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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1260: – Vanishing Bahasa Indonesia

Everyone spent a couple of years together. Gravis hadn’t visited his parents in quite some time, and he wanted to spend more time with them.

After several years, Gravis and Mortis decided to continue. They wanted to see their friends and other family again, but as long as the Peak Sects were still hunting them, they couldn’t visit them.

Because of that, they needed to become more powerful very quickly.

The Economistress assured them that she would inform their friends that Gravis and Mortis were fine and that they would take a while. They only had to focus on their Laws.

Gravis felt deeply grateful towards his mother. She had essentially given Gravis six trillion God Stones as a present since she was using the fruits to help Gravis’ and Mortis’ close ones.

Six trillion God Stones was an incredibly valuable gift.

After planning their future, Gravis and Mortis increased their Realm with their newfound wealth.

To what level would they advance?

Well, it all depended on their potential tempering.

With the True Law of Perceived Reality, every opponent with an equal or weaker Will-Aura wouldn’t be an opponent at all. Since they now had a Will-Aura equivalent to a level four Divine God, they could only fight level four Divine Gods with a more powerful Will-Aura or stronger.

Luckily, Divine Gods basically all had Will-Auras above their Realm. After all, all of these Divine Gods were peak geniuses, and all of them were outstanding.

There were three levels of power between the ninth level of the Ancestral God Realm and the first level of the Divine God Realm.

This made it very awkward. Either they needed to try to fight seven levels above themselves or become level one Divine Gods and fight mid-range Divine Gods.

In the end, they decided to go all in.

They would attempt to jump seven levels!

However, they would need a lot of preparation.

The True Law of Perceived Reality wasn’t enough.

If they wanted to have a shot, they needed equipment made out of the True Law of Matter and Form Laws equivalent to the True Law of Emotions. On top of that, they needed the suppression of the True Law of Sentience regarding Laws.

Without these things, attempting such a ridiculous jump was suicide.

However, they would attempt it.

Gravis and Mortis needed double the amount of Energy to advance in their Realm, which meant that they needed to consume about two trillion God Stones to become level nine Ancestral Gods.

In just a single day, the two had used up a third of their new wealth.

However, they were now level nine Ancestral Gods!

They had only recently become Ancestral Gods, and now, they were at the peak of the Ancestral God Realm.

One might think that this advancement was very fast, and it was, but it was also necessary.

The True Law of Perceived Reality had increased their Battle-Strength to ridiculous degrees, and their Will-Aura had also become very powerful.

After they fought their next opponent, their Will-Aura would reach the later Realms of the Divine God Realm.

That’s when they would come out into public to confront the Peak Sects.

One more fight to reach the level of the Peak Sects.

Two more fights and they would reach the peak of all Divine Gods.

And then, the Heaven’s Magnate Realm.

They were so close.

Two more fights, and they would be Heaven’s Magnates.

They had come so far.

They had gone through nearly twelve Realms, and now, they were so close!

But first, they needed to prepare themselves!

It was time to start their mad dash towards supreme power!

As soon as they reached the ninth level of the Ancestral God Realm, they consumed the level seven Law Comprehension Life Fruit for the True Law of Life Energy.

This had been their mother’s present, and it was the key point for all the Life Laws.

With the Law of Life Energy, every other Life Law would become easier.

In only 500 years, the two of them comprehended the level seven True Law of Life Energy.

This was the core!

Luckily, they didn’t need to be careful of their Law Comprehension experience anymore when it came to a level seven Law. Because of that, and because they had already comprehended several level nine Laws since the last time, they directly consumed the next set.

The level eight True Law of Soul Regeneration. This was the last set of Law Comprehension Life Fruits from their Heaven’s Trial.

After that, Gravis and Mortis split up.

Gravis’ mind wasn’t made of the usual lightning, which was why he focused on the Mixed Elemental Laws. Gravis covertly paid for a license to wear a disguise inside the city while not leaving his home, and he entered the Information Pavilion.

Gravis got the location of hundreds of Law Comprehension Areas for a relatively insignificant amount of money compared to his wealth.

Gravis would go underground and comprehend these Laws. As long as Gravis didn’t surface and kept himself hidden in Law Comprehension Areas that didn’t belong to Peak Sects, he would be able to remain undetected.

This was Gravis’ plan.

Meanwhile, Mortis spent tens of billions of God Stones on Life Gardens, which was anything but easy while being hunted by the entire world. Life Gardens were the Life Law equivalent of the Material Sets for the Matter Laws.

However, creating these Life Gardens was many times more difficult than creating these Material Sets, which was why Mortis had to pay tens of billions of God Stones for only level seven Laws. For level seven Laws, that was a ridiculous price.

Gravis and Mortis decided that they wouldn’t stop until they were ready to battle.

They would comprehend everything in one go.

No breaks.

This would become their longest session of Law Comprehension ever.

Since Gravis couldn’t use the Teleportation Formation Arrays, he had to go to these Sects via teleporting in the underground. Luckily, as a level nine Ancestral God, he could move rather fast.

Sadly, it still took Gravis around 10,000 years on average to get to the next Law Comprehension Area.

The highest world was simply too big.

It was ridiculous!

As soon as Gravis arrived at the Law Comprehension Area for Ancestral Zero, he already felt an incredible connection with the area.

It was almost like this Element was lightning!

For the first time, Gravis actually felt how it was to comprehend Laws with Elemental Synchronicity.

It was so easy!

It was like all the Elements wanted to be comprehended by him!

So, how long did it take Gravis to comprehend a level eight Law of a Mixed Element?

Only 150,000 years!

It was ridiculously fast!

In the meantime, Mortis had comprehended the level seven True Law of Bark Composition.

The two of them didn’t stop.

Another 150,000 years passed.

Another 300,000 years passed.

Another 600,000 years passed.

Time passed faster and faster.

If this had been in the higher world, Gravis would have long been lost in the Laws, but with the Emotional Laws and the True Law of Time, Gravis could easily keep his mind stable.

He was still himself.

Gravis and Mortis just kept on comprehending Laws.

The world changed.

Strong people died.

Weak people became strong.

But Gravis and Mortis were only comprehending Laws.

They were comprehending so many Laws!

Just like the Opposer back in the day, the world slowly forgot Gravis. They still paid attention to him, but they realized that they couldn’t find him.

The world calmed down.

Gravis had vanished.

Yet, just like the Opposer, Gravis would return with an explosion!


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