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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1262: – Master Linus Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis entered the store. It was currently empty, and he couldn’t see anyone inside it, which was normal. Master Linus only sold the best weapons in the world, and his prices were the most extravagant. Only the wealthiest Cultivators could afford to shop in here.

Gravis looked around, and with his new mountain of experience, he could tell the quality of the weapons with one glance.

Gravis took a deep breath.

These weapons!

How could they be that powerful!?

Gravis knew the Hard Complex Material Law, and he was extremely good at forging. Gravis could also take a good guess at how good weapons would be when forged with the True Matter Law.

Yet, these weapons were still better!


That broke the rules of the Laws!

Gravis’ mind quickly went through some methods on how it would be possible to create such insanely powerful weapons that were more powerful than the materials allowed them to be.

He could only think of one explanation.

“A Form Law for Forging,” Gravis said with surprise.

“Oh?” another voice said as an older man appeared right in front of Gravis.

The man looked with interest at the disguised person in his store. Only someone that knew the Hard Complex Law could tell that he had used a Form Law specifically for Forging.

Among Peak Sects, knowing that Law wasn’t very special, but those people were also the rarest customers. After all, they had their own talented Forgers, and they wouldn’t pay such a ridiculous premium for Master Linus’ weapons.

Gravis looked at the old man. “The True Matter Law is a level nine Law, and by comprehending the True Law of the Dead World, one can push it even further. However, that would only allow someone to push the matter to its natural limits.”

“In order to achieve something like this, one needs a Form Law on the level of a level ten Law, which can only be achieved with the True Law of Emotions.”

“The True Law of the Dead World and the True Law of Emotions,” Gravis said. “Master Linus, I don’t understand why you are acting this subserviently towards your customers when you are as powerful as the Peak Sect’s Ancestors.”

As Gravis spoke more, Linus became more interested. Apparently, Gravis knew quite a bit about him.

“That doesn’t concern you,” Master Linus said with a calm but direct voice. “What weapons are you interested in?”

Surprisingly, Master Linus didn’t act as subserviently towards Gravis as he had acted to that one useless son back then.

Master Linus’ entire demeanor had changed.

Back then, Master Linus had seemed like a scared old man, and now, he looked like a confident elder that knew what they were doing.

“I’m not here for your weapons,” Gravis said.

“Then why are you here?” Master Linus asked with furrowed brows. “Are you just here to compliment me? Please, I get enough of those.”

“I’m here to comprehend the True Laws of Medium Complex and Soft Complex Materials,” Gravis said.

Master Linus only rolled his eyes. “Another one, really? Listen, I don’t deal with Medium Complex and Soft Complex Materials. I only use some of them to supplement my equipment. I don’t have the supply partners and supply chains to get all kinds of Medium Complex and Soft Complex Materials.”

“The work to get all of them so that you may comprehend them will take a vast amount of work and time from me. Even if you have an incredible number of God Crystals, it doesn’t matter. I’m not doing all of this for the money, and I don’t need the money.”

“I can’t help you, even if you give me 100,000 God Crystals,” Master Linus said with annoyance.

Gravis furrowed his brows beneath his disguise. He obviously didn’t have that kind of money.

Plan A failed.

“What if I take over your work, giving you more time to comprehend Laws?” Gravis asked.

Master Linus snorted. “Can you make weapons on this quality?” he asked.

Gravis shook his head. “No, but I am soon able to. I only need your guidance.”

Master Linus frowned.

Gravis had perfectly highlighted what it needed to create such weapons.

Was Gravis confident in comprehending the True Law of Emotions soon?

Who was this guy?

Someone on that level would be a Sect Master or Ancestor of one of the Peak Sects.

Yet, those people wouldn’t hide their appearances and auras behind a disguise.

“Alright,” Master Linus said. “Let’s assume you can create such good weapons. What other things could you do?”

Gravis took out his right hand from his cloak and held it out.


Some ore appeared in Gravis’ hand.


Gravis used his Heavenly Lightning to forge the piece of ore into a weapon in only a couple of seconds.

Then, he reforged it into another weapon.

Even more, these weapons were World Weapons.

Master Linus’ eyebrows rose in surprise.

Then, he scratched his chin with interest.

“Not bad,” he said. “For lightning weapons, that is indeed very useful.”

Then, Master Linus took out some ore of his own.


In an instant, a bolt of Heavenly Lightning appeared, and a weapon was immediately forged.


A streak of Heavenly Fire appeared, and the weapon changed.


Heavenly Wind ground down the edge of the weapon into an unprecedently sharp form.

Gravis’ eyes widened.

His ability to forge a weapon instantly had always given him a gigantic edge over every other Forger.

Yet, in front of Master Linus, Gravis’ abilities were nothing special.

“If you want to help me with my shop, you need to be able to control all the Elements with the finesse you can control lightning. Additionally, you say you can create these kinds of weapons in the future, but that doesn’t help me. I need it now.”

“Lastly, you don’t even know the True Matter Law, which is the most important Law for creating such weapons.”

“And even if you can fulfill all of these criteria, as you have seen, I don’t even need your help. As many customers come, as many weapons will be created in a single second.”

“Help? I don’t need it.”

“Money? I don’t need it.”

Master Linus looked at Gravis for a bit, and then he felt a bit bad for being so harsh.

“Actually, you have a great talent for being an outstanding Forger. However, you simply don’t have any luck. I can’t spend years upon years trying to find the materials you need to comprehend the Laws.”

“I would advise you to join a Peak Sect. You are obviously a very talented and secretive Divine God that hasn’t joined a Peak Sect yet. It’s very admirable to reach such a level without any affiliation, but at some point, you must decide if the freedom is worth the added difficulty of becoming more powerful.”

“If you know freedom, you can be free, but it doesn’t represent true freedom. In order to achieve true freedom, you sometimes have to go play the situation and your surroundings correctly.”

“I can’t help you,” Master Linus said.

Gravis listened to Master Linus, shocked by what he had said.

These insights.

But then, why?


“The True Law of Freedom and the True Law of Control,” Gravis said. “You know both of them.”

Master Linus’ calm aura suddenly erupted for an instant before calming down again.

Then, he looked at Gravis with narrowed eyes.

Gravis was simply too unordinary in Master Linus’ perception.

Someone on Gravis’ level should be a leading figure in the Peak Sects.

Yet, he came here disguised.

On top of that, he didn’t even know all the Complex Material Laws.

However, he also knew enough about freedom and control to tell where Master Linus’ teachings stem from.

“I see,” Gravis suddenly said with realization.

“Now I know why you are acting subserviently to so many clients and why you have suddenly stopped acting like that.”


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