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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1261: – Plan For Complex Matter Bahasa Indonesia

Over 1.2 million years had already passed since Gravis and Mortis had started to comprehend Laws. This had been, by far, their longest Law Comprehension session.

They both missed their friends and family, but there was nothing they could do. They couldn’t get to them for fear of being noticed, and the others also couldn’t visit the two of them. After all, it would be very suspicious if several Ancestral Gods visited the Opposer’s domain.

Gravis also wasn’t afraid about his relationship with Stella. They had been apart for longer periods again and again, and by now, they had solidified their relationship. They had both been willing to sacrifice parts of themselves for the other, and such a bond could never be broken with only time.

In the last 1.2 million years, Gravis had fully focused on the Mixed Elemental Laws.

First, he had finished all the Lightning Laws, which didn’t take him very long. He only needed 300,000 years for the remaining five Laws.

Then, Gravis focused on the seven Laws involving Blaze he was still missing, which took him 900,000 years.

In 1.2 million years, Gravis had comprehended twelve level eight Laws, which was ridiculously fast.

Even more, as his experience in comprehending Laws grew, the speed at which he was comprehending them also grew.

Additionally, affinities were no longer important. Elemental Synchronicity gave Gravis a perfect affinity with every single Element, including metal and earth.

After comprehending a couple of Laws, Gravis had also eaten the set of Law Comprehension Life Fruits for the True Law of Soul Destruction.

All of this had only been what Gravis had comprehended.

What about Mortis?

Comprehending the Life Laws was far more difficult than comprehending the Elemental Laws, but on the other hand, Mortis only needed to comprehend level seven Laws, not level eight Laws.

In order to comprehend the five level seven Laws of Body Composition and the level eight Law of Body Composition, Mortis had needed 400,000 years.

The five level seven Body Growth Laws and the level eight Law of Body Growth took Mortis only 200,000 years. After all, he already knew the Composition Laws, making the Growth Laws far easier to comprehend.

After that, Mortis focused on the Plant Composition Laws, which also took him 400,000 years.

Mortis also only needed 200,000 years for the Plant Growth Laws.

While Gravis had comprehended 13 level eight Laws, Mortis had comprehended 20 level seven Laws and four level eight Laws.

This was everything that had happened in 1.2 million years.

After these years, Mortis decided to switch. The Life Laws up to and including the level eight Laws were nearly finished. Mortis was only missing the level eight Law of Soul Infusion. Then, he would need the level nine Laws.

However, comprehending the level eight Law of Soul Infusion was very difficult since Souls and Spirits were so elusive. Mortis wanted to get out and get a Law Comprehension Life Fruit for that Law, but they were simply not being sold.

Such elusive Laws were always kept for the Peak Sects, and they wouldn’t release these Law Comprehension Life Fruits to the public. Because of that, Mortis simply couldn’t procure them.

Additionally, the Life Laws wouldn’t increase their power by much without also knowing the True Law of Emotions.

Because of all these reasons, Mortis decided to switch from the Life Laws to the Emotional Laws.

They needed the Emotional Laws to fight their future opponent.

Mortis hid and traveled to a Heaven’s Trial. There were different kinds of Heaven’s Trials, and the one Mortis chose was set up for one of the Emotional Laws.

This Heaven’s Trial was under the control of one of the Peak Sects, but that didn’t stop Mortis.

Of course, entering a Heaven’s Trial to comprehend a Law was always a risk. After all, one couldn’t leave without having comprehended the Law in the Trial. However, Mortis was certain that it wouldn’t stop him.


Because Mortis didn’t go for an Emotional Law he didn’t have a great affinity for.

Instead, Mortis went for the True Law of Rage.

Mortis hadn’t been very angry in the newest couple of million years, but he was still very good at becoming angry. He only had to let himself go a bit.

Additionally, Orthar was probably very good at riling Mortis up.

Because of that, 1.2 million years after they started comprehending Laws, Mortis vanished into a Heaven’s Trial.

At the same time, Gravis also changed his focus.

He had known from the very beginning that he wouldn’t be able to comprehend all 45 Mixed Elemental Laws in such a short amount of time, but that hadn’t been his goal anyway.

Gravis had wanted to gain more experience in comprehending Laws before going for the actually important ones.

The Matter Laws.

Gravis needed the most powerful equipment and weapons if he wanted to fight against the Peak Sects. Otherwise, his weapons would keep breaking.

However, there was a problem.

The Complex Matter Laws were just like the Soul Laws, very elusive and hard to get.

Gravis had been able to find Material Sets for the Pure Matter Laws, but he couldn’t find any for the Complex Matter Laws.

Additionally, Gravis couldn’t just sit down and look at his own Spirit to comprehend that Law, in comparison to the Soul Laws. No, he needed tons of materials to look at.

Gravis needed to come into contact with all of these materials without alarming the Peak Sects.

Sadly, it wasn’t that easy. There were no Law Comprehension Areas for the Complex Matter Laws since there were simply too many different materials that all needed different conditions to exist. There was no way that something like that could exist naturally.

Gravis was also certain that they didn’t exist artificially in the classical form of a Law Comprehension Area. After all, one needed to experiment with these materials, which meant that they would be used up by comprehension.

No, the Peak Sects kept these Laws a secret, and they would give them out in Material Sets only they had access to.

Gravis could sneak some comprehension from Law Comprehension Areas without problem, but he couldn’t get that. To get these kinds of things, he would need to enter the Spirit Space of some Elder that gave out the rewards.

Obviously, that was impossible without alarming absolutely everyone.

At this moment, Gravis was glad that he chose the Law of Hard Complex Materials back in the Heaven’s Trial as one of his rewards.

Without that Law, Gravis would have no idea how to get the other ones.

However, with the Law of Hard Complex Materials, Gravis saw a way to get the other Matter Laws.

He only hoped that his plan would work.

After Mortis left for the True Law of Rage, Gravis put on his disguise. He had gotten a license to wear his disguise inside Opposer City.

Of course, to get such a license, Gravis had needed to show his identity to the guards.

However, that wasn’t actually a risk. After all, his mother and father were the rules over this city. Gravis only showed his identity to one of the highest commanders, and they gave Gravis the license for several million God Stones.

In the outside world, everyone was beneath the ruling hand of the Peak Sects, but not Opposer City.

This city belonged to the Economistress, and her most important commanders wouldn’t betray her.

With Gravis’ new disguise, he entered a very peculiar place inside Opposer City.

It was the largest square inside Opposer City and the most bustling one, the Broken Heaven Plaza.

The buildings around the plaza looked very lavish, as if all the owners wanted to compete with their money. One building stood out, not for looking especially extravagant, but for looking like a cheap two-floored stone house.

The owner had enough money to build a more prominent building. Just the fact that they owned property in the core of the city proved as much. The building simply didn’t need to impress people. Every single person in the city knew it.

It was the most well-known weapon store in existence, the Divine Weapon House.

Gravis remembered the last time he had come to this place.

Back then, the Opposer had shown Gravis why he didn’t need to cultivate.

The last time, Gravis had been a mortal.

Now, Gravis was a Peak Ancestral God.

If someone could give Gravis the Complex Material Laws, it would be Master Linus, the greatest Forger in the Cosmos!


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