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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1243: – Star Lightning Bahasa Indonesia


They had expected to fight, but they hadn’t expected that the Vice-Sect Master of the Twilight Council would die!

Yes, the attack had killed the Vice-Sect Master of the Twilight Council.

The third strongest Cultivator of the second most powerful Peak Sect had just died.

Space and time were isolated right now, but the Twilight Council had its methods. They probably had already noticed that their Vice-Sect Master had died.

Everyone present knew that the Sect Master and Ancestor of the Twilight Council would appear quickly.

Silver Seer knew exactly what would happen.

He knew that he hadn’t been the one that had killed the Vice-Sect Master, but he also knew that no one would believe him.

Everyone would think that he had killed him, and no matter what he said, it would be impossible to convince them.

He had been framed!

Silver Seer’s eyes immediately went to the audience.

Then, his eyes filled with Lightning.


Thousands of bolts of Heavenly Lightning exploded from the sky, and the Heavenly Lightning incinerated all the watching Ancestral Gods.

Silver Seer was the Sect Master of the Lightning Peak Sect, and his actions were the actions of the Lightning Peak Sect. Because of this act, the Lightning Peak Sect had lost nearly 5% of their Karmic Luck.

The other representatives only looked at Silver Seer with narrowed eyes.

They didn’t care about the Ancestral Gods, but they cared about why Silver Seer had done so.

He knew that he couldn’t keep his actions a secret.

He wanted to kill all witnesses!

The representatives of the Lost Wind Sect, the Eternity Sect, and the Mortal Sect knew that they were in danger now.

These three Sects represented one side of the Peak Sects.

Silver Seer couldn’t trust them, which meant that he would kill them.

He had angered the Twilight Council, which was troublesome.

He had to kill them and then frame them!

It would spell an all-out war, but this was the best course of action.

If Silver Seer did nothing, the Twilight Council would join these three Sects, and with the increased power of their side, they would start a war anyway.

The war had already started, and Silver Seer knew it.

He had to weaken his enemies right now!

The only people Silver Seer hadn’t killed were the contestants and Gravis. Six contestants were isolated in a separate space, and they hadn’t witnessed anything like this. One of them had suddenly left, and Exar, who had stood in the arena, had already been taken away by a Divine God of the Lightning Peak Sect.

Exar would join the Lightning Peak Sect if he wanted to or not.

What did Exar think of that development?

He didn’t mind it.

He had wanted to join a Peak Sect anyway. It was nice to stay with Manuel’s faction, but Exar had never been truly close with them.

Exar was more interested in his own power, and he had made no secret of it.

Everyone knew that if Exar had the chance to further his own power, he would leave.

Aris was similar, but for different reasons.

Aris wanted to join a Peak Sect to support his friends with the resources he could gain.

However, Aris was in the isolated space with the other contestants right now.

They didn’t even know that nearly everyone near the arena had died.

They hadn’t noticed anything, and they were only confused about the fact that the next fight hadn’t started yet.

So, at this moment, only eight living beings remained in the vicinity of the arena.

The six representatives of the Peak Sects, Gravis, and the hidden Mortis.

The representative of the Eternity Sect joined the representatives of the Lost Wind Sect and the Mortal Sect.

They were in the same boat now, and they had to survive until the forces of the Twilight Council arrived.

Silver Seer readied his spear, and his body exploded with lightning.

Then, he charged forward.


The surroundings exploded again as Silver Seer began an aggressive offensive.

However, three Vice-Sect Masters were nearly impossible for him to beat.

The three of them worked together to block the attack, and then, the representative of the Lost Wind Sect moved forward with a thin, long rapier.

The Sect Master couldn’t evade.

However, he didn’t need to.


A new person with white hair appeared, who blocked the attack.

This was the Lightning Peak Sect, which meant that the Silver Seer wasn’t alone.

The Vice-Sect Master of the Lightning Peak Sect had been called, and he had involved himself in the fight.

Now, it was two versus three.

The Vice-Sect Master stopped beside his Sect Master as he looked coldly at his three opponents.

Silver Seer quickly readied another attack.


Silver Seer’s attack was interrupted as he suddenly had to block an attack.

Silver Seer’s rage exploded.

“Star Lightning!” he shouted with endless rage.

His Vice-Sect Master, Star Lightning, grinned maliciously.

“I’ve never supported your sudden takeover of the Lightning Peak Sect!” he said. “You don’t embody our philosophy, and you are an embarrassment as a Sect Master!”

Star Lightning moved back and stopped beside the representative of the Lost Wind Sect.

The representatives of the Eternity and Mortal Sect looked at him warily, but the representative of the Lost Wind Sect calmed them down. “He’s one of us,” he said.

Silver Seer glared with hatred at Star Lightning. “You traitor! So, you were the reason why the Lost Wind Sect kept winning against us!”

“Yeah, so what?” Star Lightning said with disdain. “If you weren’t such an embarrassment, I wouldn’t have joined the Lost Wind Sect. You implemented idiotic policies, and you spent our wealth on pointless stuff. You are the reason why the Lightning Peak Sect had degenerated to such a state.”

“I am the reason!?” Silver Seer shouted. “You were the one that gave the Lost Wind Sect valuable intel! How am I supposed to run a Sect when my closest and most powerful confidant is a traitor!?”

“It doesn’t matter anyway,” Star Lightning said. “We only have to wait for the Twilight Council to arrive. We don’t even need to kill you. We just have to wait.”

“Realize that it’s over. Why do you think the Heavenly Divine Sect and the True Life Sect didn’t get involved? They know that you can’t survive, and they don’t want to die with you.”

The Vice-Sect Master of the True Life Sect only watched with interest.

The expression of the Sect Master of the Heavenly Divine Sect didn’t change.

“It’s over, Silver Seer,” Star Lightning said with a sneer. “It’s four against one-“

“Three against one.”

The eyes of Star Lightning opened wide in shock.

Then, his body fell into two halves.

He was dead.

Everyone looked at the Sect Master of the Heavenly Divine Sect as he put one of his swords back onto his back.

He had been the one that had spoken, and he had also been the one that had killed Star Lightning.

The representatives of the Lost Wind Sect, the Mortal Sect, and the Eternity Sect looked with fear at the Sect Master of the Heavenly Divine Sect.

If he got involved, they would undoubtedly die.

The Twilight Council was the second most powerful Sect if one ignored the Ancestors.

And the Heavenly Divine Sect was the most powerful.


Because their Sect Master was as powerful as an above-average Ancestor.

He knew two level ten Laws, and he was very close to comprehending his third one.

Silence reigned as everyone looked at the Sect Master of the Heavenly Divine Sect.

The Sect Master only looked evenly at everyone else.

“I hate traitors.”


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