of Medium Complex Materials.

A year later…


Gravis comprehended the True Law of Soft Complex Materials!

And then…


Gravis comprehended the True Law of Matter!

“Finally!” Gravis shouted.

“Finally done,” Mortis answered. “That was far too much information.”

Gravis nodded.

How long had it taken Gravis to learn everything about matter?

700,000 years.

It was a lot of information.

Gravis looked at his room, and in his perception, everything had changed.

Gravis now knew what material his home was made out of and what materials his bed was made out of.

Gravis’ Spirit Sense expanded, and he could tell what every single piece of the world, except for the Elements, was made out of.

He even knew what Elements he needed to use to create them.

“I know all matter,” Gravis said to himself.

Then, Gravis looked at his hand.

“And soon, I will know all about the Spirit!”


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