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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1208: Guard Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis went to the nearest city, but someone appeared in front of him before he could arrive there.

“Who are you!? You are not part of the Eternal Fire Sect!”

A level three Ancestral God arrived in front of Gravis with his weapon drawn.

Gravis was a bit perplexed. “I come here from time to time. What’s with the sudden hold up?” Gravis asked.

The Ancestral God only glared at Gravis. “Impossible! Ancestral Gods all need to register with the border guard before entering our territory! Speak the truth!”

Gravis’ eyes widened with understanding. “Oh! I just reached the Ancestral God Realm inside the Eternal Fire Sect. I was a level nine Star God before that,” Gravis said while activating his Law of Honesty.

The guard realized that Gravis spoke the truth, but he still furrowed his brows. “I believe you, but I still need to investigate this. Please remain here and don’t do anything before I’m done.”

Obviously, such a powerful Sect as the Eternal Fire Sect had policies regarding the Laws of Honesty, Deceit, and Lies. So, even if the guard believed Gravis, he was still required to check everything. This was for protection against someone with the Law of Deceit or Lies.

Gravis simply stopped and waited.

The guard took out an emblem and spoke with someone on the other end.

After some seconds, the guard looked at Gravis again.

“Show me the token you normally use to enter,” he said.


Gravis took out the visitor’s token for Manuel’s faction and showed it to the guard.

The guard accepted the token and spoke to his emblem again.

Gravis couldn’t hear what the other side said, but he could see what the guard did after getting his answer.


The token was destroyed.

Gravis blinked a couple of times.

“Do I get a new one?” he asked.

“No,” the guard answered.

Gravis immediately furrowed his brows in displeasure.

“Ancestral Gods are not allowed to easily enter the Eternal Fire Sect,” the guard said. “You are no longer allowed to just enter and visit. Since this is your first time and since you didn’t know about this, we will overlook this infraction this time, but you have to leave immediately.”

Gravis certainly didn’t like what he was hearing.

“And how am I supposed to visit my friends and my partner from now on?” he asked.

“You must become a member of the Eternal Fire Sect if you want to freely visit,” the guard said. “Your Will-Aura is quite powerful, even more powerful than mine. However, you feel quite weak, which means that you probably know nearly no Laws, but I think your Will-Aura should be enough to enter the Sect as a Core Disciple.”

The position of Core Disciple was the lowest position an Ancestral God could assume in the Eternal Fire Sect. However, even those Core Disciples were already quite powerful when compared to the average Ancestral God.

Gravis blinked a couple of times without amusement.

“So, you are forcing me to join the Eternal Fire Sect?” Gravis asked. “You are essentially restricting me from visiting my friends just so that you have something in your hand that forces me to join you. Is that correct?”

“Insolent!” the guard shouted as he used his Will-Aura to suppress Gravis. He knew that Gravis’ Will-Aura was more powerful than his, but there were two levels between them. The suppression should still work. On top of that, Gravis felt very mediocre to the guard.

“The Eternal Fire Sect doesn’t use such underhanded tactics! All of these policies are for protection! We can’t just allow any Ancestral God to enter the Sect! An Ancestral God could kill one of our factions with one attack!”

“Don’t assume that the rules are just there to suppress you! The Eternal Fire Sect doesn’t care about a singular Ancestral God. The Eternal Fire Sect didn’t create a rule to go specifically only against you!”

Gravis only looked calmly at the guard.

“Yet, that changes nothing. The intentions of your rules are irrelevant to me. I only care about your actions, and right now, you are keeping me from visiting my friends,” Gravis said.

“So? Rules are rules, and everyone has to follow them,” the guard said with an annoyed tone.

In the guard’s mind, Gravis could already thank all his lucky stars that the guard didn’t directly attack him because of his disrespect towards the Eternal Fire Sect.

Gravis only evenly looked at the guard.

He wasn’t angry or mad.

He was only annoyed.

Someone was trying to restrict his freedom, and Gravis wasn’t a big fan of that.

“I want to speak with your superior,” Gravis said.

“Hah,” the guard laughed with disdain. “You? Not just anyone can speak with our Elders. Just peacefully leave, and I can ignore your words.”

Gravis only looked at the guard.

“That wasn’t a question,” he said.


The guard wanted to answer, but his entire being was suppressed with an impossibly powerful pressure.

The guard’s eyes widened in terror.


How was his Will-Aura that powerful!?

The guard could still move, but barely, and that was also only because Gravis allowed him to move.

A mere level three Ancestral God couldn’t even attempt to fight a Will-Aura equal to a Peak Ancestral God.

“Come on, call your Elder,” Gravis said slowly. “I’ll wait.”

The guard very slowly took out his emblem again, and he informed the person on the other end.

Some seconds of silence passed.


A level four Ancestral God appeared, and she immediately activated her Will-Aura to suppress Gravis.

However, her eyes widened when she felt her Will-Aura hit something massive.

And the massive thing immediately pushed back.

The Elder had a Will-Aura on the fifth level of the Ancestral God Realm, but she was still suppressed.

Yet, she could still move, at least.


Gravis activated the True Law of Apathy, which began to eat away at her Will-Aura.

And now, she was also suppressed.

The shock the Elder felt couldn’t be put into words.

Who was that!?

“I only want to visit my friends. Nothing else,” Gravis said with the Law of Honesty. “I don’t plan to go against the Eternal Fire Sect. I don’t want to injure any of you. However, I want to visit my friends, and that’s non-negotiable.”

“So, what’s your answer?” Gravis asked as he slightly reduced the pressure of his Will-Aura.

The Elder gritted her teeth and took out another emblem.


A level six Ancestral God appeared some seconds later, and he also released his Will-Aura.

Gravis activated his True Law of Control, but it only managed to barely defend against the Will-Aura of the level six Ancestral God.

Gravis could still unleash some pressure, but the level six Ancestral God was only suppressed by about 5%.


Then, Gravis used the Major Law of Suppression, which pushed the suppression to 40%.

However, this person was still six levels above Gravis. 40% was a lot of suppression, but that person was still far faster than Gravis.

A shocked light appeared in the eyes of the newest person, but he quickly looked at Gravis with a serious expression.

Gravis only looked back.

“I’m not your enemy. I only want to visit my friends whenever I want,” Gravis said slowly.

“That’s all I want.”

The eyes of the newest person narrowed.

He was a Vice-Sect Master of the Eternal Fire Sect.

“Impossible,” the Vice-Sect Master said.

Gravis’ eyes narrowed.


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