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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1241: – Cruel Sacrifice Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis only smiled bitterly.

Arc had thrown him into a den of hungry lions.

Fighting the lions was impossible.

Gravis had to find another way out.

However, Gravis understood why Arc had done that.

By staying unknown, no super-powerful Sect would find him, which resulted in Gravis being rather safe.

However, if only one powerful Sect suddenly noticed him, Gravis’ life would be in their hand.

Gravis couldn’t fight Divine Gods. If one Divine God found him, they would force him to join their Sect or kill him.

Gravis wouldn’t have any control over his life anymore.

However, if several Sects noticed Gravis at the same time, they would essentially counter each other.

Gravis had known that, but he didn’t want to enter the public’s eyes.


Because it would change his entire life.

The other Sects would try to kill him or weaken him with everything they could do.

This included threatening him with his friends and family.

Gravis knew that if he entered the public’s eyes, it would be tough to meet his friends again for the time being.

The Sects Gravis didn’t join would search for his friends and family and would threaten Gravis with them.

If Gravis didn’t want his friends to die, he would need to do whatever that Sect told him. Even more, the Sect Gravis joined would supervise him strictly, and they would notice it.

Then, a major conflict would break out.

Gravis was essentially an insanely powerful weapon to the Sects.

He was like a legendary sword with infinite power, and every Sect wanted to have that sword.

The Sect would keep Gravis suppressed in their Sect, not wanting the other Sect to take him.

The other Sect would threaten him more and would probably kill one of his friends every couple of years to pressure Gravis.

During that time, Gravis would obviously be extremely angry with the Sect that he had joined since they didn’t allow him to save his friend.

At that point, this Sect would realize that Gravis wouldn’t help them in the future anymore.

So, Gravis had transformed from an asset into a danger.

The Sect Gravis had joined would kill Gravis before he could become powerful enough to threaten them, and the other Sect would kill the remainder of Gravis’ friends.

This was how it would go down.

Gravis would have no control over his life anymore, and his friends would also die.

Now, what if Gravis told the Sect he was joining about his friends and families, and they quickly escorted them to their headquarters to protect them?

First of all, Gravis’ friends still wouldn’t be safe. Peak Sects had many methods and abilities to threaten Gravis’ friends.

Second, Gravis would be forced to remain in the Sect. After all, the Sect essentially had control over the lives of Gravis’ loved ones.

And as soon as Gravis became quite powerful, he would only be allowed to meet his friends from time to time under strict supervision.

After all, the Sect would know that they had essentially softly threatened Gravis with his loved ones, and if Gravis ever managed to get his loved ones away to safety, he would attack them.

Additionally, when Gravis became a threat to the Sect Master, the Ancestor would probably kill Gravis.

By that time, Gravis would have gained the Sect many resources, and he would have long proven his worth. At that point, the investment had already paid its dividends.

Gravis had long thought about what would happen if the Peak Sects found him, and this was what he had come up with.

Essentially, all paths ended in tragedy.

Gravis would die before he could become a Heaven’s Magnate, and his friends would also die.

There was only a single way out of this situation.

He had to make sure that the powerful Sects didn’t find out anything about Gravis’ loved ones.

Additionally, Gravis couldn’t allow himself to enter any Sect.

If he entered one, Gravis would never get any opportunity to flee.

Several Divine Gods would overlook him all the time, and they would always question their perception.

If Gravis did anything they didn’t like, he would be violently suppressed and pulled back into the Peak Sect.

Then, they would imprison him until he decided to comply. He wouldn’t even gain access to any Law Comprehension Areas.

In essence, they would force Gravis to slowly wait till his longevity ended.

Even more, if they stopped absolutely everyone from coming close to Gravis when it was time for Gravis’ tribulation, Gravis would transform into dust.

If someone didn’t go to a place where a tribulation could take place, they would simply be killed by Heaven. This was to stop people from trying to extend their life without going through their tribulation.

Sure, Orthar might give Gravis a pass on that, but that wouldn’t be better.

Gravis would be isolated forever, and he wouldn’t see his loved ones again until they either became more powerful than the Peak Sect keeping Gravis or until they died.

Gravis would be isolated for tens of millions of years without being able to grow more powerful.

Unless he complied with the Sect’s orders.

If he complied with the Sect’s orders, he would be allowed to become more powerful.

Yet, the more powerful he grew, the closer he would get to the point where the Sect would just kill him since he was slowly becoming a danger.

Not complying meant eternity in endless nothingness.

Complying meant walking towards death.

So, there was only one option.

First, Gravis’ relationships had to remain a secret to all seven Peak Sects.

Second, Gravis couldn’t enter any Sect.

There was no other choice.

Orthar and the Opposer wouldn’t get involved.

The Opposer only helped Gravis against forces outside the normal Cultivation world, which were the Heaven’s Magnates and Orthar.

He wouldn’t get involved as long as only Peak Sects targeted Gravis.

Gravis was powerful enough and old enough to know how the Cultivation world worked. He had to get through the Cultivation world on his own.

If Gravis couldn’t even survive this, how could he possibly become a Heaven Breaker in the future?

The other representatives of the Peak Sects noticed that the aura of the Sect Master of the Lightning Peak Sect had become a bit unstable, and their Spirit Senses quickly followed the Sect Master’s senses.

That’s when they noticed Gravis.

In just one moment, over 15 Spirit Senses of Divine Gods had focused on Gravis, and they had all seen through his illusion.

The Ancestral Gods hadn’t noticed anything out of the ordinary, but the Divine Gods had fully focused on Gravis.

At the moment, no one had contacted Gravis, but that was because they were simply too shocked to react properly.

Gravis knew that he would soon be bombarded with sound transmissions.

“What do we do now?” Mortis asked Gravis via voice transmission.

Gravis took a deep breath.

The Eternal Fire Sect went through his mind.

‘Lina,’ Gravis thought with guilt.

‘I’m sorry.’

‘I can’t risk it.’

‘At the moment, only the Eternal Fire Sect knows about my relationship with my friends, and I know that you won’t go against the Peak Sects.’

‘It’s not your fault,’

‘I’m sorry, but I have no other choice.’

Gravis suddenly summoned an emblem and crushed it with the Stygian Element.

A vast distance away, Orpheus looked at the emblem that had just broken with furrowed brows.

“I’ll support you, little brother,” Orpheus said to himself.

Then, Orpheus took out billions of God Stones and absorbed them with incredible speed.

In a couple of minutes, he would reach the seventh level of the Ancestral God Realm.

And then, he would massacre the entire Eternal Fire Sect.

He would inform Manuel and everything about what had happened, and they would know what to do.

Gravis had talked at length with them.

They would kill their entire faction until only the ones they trusted remained.

Gravis had allowed them to become so powerful, and they would repay him.

In an hour, the Eternal Fire Sect would cease to exist, and all the damage regarding Karmic Luck would hit Gravis.

However, Gravis had gathered so much Karmic Luck during his previous incident with the Sin Aura was more than the damage he would receive.

Gravis wouldn’t condense another Sin Aura.

Gravis looked at the oblivious Vice-Sect Master of the Eternal Fire Sect beside him.

He had no idea that the person beside him had just ordered the execution of the entire Eternal Fire Sect.

He wasn’t even looking at Gravis.

He hadn’t noticed that the Divine Gods were focusing on Gravis.

Gravis looked at the Vice-Sect Master of the Eternal Fire Sect beside him with cold conviction.

Then, Gravis summoned his saber.

‘I’m sorry.’


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