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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1268: – Repayment Bahasa Indonesia

“You can come in!” the Economistress said with a bright smile.

Master Linus’ perception entered the Opposer’s room again, and he saw the Economistress happily smiling at him.

“Thank you,” he said before teleporting into the room.

Master Linus was quite nervous. Looking into the Opposer’s room was one thing, but entering it was something completely different.

“Just ignore him!” the Economistress said with a bright smile. “Just treat him as some kind of ugly decoration.”

Master Linus didn’t dare to answer.

The Economistress pulled him over and served him some tea.

Gravis looked at his mother with a suspicious glance. His mother was a very social person, but she was acting a bit too nice right now.

“Are you happy that you have less competition?” Gravis asked.

“Of course!” the Economistress said with a bright smile. “With him gone, my forging company can expand even more!”

‘Knew it,’ Gravis thought.

Master Linus only chuckled a bit. “Sorry about that,” he said.

“It’s fine,” the Economistress said. “If I could dominate everything without a fight, it would be boring. It’s just a competition.”

“I’m happy that you won’t forge for the public anymore, but on the other hand, it’s also a bit sad to lose such an opponent. Our ongoing fight about money and customers has given me some memorable experiences,” she said.

Master Linus chuckled again. “Well, it wasn’t fun for me. Finding companies willing to sell their ore to me was far too troublesome, and I had to pay them far too much for what they had given me. I’m glad that these days are behind me now.”

“But honestly, I think I actually have to thank you,” Master Linus said. “In a way, you have constantly put me under suppression with your offensive towards my business. Without that, the four Law Comprehension Life Fruits might not have been enough for me to comprehend the True Law of Suppression.”


“Hands off! That tea isn’t for you!” the Economistress suddenly shouted with an aggressive tone as she slapped a black hand away.

The Black Magnate only looked at the Economistress with a grimace. “Hey, am I not also a guest? Why don’t I get some tea?”

“You? A guest? You might as well be a freeloader! You keep living here without paying rent! You should count yourself lucky that I haven’t already thrown you out!” the Economistress angrily shouted.

The Black Magnate wanted to retort, but in the end, he decided against it.

It wasn’t worth it.

Even the Opposer surrendered in front of his wife.

What could he do?

Master Linus looked with interest at the Black Magnate, and the Black Magnate looked back.

“Hello, I’m Linus,” Master Linus said politely when their eyes met.

“Black Magnate,” the Black Magnate answered with a bit of annoyance. “I guess I should congratulate you for becoming a Heaven’s Magnate.”

“It’s fine,” Master Linus said with a polite smile.

The Black Magnate only nodded. “I can give you some advice about the other Heaven’s Magnates later, but you should finish your business with Gravis first.”

“Sure, I’ll gladly accept that invitation,” Master Linus said. In a way, the Black Magnate felt more approachable than Heavenly Senior to Master Linus.

Maybe it was because Master Linus had also avoided human contact for such a long time?

“But you’re not going to talk in here,” the Economistress said with a huff. “Guests don’t get to invite guests.”

“But you said I’m a freeloader,” the Black Magnate said with a smirk. “So, technically, I’m not a guest.”

The Economistress frowned when she heard that.

Yet, surprisingly, she didn’t give a counter.

“Alright,” she said with a surprising calm. “You win this time, but you made a terrifying enemy today. I hope you won’t regret it.”

The Black Magnate only smirked.

After a while of talking, Gravis joined the table and sat down without a word.

Then, Gravis took a deep breath to prepare himself.

Suddenly, Gravis opened his eyes, and he looked at his mother with sad eyes. “Mom, could I have some tea, please? I would really like some tea. I’m thirsty.”

Master Linus looked with surprise at Gravis.

The Economistress looked with a slightly unwilling expression at Gravis.

However, in the end, she sighed and also gave Gravis a cup of tea.

“Thank you, mom,” Gravis said with a bright smile.

The Economistress only groaned as she put her hand to her forehead.

“Tch,” the Black Magnate spat from the side in disdain.

Gravis took a big mouthful of the delicious tea and looked with a professional smile at Master Linus. Just now, he had seemed like an innocent little boy, but now, he appeared like a professional businessman.

“So, about that repayment,” Gravis started.

Master Linus only smiled and nodded. “No problem. I will create enough materials for you to comprehend the True Law of Matter. That won’t take more than a couple of years.”

“As for the forging thing, I think I have a better solution. That solution should make it easier for you, and if you want, I can still teach you the principles of my forging, but I suspect that you no longer want to.”

Gravis looked with interest at Master Linus. “I’m listening,” he said.

“I will create 100 weapons for you, and they will all be on the absolute peak of the Divine God Realm. Nothing that hasn’t been forged by a Heaven’s Magnate can possibly damage them.”

“Why waste millions of years learning my forging principles when you can immediately get everything you want? At the moment, you are probably focusing on other Laws, and as an Ancestral God, your longevity isn’t very long. You have better uses for your time.”

“Of course, if you still want to learn forging from me, you can simply come to look for me later. We can start whenever you want. Naturally, you will still get your weapons,” Master Linus explained.

Gravis thought about the offer for a bit and nodded.

Why wouldn’t he accept?

Forging wasn’t a necessary part of reaching supreme power, and reaching the mastery Master Linus had achieved would take even Gravis millions of years.

In the middle world, Gravis had learned that he didn’t have to completely rely on only himself. He could accept help from others.

So, why decline?

“Sounds good,” Gravis said with a smile. “I’ll gladly accept.”

Master Linus nodded. “When do you want to start?”

“As early as possible,” Gravis said.

“No problem,” Master Linus answered. “I’d rather get this over with right now. I’ll simply look at this as my last official deal as a forger. The weapons I’ll make for you will be the best ones I’ve ever made.”

Then, Master Linus smirked. “Of course, only until I will make my own, new weapons after that.”

Gravis laughed when he heard that.

Master Linus took out a piece of ore.


With a bit of Heavenly Fire, the piece of ore was transformed into a ring.

In an instant, Master Linus had created an incredibly powerful space ring!

Then, Master Linus held out his other hand.




One piece of matter after the next appeared on Master Linus’ hand, and they all entered the space ring.

A couple of seconds later, Master Linus stopped and threw the space ring towards Gravis.

“Take everything inside into your Spirit Space. You can start comprehending these materials for now. You should be done with these materials in around a century, and by that point, the space ring will be filled with the remaining materials you need for the True Law of Matter.”

“When I’m done, I’ll give your mother the space ring, and she will give it to you. Like that, you can immediately start comprehending.”

“While you’re comprehending, I’m going to create your weapons. Usually, creating weapons is a quick affair for me, but when I go all out, I still need some preparation and planning time. By the time you’re done with your comprehension, I will be done with the weapons. Just like the space ring, I will give the weapons to your mother.”

Gravis nodded as he pulled out the mountain of materials in the space ring. Then, he threw the space ring back to Master Linus, who continued to fill it.

A Heaven’s Magnate had a terrifying amount of Energy, and Master Linus created these materials with blinding speeds.

Before Gravis went to look at the materials, he looked at his mother.

“No embezzling!”


The Economistress flicked Gravis’ forehead, and Gravis involuntarily got teleported to his room.


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