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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1270: – Sentience Returns Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis closed his eyes and focused on the concept of Emotions and the Spirit.

Mortis did the same, and it didn’t take them long to combine all the insights.


Gravis and Mortis comprehended the True Law of Emotions, their second level ten Law!


The True Law of Perceived Reality combined with the True Law of Emotions to create the True Law of Sentience.

“Finally,” Gravis said. “With the True Law of Sentience, we can passively block all normal level nine Laws without restricting our own Laws. That will restrict our next opponent to only being able to use the Law inside their Star.”

The concepts of the True Law of Sentience washed through Gravis’ mind.

The True Law of Perceived Reality was the mastery over the will.

The True Law of Emotions was the mastery over the Spirit and Soul.

The True Law of Sentience combined both concepts, and it was the true mastery over everything intelligent.

Sentience was the very basics for Cultivation. Without sentience, one couldn’t comprehend Laws. Therefore, sentience also symbolized mastery over the Laws.

When fighting an opponent, the True Law of Sentience was just as useful as the True Law of the Living World.

However, when these two opponents fought each other, the True Law of Sentience always triumphed.

There was no power without sentience. Because of that, the True Law of Sentience was the ultimate counter to the True Law of the Living World.

Just with the True Law of Sentience, Gravis could already fight every single other Peak Divine God as long as he himself was also on that level.

With the exception of his Will-Aura, Gravis had already reached the Battle-Strength of the Ancestors of the Peak Sects.

Now, Gravis needed to increase his Realm and his Will-Aura.

As Gravis’ perception expanded throughout Opposer City, he could see the Law fragments again.

He saw what every single person was thinking about.

He saw through their personalities.

He saw everything that made them unique.

This image reminded Gravis of the words the Black Magnate had once said.

What value was there in life when one could perfectly replicate every living being? What value was there in interaction when one already knew what the other person would say before even they knew it?

However, Gravis wasn’t distraught.

Even if he could see through all of these people, the important people in his life would still stay important.

Back then, Gravis had also been able to see through Stella’s personality.

He knew what Stella would say and do back then, but it was still beautiful to watch her actually do it.

Even if someone had already read an amazing story, they might still decide to reread it.


Because it was still enjoyable.

Sometimes, knowing what will happen made stories even more beautiful.

This was very similar in a way.

Gravis already knew what everyone was going to do, but it was still interesting to watch it.

And if Gravis wanted something new?

He could simply talk with the Heaven’s Magnates or his father.

There were plenty of alternatives.

However, all of that was for the future.

For now, Gravis needed to concentrate on his next battle.

“How long?” Gravis asked.

“About 600,000 years,” Mortis answered.

Gravis nodded. “That’s enough time to comprehend a powerful Form Law.”

“I’ll come back,” Mortis transmitted to Gravis. “Shouldn’t take too long. You can start with your Form Law.”

Gravis nodded and concentrated on comprehending his new Form Law.

Now, the question was, what would happen in 600,000 years?

Their tribulation.

Yes, it was hard to believe, but in 600,000 years, Gravis and Mortis would have already been Ancestral Gods for three million years.

When they had just become Ancestral Gods, three million years had felt like an eternity, but the time had passed just like that.

It passed oh so very quickly.

However, this also meant that they hadn’t seen their friends in over two million years by now, a terrifyingly long amount of time.

Gravis didn’t know how many of his friends were still alive.

Gravis didn’t know if Stella was still alive.

The only thing he could do was trust them.

Gravis concentrated on his Form Law, and Mortis quickly arrived beside him while doing the same thing.

Then, another long time of comprehension started.

Gravis finally had access to the True Law of Emotions, but he didn’t have access to many more powerful Elemental Laws.

Because of that, Gravis had to mix in a lot of different insights, making the Form Law very unbalanced.

However, even if it were unbalanced, it still was terrifyingly powerful.

Luckily, since Gravis had already gone through all the insights of these Laws for his previous Form Law, creating his new Form Law didn’t take very long.

In fact, it only took him 50,000 years.

After 50,000 years, Gravis had created his new Form Law.

It wasn’t beautiful as his last one, and it didn’t have the telltale aura of perfection to it.

However, it definitely was powerful.

The Form Law reached the power of a level 9.5 Law.

If Gravis wanted to push it to the power of a level ten Law, he would need more level nine Elemental Laws.

“550,000 more years to go,” Gravis said to Mortis. “We already know all the Mixed Elemental Laws for the Fire Element. I think I can comprehend the Law of True Heavenly Fire without investing too much time.”

“I’ll help,” Mortis said. “I also need the Law of Heavenly Fire to give my Form Law more power.”

Gravis nodded.

Then, the two of them left Opposer City through the underground and traveled towards the Lightning Peak Sect.

Back then, Gravis and Mortis had only been level one Ancestral Gods, but now, they were level nine Ancestral Gods. Because of that, they reached the gigantic Law Comprehension Area for the Law of Heavenly Fire in only a century.

When they arrived, they simply remained inside the Heavenly Fire and closed their eyes. Their Elemental Synchronicity allowed them to do so.

Before long, the two of them realized that comprehending the Law of Heavenly Fire was even easier than they had anticipated.

Why was it so fast?

Their Elemental Synchronicity made a huge impact.

Their accumulated Law Comprehension experience of comprehending so many Laws also made it faster.

They already knew all the Mixed Elemental Laws involving the Fire Element.

The True Law of Matter already covered all the Elemental aspects of matter.

Lastly, they knew the True Law of Sentience, which was the ruler over all Laws.

With everything combined, comprehending the True Law of Heavenly Fire went rather quickly.

However, they couldn’t comprehend it in one go.


Because something had happened.


Gravis and Mortis opened their eyes as they felt terrifying waves of power wash over them.

They were millions of kilometers under the ground, but these terrifying waves still reached them. The waves of power weren’t nearly powerful enough to injure them after being weakened by so much matter, but they were still noticeable.

“What’s going on?” Gravis asked.

“Someone’s fighting,” Mortis said.

“But we are in the Lightning Peak Sect,” Gravis said.

Gravis and Mortis looked at each other.

“I guess the death of the Lightning Peak Sect’s tree has finally been unveiled,” Mortis said. “I believe that the other Peak Sects are trying to destroy the Lightning Peak Sect.”

“Are you sure?” Gravis asked. “Zero’s Essence is still unimaginably powerful.”

“They’re not stupid,” Mortis said. “If they are attacking, it means that they have a way to counter her.”

Gravis looked with discomfort and worry at Mortis.

However, suddenly, the two of them looked with shock upward.

Gravis couldn’t speak for a long while, but eventually, he realized something.

“Is that what Heavenly Senior meant!?” Gravis shouted in shock.


Gravis and Mortis jumped to the side in shock.

They looked over, and they saw Heavenly Senior smiling at them.

“What do you think?” he asked. “I told you I had a present for you!”


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