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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1242: – Chaos Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis took out his saber.

‘It’s my fault. I was the reckless one, and I believed that I wouldn’t be noticed. However, I have been noticed.’

‘You haven’t done anything against me. Your Sect has given a home to my friends and me, and you don’t deserve this.’

‘However, I can’t risk it. My friends are too important to me.’

‘I’ve committed the mistake, and you have to pay the price.’

‘I’m sorry.’

It definitely wasn’t easy for Gravis, but he couldn’t risk it.

He couldn’t trust the Eternal Fire Sect.

Gravis knew that he wasn’t any better than the Peak Sects.

The Peak Sects saw Gravis as a potential danger, even though Gravis had never done anything to them.

Now, Gravis saw the Eternal Fire Sect as a danger, even though his relationship with them was amicable.

Gravis knew that he was betraying them.

He was a traitor.

However, it was a necessity.

Indecisiveness would only put everything he loved into danger.

Today, he would need to kill innocent people.

Gravis felt a dark feeling of guilt and self-loathing inside of himself.

He hated himself for doing it, but he knew that he had to do it.

There was no other way.


Time around the Vice-Sect Master of the Eternal Fire Sect broke into pieces.

The eyes of the Vice-Sect Master opened wide in shock.


A Lightning Crescent hit the unprepared Vice-Sect Master.

If he had been ready for a battle, Gravis couldn’t have killed him this easily, but the Vice-Sect Master hadn’t even been prepared for a battle.

He couldn’t even react.

The eyes of the audience opened wide in shock.

Someone in the audience had just been killed!

The Ancestral Gods quickly jumped into the distance warily.

The Sect Master of the Lightning Peak Sect narrowed his eyes, and he quickly turned back time.

However, his eyes widened when he realized that the person beside Gravis had vanished from time itself.

He couldn’t see who had been beside Gravis just a moment ago!

Additionally, no one had paid any attention to the person besides Gravis.

No one knew who had been beside Gravis just now.

And now, they couldn’t even investigate this incident with the True Law of Time.

The Divine Gods immediately knew what this meant.

This level one Ancestral God knew the True Law of Time!

That was the only way to obscure the flow of time to such a degree!

The Divine Gods were extremely experienced and very intelligent. They immediately knew why Gravis had done such a thing.

The person beside Gravis had obviously known things about Gravis that Gravis couldn’t allow to be known by anyone.

‘He has friends and a family!’ they all thought simultaneously.

Then, pure chaos broke out!


A gigantic Formation Array around the Lightning Peak Sect activated.

Space, time, and everything else were isolated.

Teleportation became impossible.

Manipulation of time became impossible.

Every single second, this Formation Array burned a billion God Stones!

It was the strongest Formation Array inside the Lightning Peak Sect!

The representatives of the other Peak Sects had just taken out some emblems, but these emblems quickly lost their effects.

These emblems would have allowed them to contact their Sect. They had to get backup, and they had to quickly investigate Gravis’ background.

They all knew how valuable Gravis was, and they couldn’t allow the other Sects to grab him!

Yet, the Sect Master of the Lightning Peak Sect had immediately activated the strongest Formation Array to isolate everything.

They all knew that Gravis was a future Heaven’s Magnate.

They couldn’t allow him to enter any rivaling Peak Sect!

The Vice-Sect Master of the Lost Wind Sect also acted immediately.


An apocalyptic explosion of darkness occurred as he unleashed one of his strongest attacks at the Sect Master of the Lightning Peak Sect.

Just before this had happened, a child with white hair had appeared above the Lightning Peak Sect.

It was the Heaven’s Child, the strongest Heaven’s Magnate.

He was the only person in The Heaven Company that could protect the surroundings from battles between level nine Divine Gods.

Because of his arrival, the explosion didn’t injure or damage anything.

The Sect Master of the Lightning Peak Sect had taken out his spear, and he had blocked the attack.

However, he had still received some injuries, which quickly consumed a lot of Life Energy.

Vice-Sect Masters of Peak Sects also were level nine Divine Gods.

One’s Realm wasn’t important anymore at such powers since nearly everyone was a Peak Divine God. At that point, it was only relevant how many level nine and level ten Laws one knew.

The Ancestors of the Peak Sect all knew at least two level ten Laws, and they also knew several other level nine Laws of the other major categories.

Meanwhile, the average Sect Master of a Peak Sect knew a bit less than two level ten Laws. Some of them knew two level ten Laws, but most of them only knew one of them with several level nine Laws.

Silver Seer, the Sect Master of the Lightning Peak Sect, knew one level ten Law and a couple of level nine Laws.

In essence, he was average in terms of power when it came to Sect Masters of Peak Sects.

What about Vice-Sect Masters?

The most powerful Vice-Sect Masters knew one level ten Law, while the weaker ones only knew several level nine Laws.

The Vice-Sect Master of the Lost Wind Sect knew one level ten Law, which he had comprehended only recently.

He was definitely weaker than the Sect Master of the Lightning Peak Sect, but he was powerful enough to resist him for quite a while.

None of the representatives spoke.

They all knew that talking would be useless now.

They all wanted Gravis in their Sect, and they had to get him at any price.

They knew that any Sect that would gain Gravis would severely sour their relationships with the other ones.

There was no reason to speak politely and diplomatically.

The Ancestral Gods fell into a panic, and they all fled.

However, the Formation Array stopped them in their tracks.

They couldn’t leave!

Silver Seer quickly attacked the Vice-Sect Master of the Lost Wind Sect, who tried to defend himself.


Silver Seer’s attack missed. Rage had suddenly filled him, which had resulted in him losing control over his attack.

Silver Seer glared at the representative of the Mortal Sect, who only smirked as she arrived beside the Vice-Sect Master of the Lost Wind Sect.

Silver Seer only narrowed his eyes as he attacked again.

Heavenly Lightning exploded around him as he attacked the two of them with several Lightning Spears.


Suddenly, the black and white elder appeared between the two sides. Heavenly Purity and Heavenly Stygian fused as they warped the surrounding space.

The trajectory of the Lightning Spears changed as they aimlessly flew into the distance.

The representative of the Twilight Council had stepped between the two sides, stopping the fight.

The Twilight Council was the only neutral party among the Peak Sects, and they had to be respected.

If one ignored the Ancestors, the Twilight Council was the second most powerful Peak Sect.

Gravis’ eyes opened.


Suddenly, the Lightning Spears turned around, and they exploded on the back of the representative of the Twilight Council.

Time seemingly stopped.


The will on the Lightning Spears had already been destroyed!

It was impossible to control them remotely!

The representative of the Twilight Council hadn’t paid attention to these Lightning Spears, which was how they had managed to hit him.

Everyone looked with shock at Silver Seer.

How did he do that!?

Yet, Silver Seer looked just as shocked.


He didn’t want to attack the representative of the Twilight Council!

Everyone thought that it had been the Sect Master of the Lightning Peak Sect. After all, it had been his attack.

Except for one person.

Heaven’s Child looked with narrowed eyes at Gravis.

Gravis had interfered in the fight, and according to the rules, he was allowed to kill Gravis now.

However, he remembered the words the Opposer had spoken to him.

In the past, the Heaven’s Child would have simply killed Gravis.

After all, he had acted according to the rules.

What could the Opposer do?

Yet, he remembered that someone more powerful than him had thought the same thing about 1.5 million years ago.

Heaven had also said that it played according to the rules.

But that hadn’t stopped the Opposer.

The Opposer didn’t care about rules.

Because of that, Heaven’s Child ignored Gravis.

He didn’t want to die.

Meanwhile, Gravis only looked at the members of the Peak Sects.

‘I have to make this situation as muddy and unforeseeable as possible!’


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