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The tournament continued.

In one fight, Aris had nearly died. As the fight had been going on, Gravis had felt nervous beyond compare.

He wanted to help Aris, but he knew that he couldn’t help him.

After all, Aris didn’t know the Law of Freedom.

If Gravis helped him now, Aris’ Cultivation journey would forever end.

In the end, Aris had managed to comprehend the Law of Divine Purity. Together with his level eight True Law of Lightning Manipulation, Aris managed to push the Law of Divine Purity to its absolute limits, which allowed him to come out victorious.

Aris had transformed.

He now knew two level eight Laws as a level one Ancestral God, and his Will-Aura had reached the level of a level six Ancestral God.

Aris could now attempt to jump three levels.

Aris had the chance to win against the red-haired man now.

In comparison, the red-haired man hadn’t even fought.

The Sect Master of the Lightning Peak Sect knew that every opponent he sent against the red-haired man was a waste. The red-haired man wouldn’t become more powerful, and the opponent would be disqualified. Because of that, the red-haired man hadn’t fought yet.

At this very moment, the red-haired man was still the most powerful contestant, but the others were quickly closing in.

After another round, there would be some people that could fight him.

‘I wonder what his plan is,’ Gravis thought. ‘I know that he isn’t here to win the tournament. So, why is he here?’

Gravis had noticed something very peculiar regarding the red-haired man, which gave Gravis the realization that he wasn’t here to win the tournament.

Yet, why was he here?

Gravis wasn’t sure.

Cera also barely managed to survive, and she managed to comprehend the level eight Law of Lightning Manipulation. Together with her Law of Divine Stygian, she now also knew two level eight Laws. Her Will-Aura was also on the level of a level six Ancestral God.

She was at the same level as Aris.

When Gravis saw Cera become more powerful, pride and warmth filled his heart.

His daughter had grown so much.

Exar had also grown to the same level, but his Form Laws were still more outstanding than his competitor’s. Gravis expected that Exar was the most powerful combatant except for the red-haired man at this moment.

At this moment, only 16 people were left.

From over a million competitors, only 16 were left.

The weakest person could jump 2.5 levels.

Nearly every single member in the audience had lost one of their geniuses, and the mood had soured.

At this very moment, the competition had nothing to do with them anymore.

This had become a show performed by geniuses that could only be found in Peak Sects.

One more round took place.

Cera managed to comprehend the level eight Law of Physical Strength. As a beast, she had always focused on her body, and she had already gained quite some insights into the Law of Physical Strength.

Now, she had finally comprehended it.

With this, Cera now knew three level eight Laws, and her Will-Aura had reached the level of a level seven Ancestral God.

Cera could now fully jump three levels.

Surprisingly, Aris comprehended the same Law. It seemed like they both focused on similar Laws. The only level eight Laws that were different were the Mixed Elemental Laws. Aris knew the Law of Divine Purity, while Cera knew the Law of Divine Stygian.

They were very similar, but one had a kinder aura, while the other one had a more serious and sinister aura.

Exar had also won, and the Law he had comprehended had shocked the onlookers.

Exar had comprehended the True Law of Pride, a level nine Law!

A level one Ancestral God that knew a level nine Law!

When that had happened, the representatives of the Peak Sects had looked at Exar with greed.

They wanted him!

The Lightning Peak Sect said that they had made the tournament and that they deserved him.

The Lost Wind Sect said that Exar was very silent and prideful, which perfectly fit them.

Surprisingly, the Twilight Council said they were not interested in him. However, they quickly followed that statement up by saying that they wanted Aris and Cera. They perfectly demonstrated the contrast between light and darkness the Sect stood for.

The Heavenly Divine Sect didn’t say anything. Exar was powerful, and it was his decision whom he wanted to join. The Sect Master of the Heavenly Divine Sect believed that the power of his Sect was more effective than words.

The True Life Sect didn’t involve themselves. Life had its ways, and Exar would end in whatever Sect that he was destined to join.

The Mortal Sect said that he had comprehended an Emotional Law, which meant that he was a perfect fit for their Sect.

The Eternity Sect said that Exar mainly used the three Laws of Primordial Force, showing that he was basically already their member.

Of course, their discussion didn’t reach the ears of the public.

The last person that had fought in this round was the red-haired man.

He had fought his opponent, and he had been injured quite badly, but it was like he had never lost his control.

He hadn’t comprehended another Law, but his Will-Aura had also increased to the level of a level seven Ancestral God.

The round eventually ended, and only eight people were left.

The Sect Master called all eight contestants out into the arena, and the audience looked at them with awe.

Eight people.

All of them could jump three levels.

All of them had Will-Auras at the seventh level of the Ancestral God Realm.

All of them knew three level eight Laws.

One of them even knew a level nine Law!

Exar was the definite favorite of the competition.

After everyone had their chance to look at the competitors, the Sect Master announced that the groups no longer matter. From now on, everyone could fight everyone.

“I want to fight him,” the red-haired man suddenly said as he pointed at Exar.


The Sect Master had just tried to hype up the crowd, but the red-haired man had interrupted him.

The arena was silent, but the Sect Master felt the atmosphere heat up after the red-haired man’s words.

This had done far more for the crowd than his words.

The Sect Master grinned. “Then, so be it!”


The other six combatants were teleported away, leaving only the red-haired man and Exar in the arena.

Exar took out his sword as he coldly looked at the red-haired man.

“Deactivate the Formation Array,” Exar said.

The Formation Array was quickly deactivated for Exar. Such a request wasn’t strange anymore, and everyone had gotten used to it.

The red-haired man didn’t ask for his Formation Array to be deactivated, and Exar frowned.

“You think I’m not confident,” the red-haired man said evenly.

Exar didn’t answer, but he was right.

The only reason why the red-haired man wouldn’t deactivate the Formation Array was that he thought he would die otherwise.

“You believe that you are now one of the most powerful Ancestral Gods,” the young man said. “You are filled with pride, and you believe that the geniuses of the Peak Sect are only more powerful than you because they have an ocean of resources backing them.”

Exar didn’t react, but his face showed a bit of disdain.

How could a random person know him?

“You believe yourself to be superior, and that’s true to some extent,” the red-haired man said as he slowly took out his spear.

“However, that is only true with your current vision.”

“You look at the public Cultivators, but you ignore the unknown Cultivators. You believe them not to be part of your world. You don’t count them in your level. They are special after all, right?”

Exar’s eyes narrowed slightly.

“You are only two steps away from the peak, but instead of looking at the people on the peak, you look down and at the other people on your elevation. You don’t look up.”

“And that’s why you have such a great affinity towards pride, but not humility.”

For some reason, Exar became a bit nervous.

The audience was quite surprised about the red-haired man’s words.

For some reason, these didn’t feel like empty or boastful words.

It was like he was speaking of an essential truth.

“Yet, you don’t realize that these people you are ignoring can step onto your level,” the red-haired man said, and slowly, his cold expression was transforming into a warm smile.

‘Is that why he has come?’ Gravis thought.

This smile felt so familiar to Exar.

“Exar, we are in a tournament right now,” the red-haired man said. “Additionally, you have deactivated your Formation Array.”

Suddenly, the red-haired man’s spear moved with impossible speed.

Exar felt an apocalyptic force pass by his head.


The wall of the arena nearly exploded as the Sect Master of the Lightning Peak Sect was taken by surprise.

He hadn’t expected such a powerful attack to be unleashed in this tournament, and he hadn’t been ready for it.

Exar stopped thinking for a moment.

How was this man so powerful!?

“What if I wanted to win?” the red-haired man asked with a smile. “If I wanted to win, I would need to kill you, you know?”

“Do you think I wouldn’t dare to?” the red-haired man asked with a smile.

“Exar,” the man said slowly. “Don’t forget all the things I have taught you. Don’t only look to the side, but also look up.”

Now, Exar knew who was standing in front of him.

The red-haired man’s Battle-Strength suddenly violently climbed.

The eyes of the onlookers opened as the red-haired man’s Battle-Strength suddenly became impossible for them to feel.

However, all the Divine Gods stood up with shocked expressions.

They had never felt anything even remotely like this!

How could someone with such a powerful Battle-Strength even exist!?

Then, the red-haired man looked away from Exar, and his eyes focused on Gravis, who only looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

“It’s time for you to enter the public’s eyes,” the red-haired man transmitted. “By staying hidden, you are putting yourself under too much danger and too little danger at the same time.”

“I’m doing this for a reason,” the red-haired man said with a smile.


And then, the red-haired man was suddenly gone.

The Sect Master’s eyes widened, and he teleported away.

He had just felt someone burst through the Lightning Peak Sect’s defenses!

However, no matter what he did, he couldn’t find the person!

They had vanished into thin air!

After some seconds, he had returned with a thoughtful expression.

He knew that only a person that knew the Law of Perceived Reality could pull off something like that.

Gravis smiled bitterly.

‘So, that’s your plan, huh?’ he thought.

‘Is that why you joined the tournament, Arc?’ Gravis thought. ‘You wanted to teach your disciple something, and you want to push me into the public?’

At the moment, Gravis was unsure what he should think.


Gravis felt the gaze of the Sect Master of the Lightning Peak Sect focus on him.

The Sect Master had questioned his perception, which had broken Gravis’ illusion.

Now, the Sect Master of the Lightning Peak Sect saw the true Gravis.

And, right now, the Sect Master’s eyes had widened with shock as all his senses concentrated on Gravis.


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