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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1244: – Battle Of Control Bahasa Indonesia

Everyone looked with shock at the Sect Master of the Heavenly Divine Sect.

Would he get involved?

Yet, even after several seconds, he didn’t make any other moves.

Apparently, he had only been angry at the traitor.

He wouldn’t get involved.

The Vice-Sect Master of the True Life also only watched everything with intrigue. It was like she was simply watching an entertaining show.

Silver Seer looked at his three enemies, and he knew that he couldn’t win alone.

He could take on two, but not three.

Contacting Zero’s Essence wouldn’t help him. She would only get involved when other Ancestors got involved.

It was Silver Seer’s job to deal with everyone else.

During all of this, what was Gravis doing?

He was waiting.

At the moment, the Sect Master of the Heavenly Divine Sect and the Vice-Sect Master of the True Life Sect were watching him.

The others didn’t have any attention to spare due to the strained situation, but these two still watched him.

If Gravis tried to escape now, these two would stop him.

Additionally, the most powerful Formation Array of the Lightning Peak Sect had been activated.

Gravis could get through the normal Formation Array, but this Formation Array blocked even his True Law of Freedom.

It was simply too powerful.

There were plenty of Peak Divine Gods that knew the Law of Freedom, and the Peak Sects had long developed a Formation Array that could block that Law.

They simply didn’t keep it active all the time due to its insane cost.

Gravis had muddied the waters even more by controlling Silver Seer’s Heavenly Lightning, and it had given him a glimpse of hope.

When the Twilight Council arrived, Silver Seer had to deactivate the Formation Array.

At that point, Gravis only had to escape the notice of the Divine Gods.

But how?

His Law of Perceived Reality didn’t work since they all already knew that he had it.

This meant that he would be noticed if he made a move.

Gravis looked at the Vice-Sect Master of the True Life Sect.

She seemed like she didn’t care about anything that was going on, but Gravis felt like this was only a show.

Gravis suspected that she was only waiting for Silver Seer to promise her enough resources.

She knew that Silver Seer needed help right now, and she would only help if he offered enough resources.

Gravis also looked at the Sect Master of the Heavenly Divine Sect.

Gravis felt a mixture of emotions coming from the Sect Master of the Heavenly Divine Sect.

Anger, disgust, pity, and nostalgia.

If Gravis hadn’t known so many different Emotional Laws and Laws of Perceived Reality, he wouldn’t have been able to feel the Sect Master’s emotions to such a degree.

Gravis could feel these emotions, but he wasn’t sure why the Sect Master was feeling them.

However, Gravis knew that this had something to do with him.

Gravis guessed that the anger and disgust were there because of his past actions.

The Sect Master of the Heavenly Divine Sect had said that he hated traitors, and he had seen what Gravis had done.

Gravis had killed the person sitting beside him without any warning.

He knew that Gravis had betrayed someone, which was why he was angry and disgusted at him.

However, Gravis had no idea why the Sect Master felt pity and nostalgia while looking at Gravis.

“What do you want?” Silver Seer transmitted to the Vice-Sect Master of the True Life Sect.

“Oh? Why are you talking to me? Don’t you have something to do?” she answered with faked surprise.

“Skip the bullshit. I know that you are only waiting until I give you a fitting offer for your help. So, what do you want?” he asked again.

“Well, then go ahead and give me a fitting offer,” she answered innocently.

Silver Seer gritted his teeth.

He didn’t have time for this!

The Twilight Council could arrive any minute now!

“15 level nine Law Comprehension Life Fruits of your choosing,” he transmitted to her.

The eyes of the Vice-Sect Master of the True Life Sect opened wide in pleasant surprise.

That was far more than she had expected!

She grinned happily and took out her bow as she took aim at the representative of the Mortal Sect.

“Deal!” she said.

Then, another battle broke out.

The representative of the Mortal Sect was now busy with the representative of the True Life Sect.

The representative of the Mortal Sect had been the most troublesome person for Silver Seer since she could interfere with his attacks.

With her out of the picture, he could fully unleash his powers.

The Heaven’s Child only looked on evenly. Her addition didn’t make a difference to him. The entire world could get into a fight, and as long as no other Heaven’s Magnate fought, he could easily control the damage.

He knew the Law of the Cosmos, and as Heaven’s representative, he had a rudimentary control over Orthar’s Cosmos. He had access to the Cosmos’ resources while doing his job, making his power and control essentially infinite.

Now, five people were fighting, and only the Sect Master of the Heavenly Divine Sect kept paying attention to Gravis.

Gravis’ eyes narrowed as he became nervous.

The situation was very delicate, and Gravis had to keep it in this state.

If either side won, Gravis couldn’t escape anymore.

He had to keep them fighting until the Twilight Council arrived.

Peak Divine Gods moved with incredible speeds, and Gravis could barely keep his attention on the fight.

He couldn’t discern anything!

In less than a second, an eternity of battle had already passed.

Gravis couldn’t rely on his Spirit Sense or eyes.

So, he closed his eyes and used the True Law of Control to look at the world.

At that moment, Gravis felt two sides trying to wrestle control to their side.

It was like Gravis saw two streams of water with different colors clash with each other.

He couldn’t allow the current of either side to overwhelm the other side.

There was one part of one current that Gravis could slightly control to manipulate the overall flow.

That was Silver Seer and his Heavenly Lightning.

Gravis completely shut off all his senses and only concentrated on the currents.

In an instant, one part of the current suddenly moved forward.

Gravis took hold of the small part he could control and made it attack the advancing part.

“Watch what you’re attacking!” the representative of the True Life Sect suddenly shouted with boundless anger.

Silver Seer had nearly killed her just now!

“You think I wanted that to happen!?” Silver Seer shouted back aggressively. “It’s obviously that whore from the Mortal Sect controlling my attack! Keep her under control!”

“You’ve got time to be distracted?” the representative of the Lost Wind Sect said with disdain as he attacked.

Gravis felt the opposing current clash forward, suppressing the side he could control.

Gravis quickly took hold of the part he could control and moved it slightly to the side to attack from the flank.

“Argh!” Silver Seer and the representative of the Lost Wind Sect shouted in anger and pain at the same time. They had both been severely injured just now.

“Do you want to kill me!?” the representative of the Lost Wind Sect shouted aggressively at the representative of the Mortal Sect.

“That wasn’t me!” she shouted in rage.

Gravis felt the representative of the True Life Sect push forward, and Gravis moved the part of the current he could control against her.

However, the part he could control suddenly resisted fiercely, and Gravis couldn’t wrestle control away from it.

“I have ways to counter your control, whore!” Silver Seer shouted as he felt someone trying to control his lightning.

Gravis fell into a panic as he felt the representative of the True Life Sect charge forward. If he didn’t do something, she would win!

Gravis gritted his teeth as he looked away from the two streams.

Gravis quickly focused on an external power and moved it towards the advancing part of the current.

Suddenly, waves exploded from the advancing current, destroying its power.

“What!?” the representative of the True Life Sect shouted in shock. “Why is the Law Comprehension Area for the Heavenly Lightning suddenly attacking me!?”

“I don’t know! It must be that whore!” Silver Seer answered.

The Heavenly Lightning didn’t injure her, but her offense had been stopped, giving the representative of the Mortal Sect some time to regain control.

For the next few seconds, Gravis intervened over 20 times to keep the fight going.

The combatants had realized that something fishy was going on.

Too many weird things had happened during the fight.

Additionally, Silver Seer and the Vice-Sect Master of the True Life Sect became nervous.

They had to end it now!

Gravis felt the two strengthen their offense in exchange for defense.

Gravis’ eyes shone with lightning.


The entire Law Comprehension Area of Heavenly Lightning suddenly moved at the Sect Master of the Lightning Peak Sect.

“What!?” everyone shouted in shock.


The Heavenly Lightning hit, but Silver Seer wasn’t injured. He was too powerful to be injured by such a Law Comprehension Area.

However, his offense had been stopped.

But that wasn’t the end.


With the Heavenly Lightning gone, the Heavenly Wind had no more resistance.

It swept throughout the Lightning Peak Sect, throwing everything into disarray.

Formation Arrays were destroyed, as some buildings were turned into rubble.

Ancestral Gods died in droves, and the Heavenly Wind also reached the arena.

Gravis looked with narrowed eyes at the approaching Heavenly Wind.

He would also die if he got hit.


However, a shield appeared around Gravis, just as he had expected.

Gravis glanced at the Sect Master of the Heavenly Divine Sect, who only looked back evenly.

He had been the one that had protected Gravis.

Gravis knew that the Sect Masters wouldn’t let him die.

The gigantic mountain in the middle of the Lightning Peak Sect was destroyed by the Heavenly Wind, just like the majority of the Lightning Peak Sect.

Silver Seer looked with shock as the Heavenly Wind was destroying his Sect.


How had this all happened!?

Why had this all happened!?


And then, Silver Seer felt a powerful force attack his Formation Array.

The Twilight Council was here!

Silver Seer gritted his teeth as the entire situation went out of control.

He couldn’t pay attention to anything.

He wasn’t made to control all of this!

He was a freedom guy, not a control guy!

However, there was one thing he knew he had to do.

Silver Seer deactivated the Formation Array to let the Twilight Council in.

If he stopped them, he could never defend himself!

Yet, he also continued attacking them.

“Just wait until the Twilight Council is here! Your manipulation of my attack will be brought to light, whore!” Silver Seer aggressively shouted at the representative of the Mortal Sect.

“What pointless accusations!” she shouted back with ridicule.

When Gravis felt the Formation Array vanish, he opened his eyes as conviction entered them.

Then, Gravis’ eyes met the eyes of the Sect Master of the Heavenly Divine Sect.

He was still paying attention.


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