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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1207: Ancestral God Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis checked where the person he wanted to visit was and realized that they were inside a Sect that was about as powerful as the Eternal Fire Sect.

‘That’s troublesome,’ Gravis thought. ‘If the Sect Master decides to directly attack me, I would be done for. It’s not really safe. Additionally, the level suppression would make it hard for my Law of Perceived Reality to keep me perfectly hidden.’

‘Know what. I need to reach the level one Ancestral God Realm anyway. Might as well do it now.’

Gravis told his friends that he would be going somewhere else and that he had to do something.

Then, Gravis went to a quiet place and called for Mortis.

A couple minutes later, Mortis arrived.

“Let’s make it quick,” he said.

Gravis only nodded with a smirk.


A ton of God Stones appeared around them, and the two of them immediately went on to consume them.

An hour later, the two of them had consumed two billion God Stones.

Then, finally, the signs of a breakthrough appeared.

Mortis’ body became transparent, and Gravis could see his Star.

It was like his Star was sentient and alive. It was green, and it moved around in curiosity, apparently confused that it could see the outside world.

This was the Star of Sentient Life.

Energy flowed from Gravis into the Star of Sentient Life, and it began to grow.

It grew and grew until it started to shine with an incredibly bright light, blanketing everything with multicolored light.


Then, its fires exploded as they became far more violent than before.

Gravis looked with interest at his Star, and he felt like it was about to explode.

It was like the Star had reached some kind of critical mass and could explode at any second.

However, Gravis knew that it wouldn’t explode.

Yet, the Star only grew more and more unstable, and Gravis became less certain.

‘It won’t explode just like that, would it?’ he thought.

The Star started to shake, and Gravis became nervous.

Then, Gravis saw the Law fragments of the Law of Sentient Life wrap around the Star.

It was like the Law of Sentient Life was trying to suppress the explosion.


Yet, the Law fragments broke apart as they wrapped around the Star.

It was like the Star was simply too powerful.

The Major Law of Sentient Life wasn’t powerful enough to stop the explosion!

Suddenly, something dark red left Gravis’ body, and it started to wrap around the Star.

At that point, Gravis realized what was going on.

‘I need a level eight Law to become an Ancestral God, and usually, Cultivators comprehend a Law relevant to their Star, which would make the Star stable. A level seven Law can’t support this gigantic Star. That’s why it felt so unstable.’

The dark red Energy that had left Gravis was the True Law of Suffering.

Gravis needed a level eight or level nine Law to suppress the explosion of his Star, and the True Law of Suffering directly assumed that position.

The Law of Sentient Life included the three Major Laws of Life, Emotions, and Perceived Reality, and it needed something compatible with it.

At the moment, Gravis knew four level eight Laws, but only the Law of Suffering was compatible with his Star.

The True Law of Hard Complex Materials was part of the Law of the Dead World, which wasn’t part of the Law of Sentient Life.

The True Law of Lightning Manipulation was a Battle-Law related to the Law of the Dead World.

Gravis’ Form Law was a self-created Law, which couldn’t be used as a Star or integrated into one.

The True Law of Suffering was a Battle-Law for the Emotional Laws, which was in the scope of the Law of Sentient Life.

Because of that, the True Law of Suffering stepped forward to suppress the Star.

Of course, Gravis could have also used the True Laws of Empathy, Apathy, Control, and Freedom, but it would be a bit awkward if only a single part of his Star suppressed itself.

It was easier to take something external.

The True Law of Suffering wrapped itself around the Star of Sentient Life, and the Star was immediately suppressed.

Even the light of the Star changed since there was now a thin film of dark red around it.

Eventually, the Law of Suffering completely coated the Star like skin.

Then, the Star finally calmed down.

However, it still didn’t shrink.

Before this event, Gravis’ Star had been about a meter in diameter, but now, his Star was around five meters in diameter.

It had essentially transformed from a ball into a big boulder.

Eventually, the Star vanished, and Mortis reappeared.

However, Mortis was now 15 meters tall.

Gravis and Mortis only awkwardly looked at each other.

At the moment, Mortis shone with a bloody, dark red light. In a way, he looked like an imposing and bloodthirsty giant.

“You look ominous,” Gravis said.

Mortis didn’t answer.

Instead, Mortis only looked into the distance with a forlorn expression.

It was like he was asking himself what he had done to deserve this.

“So, can you become smaller?” Gravis asked.

Mortis remained silent for a while longer.

Then, his body slowly shrank.

Sadly, the only thing that didn’t shrink was his abdomen, which had transformed into the roundest belly in existence.

Only a tiny head and tiny legs poked out of the gigantic ball.

“Pfft!” Gravis sputtered as he couldn’t hold back his laughter.

The relatively tiny head of Mortis looked emotionlessly at Gravis.

Then, Mortis’ body seemed to warp. The round part of Mortis moved upwards, into his head.

Now, Mortis had a normal body, but a gigantic head.

Gravis broke out into laughter again as he saw this.

Mortis only looked into the distance with a lost expression.

Eventually, Gravis calmed down, and he took the situation more seriously.

However, when Mortis noticed that Gravis had calmed down, he finally spoke for the first time after becoming an Ancestral God.

“You mortals can’t comprehend my intellect,” he said, his gigantic forehead pulsing.

Gravis immediately exploded into laughter again.

Mortis tried to suppress a smile, but he couldn’t.

After some seconds, Mortis’ head shrank, and eventually, a normal Mortis appeared in front of Gravis.

Mortis might appear incredibly serious, but he had also changed quite a bit. He didn’t make many jokes, but occasionally, he did make one.

“It’s a bit uncomfortable,” Mortis explained. “I need to use quite some concentration to keep the Star suppressed in this state, but it’s possible.”

When Gravis heard that, he felt a bit bad again.

“Is it very hard to suppress it?” Gravis asked.

“Remember the time when we shoved Energy into our Spirit to prepare ourselves for the Spirit Forming Realm?” Mortis asked.

Gravis nodded.

“It’s about that hard. I have a small headache, but it’s nothing I can’t deal with,” Mortis explained.

Gravis nodded again. “Then, that’s good,” he said. “That should be manageable.”

“It is,” Mortis said. “Anyway, since we’re done here, I’ll go back to Azure.”

“You know, that dark red light actually suits you way more than the previous orange light. You seem more imposing and dangerous.”


Mortis violently expanded again, and his round belly returned.

Then, Mortis looked with cold hatred at Gravis as the ominous dark red light shone behind him.

“You will never disrespect my divinity again, mortal!” he boomed.


Mortis’ saber appeared in his relatively tiny right arm, and he swung it around.

Fire and lightning appeared on his saber as he swung it around like a tiny stick.

The ominous dark red light only added to his opposing aura.

Yet, the huge, round belly was just too contrasting, and Gravis exploded again.


After a bit of joking around, Mortis left to get back to Azure.

At the same time, Gravis looked at the distance.

He was now an Ancestral God.

He was no longer at the beginning of the highest world.

Now, he was among the powerful elite.

Ancestral Gods owned a ton of buildings in Opposer City, and they were also nearly all part of Sects at a similar level to the Eternal Fire Sect.

‘I can probably fight level six Ancestral Gods, which puts my true power at the upper middle of the Realm.’

‘Just a bit more.’

Gravis took in the moment for some minutes.

Then, he got bored.

‘Anyway, let’s go.’


And Gravis teleported away.


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